I don’t get into New Year’s Resolutions; I have always been a firm believer that if you’re serious about any type of change then you should start taking those steps the day you realize shit needs changing. However, I recognize that this idea of starting over at the beginning of the year gives people motivation to actually step their game up and that’s a good thing. We all have things we need to work on, but I’m going to focus on a few things that I’ve talked about in this blog over the past year that I think needs to be highlighted one last time.

For The Fellas

Make Money Don’t Hate Money: If a female’s Achilles heel is her heart, the male’s is his wallet. There is so much energy spent on being upset on how the next man is getting money and success when the focus should be on why aren’t you in that position. Growling about “he’s lucky, he knows somebody, he ain’t as talented as me” makes my stomach turn. Stop asking what’s in his wallet you Capital One ass nigga and worry about your situation. You would think seeing people winning all around you would make dudes step their game up, instead they try and fake like they live in Rack city knowing damn well they’re a resident of Short On The Rent City . Every nigga wants to take pride in being a hustler, what kind of hustler sits in front of the TV smoking weed or playing video games all day? What kind of hustler has his girlfriend taking care of him? If you didn’t double your income from last year to this year you’re not hustling, you’re coasting. If you spent more time chasing pussy than chasing your goals then you’re not a hustler, you’re a trick. Hustle is the most misused word of 2011, I don’t see a generation of hustlers I see a generation of lazy people who wait around for opportunity to knock. Steve Jobs and Woz didn’t sit in the fucking garage talking about how smart they were, they got off their ass, hit the streets, and sold blue boxes. You create your own luck! A lot of guys think they don’t have to work hard because they’ve already made it. Basic ass niggas buy a car, get an apartment, and kick their Air Jordans up because they’re doing better than their homies. Your loser ass homies aren’t who you should be trying to out earn. The guy who writes your checks is who you should be trying to out earn. Racks  was one of the biggest songs of the year, why? It wasn’t because it was a good song, it was because it made niggas with 2 G’s in the bank think they were rich. C’mon fam, that’s not even balling in a third world country. How can you run around talking about you got racks on racks when your bank account is one bottle of Ciroc from having an overdraft fee? Who are you trying to front for? Those ratchets on Facebook know you’re in the same tax bracket they are, pump your imaginary Bentley breaks. If you want to live the type of life niggas rap about, then use what God gave you to get there. Don’t be bitter, be better.


Stop Being Afraid of Commitment: I got married this year and the first thing out of people’s mouth is always “How’s Married Life”. I joked with my wife that I’m going to start saying, “it’s horrible, I’m missing out on a lot of ass”. I understand the question because everyone is afraid of ending up like Mr. and Mrs. Humphries. Married life is great because I changed my lifestyle long before I went ring shopping. I worked hard to be the type of man a woman would be proud to marry because I understand that anything worth having in life is worth the effort. Fellas, if you love a woman put in the work and prove it. Someone said that a player gets sick of the game and that’s why he settles for a woman. Nah man, new pussy never loses its luster because men get older and wiser and women get younger and prettier. It’s not about the game getting boring, it’s about Peter Pan having the balls to leave Neverland. Being a one woman man is scary, you ask yourself if she’s going to start acting crazy, if you’re going to still be able to kick it with your friends, are you going to be the same fun loving person or will you turn into Al Bundy? Let me say this from experience settling down with the right woman will not ruin your life, dumb ass. You can’t smash your ex-girlfriends, you can’t get that girl’s number at the club, you can’t Facebook flirt with that chick you always wanted to fuck from high school. So what! Chasing ass isn’t the best thing in life, coming home to a woman who would do anything to make sure you’re happy is. If the woman you’re with doesn’t feel right then don’t give Neverland over to Rufio, because you will just end up losing interest and running right back to the fast life that made you happy. Choose the right woman for you and be sure of it. Guys always ask how will they know if they’ve met the right woman, the same way you know that Filet Mignon tastes better than Oatmeal, my nigga. You will run across that extraordinary girl that’s a perfect fit, but don’t do what young niggas do. Don’t get nervous, don’t try and fuck too fast, and don’t push her away. Face your fear and give monogamy a shot, you may be surprised at how good it feels.


For The Ladies

Stop Worrying About The Next Bitch: April never talks to guys first and she got approached by a baller. Jaz dresses like a bum and dudes stay in her face. Kim didn’t do anything but go on eHarmony and she got engaged. Who cares? Who she fucks doesn’t make you cum nor pay your bills so why are you clit riding her lifestyle? Females compare themselves to other females way too much and when they don’t get the exact same results they either hate or refuse to believe they’re doing things the wrong way. Stop trying to replicate another woman and do your own thing. 2011 was the year of the Bassica. Basic Bitches spent so much money on Louis bags and Rihanna Red weave because they thought that would make them more desirable. Jocking RiRi’s style isn’t going to make niggas want to put their name on your birthday cake. Maxing out your credit card for a handbag doesn’t make you a bad bitch, it makes you a bad credit having bitch. Instead of slandering Tiny because she’s with T.I, how about you slander yourself for settling for the first broke nigga who asked for your number. It’s so easy to point out everyone else’s flaws when you refuse to bring a mirror into your house. Don’t hate because you feel you deserve something more than the next girl, and don’t replicate another girl’s style because you think it’ll lead to happiness. Do you and let’s make 2012 the year of the Spartan.


Stop Being In Relationships With Single Men: You two are fucking but you’re not together. You two say you can date other people, but you only talk to him. He never said you were his girlfriend but you treat him like he’s the love of your life. Let’s have a standing ovation for mankind because dicks must come with genius IQ’s. If you agree to be friends with benefits, you have to understand what that means. It’s a loophole that says I’m going to treat you like you’re my girl, fuck you like my girl, but I’m free to fuck other girls I’m feeling without seeming like an asshole because we’re just cool. Being Friends with Benefits is supposed to work both ways, but a girl will turn down twenty men in a row for a guy who wouldn’t turn down one girl. Her reason, “I have a friend that I care about, sorry“. Did you not get the memo? You two are FUCK BUDDIES. If his car breaks down, yeah give him a lift, but don’t turn down a potential BOYFRIEND because you’re hoping your backwards ass relationship evolves. You aren’t going to wear him down into wanting to be in a real relationship because your pussy is bomb and you text each other all day. He’s getting the ass without the stress of “spending time and listening” = WINNING. He doesn’t have to worry about your pussy being shared because he takes you around his family and says shit like, “I can see myself with you” = WINNING. Why would any guy give up that kind of power if his loophole is working out so swimmingly? Be honest with yourself before you agree to start fucking him, Do you want dick or do you want love?  If you want to be in a relationship, find someone who wants the same thing; don’t commit yourself to a guy who lives life like he’s single.

New Year, New You Better You.

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