SHE SAID: “How do I know if a guy wants to be with me or if he’s only trying to have sex?”
HE SAID: “How do I get her to have sex without her thinking I want to be in a relationship?”
A man can claim that he doesn’t want a relationship, but internally he needs one, longs for one, and is subconsciously seeking one. But if he doesn’t want to be with you, then who does he want a relationship with? He wants “Wifey”. Men have created this notion of “the wifey type” which refers to a superwoman who has everything that he needs to finally cut other girls off and commit to her alone. He can be a liar and a cheat, but wifey would change that. Once he meets wifey he’s going to prove that he’s not a whore, he’s a good man.  “Fuck friends with benefits, If I had a girl that looked like Mila Kunis I would wife that, never cheat, and I would eat her pussy every morning”. Men say that type of thing about every pretty girl they see on TV, as if her being on TV or the cover of King Magazine makes her the perfect woman. This is the most misleading shit ever invented. In reality, “the wifey type” is a tool used to mold women into what we want.
A man says I want a woman who, “dresses nice, has her own money, cooks, doesn’t talk to more than one guy at a time, is a freak but only learned how to be a freak after fucking me, doesn’t raise her voice, doesn’t blow up my phone, doesn’t snore, keeps her pussy tight and wet, likes the Dallas Cowboys, has a phat ass, loves watching porn, and is close to God”. He doesn’t need any of that shit; he wants it like a kid wants everything he can think of while sitting on Santa’s lap. Rappers create songs like “Hot Girl” and “Five Star Chick” to spell out to women how they should act in a “perfect world”. Cosmetic surgeons are popping up in cities far from Beverly Hills in order to cater to Bassicas who want to get closer to the “perfect look”. Its propaganda, a male’s way of telling a female, “look bitch, this is what you have to do in order to get with a winner“. Today these girls walk around tooting their horns saying, “I’m the wifey type because of x, y, z“. I saw a 17-year-old blast everyone on Facebook with something like, “I’m always going to be his wifey, all you hating bitches fall back, you can never do what I do”. What do you do, sweetheart? Do you really think you’re a better woman because you can deep throat a dick? Wow. Brainwashing does work. It starts early with little girls being told they have to learn how to cook in order to keep a man. By high school she’s developing a taste for coochie because Drake rapped that he could only marry a girl who liked girls. We have a generation of teenage girls proudly claiming they’re the wifey type yet they’ve been ran through by five dudes in the past six month. You’re not a wifey type you’re the fuck fuck pass type. There is no such thing as “the hubby type”. Men don’t sit around trying to figure out how to become the perfect man. We are who we are. Men today know how thirsty women are to be involved and now dangle being in a relationship like a carrot. They attach themselves to a girl who’s feeling them, but instead of telling her what they want, dudes pretend that she’s the prettiest girl they’ve ever met.  You can talk about anything with her, she’s so cool, she’s the type that you could be with one day… not today… but one day. You’re lying when you don’t have to. Dudes who really have game understand that you can still get the pussy with the truth. Grown women get horny too. Maybe she’s feeling you enough to be strictly fuck buddies. You won’t know until you ask.
HIS QUESTION: “How do I get her to have sex without her thinking I want to be in a relationship”Men can avoid relationship confusion with Five Simple Words.
It’s not disrespectful: Telling a girl you want to have sex with her is not offensive. If you say it right it should come off as flattering. Most dudes aren’t use to being that blunt so they fumble around the subject. Think before you talk. Saying shit like, “I just want to eat it” or “why do you think I want you to come over” makes you come off like a serial rapist. What kills me is that men and women spend so much fucking time talking about nothing when they’re getting to know each other. Two people who have just met talk about the most irrelevant things like they’re afraid to get down to business. Get it off your chest, the pink elephant is in the room, I don’t give a damn about how hot it was today, let’s talk about the damn elephant. I’m not saying you should say it during your first conversation, but after a date or two let her know how you feel. If she’s not someone you would eat out every morning like Mila Kunis that means you don’t want to wife her, you’re playing with her. That’s cool, but fill her in on the game so she can participate. There are two types of women in this world. Those who will not have sex unless it’s with someone they love. And those who like to fuck regardless. Every woman reading this knows what kind she really is, don’t admit it to him, but know yourself. Casual dick takers deserve the same respect as Formal dick takers. Most women start as a Casual dick taker and graduate to Formal after they get sick of it; others go from Formal to Casual because they feel like they’ve missed out on the fun. I don’t care which a girl is, it’s her pussy she can fuck who she wants. The point is a man has to be willing to roll the dice and see if he’s good enough to fuck without lying.
If you’re physically attracted to a woman then admit it.  If she stops talking to you, it’s not because you were too honest it was because you don’t have enough swag for her to want to fuck you casually. Step ya game up and try with the next girl. As for the ladies, don’t get upset. He’s not calling you a whore and expecting you to say, “Okay let’s do it tomorrow if that’s what you want”. He’s letting you know his intentions, now you don’t have to guess what his ultimate goal is, you know it. You can either give it up, make him work for it, or walk away because you want something more than sex. But respect his honesty.
