How To Be A Spartan

Spartans are Alpha Females, strong minded women, dominant thinkers, opportunity snatchers, decisive action takers, and high vibrational beings that stand out in this world full of petty, timid, naive, low thinking, insecure, and fearful girls who call themselves women.

Why isn’t your love life going the way you imagined? Single, stuck in the dating stage, in a friends with benefit situation, or even those of you who are slowly watching the person you love fall out of love with you. How do you turn it around? I wrote a book called Men Don’t Love Women Like You (Click Here To Preview), it’s all about how to fix your life through real power, how to read the mind of a man, (I’m a man and only a man can tell you how to outwit another man!) and gain the upper hand at all levels by becoming a fucking SPARTAN! For those of you who haven’t read or listened to the latest version of my book, allow me to break down why you need it today, not yesterday, to-fucking-day!

The true character of a person isn’t determined by what they think in their head, it’s determined by their actions. You can claim to be classy, smart, hip to all of the male games and not suffering from any insecurity, but only through actions do you prove how true that is. To say you know better but never DO BETTER, is evidence of your true character. If you keep making mistake after mistake, attracting loser men, or even sabotaging your happiness for fear it won’t last, then the time for excuses and finger pointing is over. You have chosen wrong more times than you have chosen right in your love life–Why? Overthinking has made you indecisive. The past has made you defensive. You can’t trust men because you don’t trust your own taste. Your thoughts are all FEAR DRIVEN! A mind filled with negativity or “what if” doubts, aren’t a product of other people, it’s evidence that you are flawed and need to Spartan Up!

A Spartan wears a crown that will always be too heavy for the head of a typical bitch. A Spartan holds men to real standards, not empty words, no matter how much potential they have. A Spartan does not doubt herself or overthink her choices because a Spartan is not a slave to outside opinion or validation. A Spartan is honest about what’s inside, not a creature of ego and defensive delusion. Above all else… a Spartan is fearless, and that’s what makes her special!


The top question is how to Date Like A Spartan. The second is how to Handle my Relationship Like A Spartan… You can only do these things by becoming a Spartan at the core level. To become a full blown Spartan means that you must change the way you think and evolve your mind into that of a warrior who doesn’t give a fuck, as opposed to a weakling who just wants someone to love you. Without the reset and elevation of your mind, you are like everyone else, a pile of insecurities only pretending to be tough. Be half a Spartan, you will go and get numbers, attract men to you with aggressive flirting, go on dates, those are easy things to do. But you won’t get lasting results worthy of your greatness. After the honeymoon stage is over you will fall into the same old tricks of men use, be back in the same old situation, dealing with the same old stress. This is not a gimmick this is a way of life that comes with real results, but only if you give yourself to a new way of thinking. You’re either 100% Spartan or not at all.

Do you read this site for entertainment or do you read it to actually better your life? Some people just want to nod along, laugh, and then pass it off to one of their friends like “I know people like this.” Meanwhile they refuse to see that their own life is a fucking mess. This isn’t about your friends, your family members, or anyone you think should Spartan Up. This is about YOU! Are you a Spartan or are you a Typical? Sure you may have attitude, you may stand up for yourself, you may have a bunch of simps or fuck boys that want to lock you down, but are you conquering every aspect of life?  If you aren’t happy with your life, if the men you actually want are still playing games with you, if you’re still up at night stressing about if someone wants you or not, then you are still weak. Know your life, and accept your truth. Do you win at life or are you merely holding on to the struggle thoughts of “one day it will get better”? Tell yourself that God isn’t finished with you, that your white knight is out there somewhere, that all you need is faith, but how does that better you when all you do is passively sit by and wait for magic to happen? Wishful thinking without action doesn’t progress you! You are no better than the women you call “dumb” if you are still experiencing ups and downs in your relationships. You are no better than the women you call “hoes” if you are still having sex with men who only pretend to like you. You are no better than the rest of these peasants if you are still allowing your power to go unused. This isn’t entertainment, this is the key to success. A smart person doesn’t look at a key, they use it. So are you using everything I write to win or are too afraid to actually make a change?


Spartans don’t make excuses, they execute their game plan and win win win! Men aren’t the problem. Your parents aren’t the problem. You are grown, you can’t place blame on what someone did to you in the past, what you didn’t have growing up, or any handicap you think explains your life’s failures. A Spartan does not look to the past, she makes her future! There is no more “but men do this” defensive attitude or no “my father wasn’t around,” pity party. If you are to be a Spartan you have to erase all of these things… and I will show you how step by step.

Men Don’t Love Women Like YouIs the Spartan guide to true power. How to become a Spartan. How to elevate your mind. How to go out into the real world and exercise this power to attract men. How to get dates. How to dominate those dates. How to get into a relationship. How to keep the power in that relationship. Step by Step!

If you only read for entertainment then don’t buy this book, because you aren’t looking to do real work. This is a Spartan Guide To Changing Your Life! Literally. This is not The Hunger Games or some Zane sex novel that you read because you’re bored and looking to escape your life. This is a book you read to learn and then DO THE STEPS. If you DO THE STEPS. You will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The key is DO! If you have read this site for years and claim you know this wisdom, but you don’t actually put it to work for you then you are a coward. A person that learns but doesn’t apply their knowledge is useless. There is no more reading to do after this book, either you do the steps or you go back to your same old life of doing nothing and end up settling. The choice is YOURS.


If you want to be a Spartan, read Men Don’t Love Women Like You, it’s that simple. Do those steps. See the results for yourself. If you want to continue to be a basic bitch that struggles with fear, low self-esteem, past baggage, and various other insecurities that keep you attracting piece of shit men, going back to your exes, or feeling as if your only hope is online dating, then don’t read it. