Spoiler: The Man that you were thinking about today is probably wasting your time and you need to read this complete article to realize the game that's going on.

Despite running your big ass mouth about standards, you are like millions of other women—you take what the fuck a man gives you, allow these dudes to waste the best years of your life, then cry about it.

Women lie to themselves… a lot. Men that have no fucking business being in your phone, let alone your vagina, come and go. In the end, you’re left pointing a finger and venting about the male gender, while assuming you’re the wifey type with bad luck. There’s no such thing as bad fucking luck, it’s just as superstitious as you picking dick by zodiac signs, grow up! Show me a woman that got fucked over by a man, I’ll jump in my mental DeLorean, go back through your weak ass relationship and point it out like—See, 37 days into dating and 12 days before you two made it official this guy showed his third consecutive Fuck Boy tendency and you ignored it. It takes two to people to form a sucker, the one doing the suckering and the mark getting suckered.

What did your gut say every time that guy did or said something that didn’t add up? It said, “walk away, bitch… he’s suspect… it’s not working anymore… you’re forcing it.” Women know everything but say nothing! Choosing instead to see how the situation plays out because you want him to work out despite the warning signs. Sis, tell me the last time you were surprised by a man in a positive way… You’re still thinking because men end up disappointing you in the same way you already figured they would. So why the hell do you give up so much time and energy entertaining men that your gut along with everything I’ve written has told you is janky? Laziness? Fear? This “I can fix him” ego? It’s a combination of multiple weak bitch traits.

I talk to so many women on a weekly basis, and NONE of them got fucked over out of thin air. The signs were there. Controlling, Jealous, Mama’s Boy, Immature, chronically broke, illegal finances, Exes that are still around, verbally abusive, narcissistic, and the list goes on. The only one who doesn’t see the ending of the movie you’re living is you! You’re too busy riding his dick and matching up his last name with your first name to see if it sounds pretty, ignoring all the small things that point to big problems. Let’s face it, you lie to yourself the same way you lie about a pair of jeans making your ass look bigger or smaller depending on your insecurity. You lie about the potential a man has, shove him into your heart like you shove your size 9s in a pair of size 8 heels, and put up with the discomfort because you can’t find a man that’s your right fit. You are the first one to tell the world how “Bae” makes you feel and how blessed you are to have found him, only to circle back months, if not weeks, later talking about how he wasted your time. Totally ignoring those several incidents where he gave you a preview that you two weren’t compatible.

I repeat for those of you that are speed reading and may have missed a few lines, there has never been a man so fucking clever that you didn’t see the writing on the wall at least once about who he truly was. Y’all the same ones posting relationship memes like “If a man shows you who he is, believe him,” yet you can’t even take your own advice because you’re so high off some man showing your lonely ass attention.

For those of you that want to grow wiser and not keep doing what you're doing the first step is to...

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