Big Girls Don’t Cry: She’s cute, but she ain’t all that. You can say that about damn near any female. Women are aware that looks are subjective and that for every dude that calls them “okay” another will say she’s “bad af”. It’s not up to you to boast her confidence level, the fact that you want to fuck her should let her know that she has something going on that attracts the opposite sex. Don’t call her ugly but at the same time don’t tell her how pretty she is when you don’t mean it. Don’t say anything about looks if you don’t have anything legitimately nice to say. The one thing you should talk about is personality. If you want to have sex with a girl but you hate her attitude, let it be known. Tell her she talks too much, tell her you don’t like how much she calls you, or tell her she’s annoying. Most men think that a woman’s natural reaction would be to say, “Oh well, I bet the next man will like it“. But it’s not. To their credit, most women have the ability to accept their flaws. If they choose to work on them is another story, but they won’t hang up the phone on you. If any of my ex-girlfriends were to call me up and ask what I didn’t like about them I couldn’t honestly say “nothing, you were the best“. That’s like a Native American going to General Custer’s grave and saying, “In retrospect George was a good dude“. Stop biting your tongue. Love is a game of matchups. How will you ever find your match if you think you’re compatible with everyone? It has nothing to do with Aries Vs. Leo’s or suburbs vs. city. You like her because she has a phat ass. You dislike her because she’s an airhead. Tell her! You won’t ruin your shot at the pussy because…
Women will fuck who they want to fuck when they want to fuck them. No girl is hard to smash and no girl is easy to smash. If you meet a girl that you can’t smash, it’s because you didn’t make a good enough case. You walked into the courtroom, introduced yourself, and left it up to the jury. If you’re not a Chris Brown type you’re not going to make her drop her panties by default. You have to work for pussy and you should be happy to work for pussy because putting in work with women builds character. Show me a girl that’s hard to have sex with, I can show you a guy that she would pop off with after a week. Show me a freak that’s run through the neighborhood, I can show you a dude that she won’t have sex with. Girls treat each guy differently and have sex accordingly. Labeling a girl as “Easy” or a “A Good Girl” is counterproductive. Every girl is down to fuck, it just takes the right guy to gain access.
Pussy Trap: If she doesn’t delete your number after you tell her you just want to fuck then she likes you. Now this is where things can get extremely complicated with certain females. You’ve been honest with her but she’s not going to be honest with you. She’s going to fuck you under the pretense of “It’s nothing serious” but in actuality she’s not looking to bust a nut with a fuck buddy, she thinks she can turn you into her boyfriend. A woman with a good sex game is like Luke Skywalker after leaving Dagobah. This bitch wields the pussy like a lightsaber and no matter how many times Darth Vader says he’s evil she’s not going to take no for an answer, she will turn him good. The fucked up thing is that this tactic works. A girl can fuck a guy into being with her… for a short period of time. Bear trapping a man with vagina doesn’t change the fact that he had reservations about her initially. Those same issues that you had with shorty’s personality or looks won’t disappear. While there is always a chance you can fall in love with her after multiple samplings of her vagina, the odds say that you’re more likely to fall in lust and make a decision you’ll regret. She gets pregnant, now she’s the baby mama who’s never going to be out of your life. It’s not funny because dudes stay having kids by girls they never really liked and take it out on the child. You could have left way before you went raw player, you choose to continue hitting it. If she’s not what you want in a girlfriend and she let you fuck anyway, you hit the jackpot. Cash out before you lose it all. What’s wrong with fucking twice and walking away? Do not keep hitting it when you can clearly see that she’s falling in love. You can’t be saved by, “I told you from the beginning I didn’t want to be in a relationship with you” because you contradicted yourself by fucking her like she was your “wifey”.
HER QUESTION: “How do I know if a guy wants to be with me or if he’s only trying to have sex?
Easy, he would be with you. If you’re dating a guy  you know he wants sex eventually, but at the same time you should be able to tell by the things that he does that he’s really feeling you romantically. If you’re oblivious to signs. then ASK HIM. Women are so afraid to ask because they don’t want to hear the truth. Even if he lies, you should be able to read between the lines, men don’t lie that good. A man is not going to come out and say, “Tina I find you mildly attractive because you have big breasts and a nice ass, but your nose isn’t the type I pictured for my wifey, so let me hit that so I can get back to looking for my type“. Men don’t do that, we say something like, “I like you, but I’m not really looking for a girl right now“. READ BETWEEN THE LINES. The “right now” part is key because that gives her hope that she can change his mind through sex and good behavior. Why should you have to change his mind? A good man is hard to find? Bullshit. They’re hard to find because you refuse to look for something different from the typical bums who are your type.
You should be willing to wander 40 years like an Israelite before you settle with some dude who doesn’t think you’re good enough. “I do everything right, guys always say I’m the wifey type, I have my own place, I don’t hang with a lot of girls, I keep to myself, and have good credit” blah blah fucking blah Basica! Take off the blinders, be true to yourself, don’t try and conform to what men say they want because most of the time we don’t know what we need. Women want a relationship and Men want sex, who should compromise? No one. A man knows if you’re the type of girl he wants a relationship with after a week. If it’s been longer than a month and he hasn’t asked you to be his, he’s looking for something better. Now are you going to wait for that man to settle for you or are you going to find someone who won’t hesitate to make you his?

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