When you’re ready to learn a teacher will appear. When you’re ready to do, that teacher will disappear, making way for you to go out and put those lessons into practice. The fucked up thing is that “ready” rarely comes for many because there is always this need to keep someone in your life to hold your hand through the ups and downs. When you’re young you get into the habit of parents telling you the right way to live. As you grow older, you become more independent but you still look to other people, either for guidance or to compare yourself to in order to make sure you’re “adulting” the right way.

How did you get that kind of job?

How did you get that kind of boyfriend?

How did you NOT make all the mistakes I keep making!?

No one can give you their map. You can’t win by following in someone else’s footsteps! The key is to master your own reality! You now realize that life is filled with events that cause anxiety, that you don’t get ahead in life by being nice, and that other people no matter if it’s love interests, so-called friends, or even family do not have your best interest at heart. There is this constant fear of fucking up or not reaching a goal. It stays hidden when they talk to people, only coming out at night when they’re trying to force a good night’s sleep. You have insomnia because the character you’re trying to play, is broken, she’s unhappy, and she wants to figure out an easy way for this stress to stop and the winning to start.

“Depression is your body saying, ‘I don’t want to be this character anymore. I don’t want to hold up this avatar that you’ve created in the world. It’s too much for me,’” – Jim Carrey

She's No AngelDepression is one of those taboo things no one wants to talk about. False affirmations are caked on like makeup and people treat religious or spiritual concepts like Sephora. Forced positivity while living in underlying sadness only works for a time. Once that sermon or inspirational quote fades from memory it’s back to the cold reality that you don’t know what you’re doing in life.

As a kid, you couldn’t wait to be an adult, now you wish your only problem was waking up for 2nd grade. No one told you there was no blueprint to adult the right way. Jobs aren’t giving out to the most talented or smartest, love isn’t given to the most loyal and caring, and the attainment of real wealth has nothing to do with staying an extra hour in that office to prove that you are hard working. I don’t say this to depress you, I say it to put it into perspective. I care about you finding love and gaining the respect you deserve, but I care more about you living a fulfilling life. There should be no aspect of your personal life where you are settling or making due until you hit the lottery. This circle of “getting by” is a generational tragedy that no one talks about.

When I say Spartan Up, it’s not about romance, it’s a battle cry that goes much deeper. The irony of this game of, “I need to save this much money, I need to get married by this age, I need to pray that this happens…” is that it misses the point of living in true power. The stressful hill that you’re climbing can be tunneled through. With Knowledge comes power, but it is dependent on you learning, embracing, and doing.

This isn’t some Law of Attraction, make a wish, maybe it works maybe it won’t, faith idea. I only talk in practical applications that can be proven by doing. The vast majority of you hope for things, pray for things, and sometimes you get them, often times you don’t. You are content with the crumbs, but I know your big goals in terms of success, happiness, even relationships aren’t manifesting. Why? Because your mind has yet to be exposed to a higher understanding of what you can do. Winning isn’t a result of luck or coincidence. There is no such thing. There is POWER. Some people tap into this power while others, like you, sit around wishing for it. Be honest, you are not where you want to be in life. Stop settling for hope or pretending that every small thing is proof that your “blessings” are coming, and start learning how to take your life into your own hands.

You-Do-Not-Get-ItMost of the things I’ve learned over the years I could not share even if I wanted to, but there are some things I feel will benefit a handful of you, which is why I wrote Men Don’t Love Women Like You as something to be read and re-read with various clues sprinkled throughout. After Men Don’t Love Women Like You, I got a message from a girl I had been friendly with for about a year, “Why didn’t you tell me all the shit I was asking you was a bunch of nothing?” For the first time we talked on a deeper level than her surface “problems” about her various boyfriends. This was a talk about power and it was the kind of transparency that few people know how to exhibit. She wasn’t simply complimenting the book, she was talking about her life; past, present, and future in a way that proved this was a new chapter for her where she would no longer be held back by her own thoughts of failure. It dawned on me that if this girl who was living this crazy life, who came from the lowest of lows family wise, could read that and then hit a switch that led to her life literally changing over the course of a week, then why can’t all women do this?

I talked to other women who have read the book but didn’t catch on in that way. Instead, they’re back to, “So in Chapter 14, you said to do this after the date, but I did this, is he not going to like me now?” She’s still stuck in the “game” she still doesn’t get that all of her problems are an illusion because she didn’t read the book the way others have. I get it, some people won’t connect the dots, and I don’t mind patiently helping each person at their own speed. The great thing about knowledge is that, it’s hidden in plain site. You. Yes, you reading this. I gave you several clues above that you probably haven’t even spotted yet or you skimmed through. It’s time to stop living life blind to your power, stop being thirsty for love, and realize your truth.

When you’ve lived 20-40 years doing things the way other people have told you to do them in terms of compromise and sacrifice in order to gain approval, it’s hard to Spartan Up because there are so many pre-conditioned emotions and fears blocking you. You should take a chance and do thisblocked by doubt. You should step out of your comfort zone and make a changeblocked by doubt. You can do anything you put your mind toyeah rightblocked by fucking doubt! That’s how the story goes and how the story will end for the vast majority of people, just cogs in a machine held in check by self-doubt. The Spartan life is not for all women, but I knew that it would spark the minds of the Unicorns who have always known that their lives were more than what was laid out for them.


Spartanhood isn’t about how to react in certain situations so you won’t get played, how to say the right things to get someone to like you more, or how to react in the proper way that will make you a must-have, it’s about becoming a living fucking weapon that snatches souls, attracts quality, and manifests real results 100% of the time even when you’re not conscious of it. What do you know about your role in this Universe? Are you a bystander, a humble servant, a nameless/faceless body in the crowd trying to get by day to day or do you understand your power; not in theory but in a way where you can go out into the world and get what you want?

When you say “queen” it’s a cute pet name. When I say “Queen” it’s a real fucking hierarchy attained by those women that dare to vibrate higher. This pitiful “please love me” cry for male attention, lust to have a boyfriend or get married is not who you are, it’s the role you ignorantly play. These Basic bitch problems that blow up social media timelines become as relevant to a True Spartan as conversations between ants! A Queen is up here, why are you down there relating with the Tina Typicals who stress and get frustrated about a bunch of petty bullshit? Push further and climb higher!

Enlightenment is an overused word these days, spoken by anyone who eats vegan, buys crystals, and has read some new age book. Look at Ms. Fake Spiritual, found oneness, thinks positive for an hour a day, and loves everything but her life is still the fucking same… It’s all bullshit.

The term “woke” has been so bastardized that it’s almost comical to those that are truly vibrating at a higher level. To open your eyes, to let go of the brainwashing, to cast off the beliefs that are only your beliefs because someone told you to believe them, and only listen to your OWN mind, that’s where Awaken the Spartan puts you. I know most women kept reading and didn’t stop to internalize the first half of the book, so when it came time for me to do an Audiobook of Men Don’t Love Women Like You, I had one condition: Only the first part, the Goddess building and truth realization. Men Don’t Love Women Like You is an in-depth book and too many women skip ahead. You can’t do it now. I want you to wake up and listen to this book on the way to work, from work, and before bed. What are you waiting for?

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When you’re done, when all of those holes and insecurities are stomped out, then you can move on to the second stage: The All New Date Like A Spartan.

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