After I put this pussy on him he’s not going anywhere” is the dumbest statement since Bruce Ismay proclaimed, “God himself couldn’t sink this ship“. It didn’t matter how well built the Titanic was, that bitch is at the bottom of the Atlantic. And it doesn’t matter how tight or wet your vagina is, if he wants to leave your ass he will leave your ass. We’re living in a world where rap songs have gassed girls up about the importance of being the best and while it’s extremely important to know how to take dick like a champ, a yanking pussy is not the glue that will bond you to that man. Let’s have a reality check—All Walls Are Created Equal. There is no such thing as a Harry Potter Pussy enriched by the forces of magic to make a dick cum faster than average. There are certain things you can do to enhance the sexual experience but I’m sure if you blind fold a dude and let him take the pink taco poke taste, it’s all comparable. With that being said, it’s time to stop using sex as a means to get a guy you like or keep a guy who clearly doesn’t want to be with your ass. I got an email from a young girl that honestly struck a nerve with me, I’ll let her tell it.

“so we were hanging out having a really nice time at his house & i even met his family….then things led to kissing, to us being on his bed, to him doing me a “favor”  before i decided to give him a favor, i told him we should wait on sex, he shockingly said okay without any hesitation.. see… i have a problem with saying no.. and im very naive, and kind of like a hopeless romantic.. and i feel that if i give in then that will make the guy happy, and ending with him staying around.. so sex on a first hangout has happened to me before:/ so i started giving him something nice in return, and he slipped open a condom, i was scared to say no.. (hes like my dream guy).. i made him promise that this wasnt the last time we hung out& that he was still going to talk to me.. he promised, and then we had the best sex of my life..next day we were talking and he cut it to me that we’re just friends..”

No No No! Little mama who wrote me this had self-esteem issues and her biggest weakness was not being Chris Brown Proof when she got around this sweet pretty boy. I applaud her honesty because a lot of women give it up for that very same reason and front like they were lead on. I don’t care if it’s the first date or the 20th, if the only reason you’re saying “okay” when he pulls out that condom is because you don’t want him to move on to the next girl then you’ve already lost. You can’t trap men with sex because sex isn’t as important to us as some women brainwash themselves into believing. This idea of “All he wants is pussy” is severely flawed. We all want to have sex, but this isn’t American Pie, we’re not horny teenagers who can’t keep our dicks out of baked goods, this is the real world and pussy is so easy to get that it no longer dictates if we should stay or if we should go. 10 out of 10 girls will say they have the type of pussy that would make a guy throw a ring on it… umm it doesn’t look like anybody went to Jared for that dry ass finger, Miss Hillary Yanks. Clearly sex is not the secret formula. Good Pussy is on the list of things we want, but it’s well below honesty, personality, and looks. I didn’t get engaged because of the good sex, I got engaged because of the good woman. I once told my wife she was the best I ever had, she rolled her eyes at me and said, “The best you can remember, whore“. And that’s kind of true, men don’t carry a ranking of best vaginas in their pocket. We remember the first girl who gave it to us, the last girl who gave it to us, and a handful of girls in-between who did really nasty shit. You never forget girls who went the extra mile, but at the same time you’re probably not marrying the golden shower girl. All the other girls are nameless statistics who we may run into at the mall every now and then and wave, “Hello #42, I see he went to Jared’s congratulations“. I say it again, pussy isn’t that important for guys who are use to getting it, and no matter how good you put it on him, you can’t compete with the forbidden kingdom known as New Pussy.

You give a little boy a Christmas gift and tell him he can have it as long as he gives up his favorite toy. The little boy can’t see what’s in the Christmas box, but it’s wrapped so nicely and smells so good… but this is his favorite toy, it means the world to him so there should be no decision right?  But damn that Christmas gift looks awesome, it has to be something good inside! The little boy will throw his favorite toy out the fucking window and race to unwrap that Christmas gift because we are drawn to the mystery of something new and untested as long as it’s wrapped nicely. Go ahead and throw your pussy at him front, back, and sideways, if that’s all that you’re bringing to the table, he will throw you out the window just like an old toy because “the best I ever had” means nothing to a man if he’s not emotionally invested. However, I do notice a trend when talking to women about sex. When a girl says “best sex ever” she’s being honest. Partly because women don’t generally have high sleep numbers like men, but mostly because orgasms don’t come as easy for women. A man can bust every time out, the hardest part is not cumming. The average woman has to put up with sexual disappointment all the time, lying in bed still wetter than scuba gear while lazy dick Lance is snoring. So when an active dick nigga busts it open and takes her to the mountain top, of course she’s going to remember that nigga’s name, his home address, and his allergies. The fucked up thing is that “best sex with George” will always stay with her, but for him it will probably become forgettable “sex with that girl with freckles”.

Keeping Him Interested Without Having Sex

Do you have what it takes to carry on a relationship that doesn’t center around dropping your draws? Casual sex is AWESOME, but a lot of you aren’t bout that life, you do want to settle down and be respected for your minds, yet you use sex as a crutch to get there. The next time you meet a guy you like, test yourself by testing him, and see if you have what it takes to lock down a man without vaginal assistance.

Open Up Without Opening Your Legs: Who the hell are you? You’re not sweet, you’re not innocent, so why do you sit across the dinner table shy and half giggling, pretending to be Anna Mae when she first met Ike? You have a nasty mouth, you’re sassy, and you do like to talk about subjects more diverse than Sheree building a house and Phaedra’s obsession with penis. Talk to that man as the real you, not as miss simple Sally who doesn’t want to come off the wrong way and ruin her shot at a cute guy. You’re not trying to impress him, he’s trying to impress you—remember that. You have to know if he can handle the real you, not the sugary ass dumb downed persona you’ve invented. My homegirl called me last week and she told me that I am the only guy she can talk to as herself because everyone else acts offended when she lets certain things slip. I told her she was dumb, who cares if they’re offended by the un-lady like things you say and fuck them if they don’t get your sense of humor or the fact that you could give two fucks about things society says you should care about. How can you find a connection with a person if you’re not willing to show them the true you? Men get frustrated when women “flip” on us, meaning this bitch was cool for the first two months and then she turned into a different person. She didn’t flip, she dropped the mask and revealed who she truly was. My thing is, why have a mask in the first place. Be yourself, that’s the sexiest thing you can do.

Get Out of The House: Indoors = sex. That’s how I’ve always been wired since a youngn’, my mission was get her to the bedroom and then it’s like Tim Tebow trailing with 2 minutes left in the game— I’m going to win. Agreeing to hang at a guy’s place is cool if he knows what it’s hitting for, but let’s be honest, saying “we’re not going to do anything” while cheesing and eye fucking him is the same as sliding the condom on his dick—we don’t believe you, you need more people! Our mentality is if she’s coming over then she’s DTF. Get to know a guy before you have movie night because pressure bust pipes and if you’re really liking that guy you’re going to fuck him. Hang out places where there won’t be pressure on you to slip up. Don’t cock block by bringing your friends over, that doesn’t give you a chance to bond. Find places to chill in public where you can get to know each other one on one without the constant threat of him sliding his hands up your thigh and asking “can I just taste it“. Another thing to remember is to not make him feel like he has to spend money. Dudes resent kicking out cash, because a lot of guys aren’t financially secure where they can spend $100 each date. Don’t hold that against him, be understanding and sensitive to that. He takes you out to fine dine, next time suggest a picnic or something free. Men do have a fear of getting played especially when they’re spending bread and not getting sex, prove that you’re going out because you like him not because he’s buying you lobster. Most women get taken out because he wants to fuck, that’s easy. Strive to be the girl he takes out because he enjoys your company.

Blow Jobs Count: When you tell a guy you’re not ready for sex and you want to take it slow, then 20 minutes later you’re sucking his dick like it’s his birthday, you’re sending the wrong message. It’s not about sex, but you’re doing something sexual instead of bonding emotionally… HUH??? No matter if he’s inside your coochie or inside your mouth, it’s sex. I put up with this girl who didn’t give me any because she was the Duchess of giving dome, and because of that it stopped becoming about building a relationship and more about, “let me go see her because I know at the end of the night I’m going to get rewarded with sloppy toppy”. In the words of the great Jimmy Darmody “You can’t be half a gangster“. If you’re going to be sucking him off after each date you might as well be fucking him, you’re getting the same result.

Worry About Yourself: “If he’s not getting it from you, that means he’s getting it from someone else”—way to be optimistic champ. There are way too many Bassicas who will give you bad advice because they don’t want you to be happy. Bitter bitches don’t like the fact that you can pull a guy and keep his attention for longer than a month without laying on your back, so of course they’re going to poison you to think that he’s out there messing around on you. Not all men cheat, and even those who do cheat aren’t doing so because of bad lays (see little boy with Toy from above). You can’t control what anyone does, so stop obsessing over it. If he tells you he’s willing to wait, then give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t keep bringing up sex or trying to trap him into admitting he’s sleeping with other women, “you can tell me, I understand if you did“. Hop off the crazy train! If a man wants outside pussy he’s going to go get  it regardless if you’re sleeping with him or not. Men have needs, true. Men also have something called internet porn. It’s not up to you to hold his hand and tell him not to go stick his dick in things, he’s a grown ass man capable of self restraint. It’s so easy to cheat on someone that you’re only attracted to physically, it’s hard as hell to betray someone you’ve started to fall for emotionally. Build a solid foundation through conversation, be yourself, respect your body, and let the rest take care of itself. If who you are doesn’t keep him interested then it’s not because you didn’t give up the ass it’s because your personality is ass. Grow some swag.

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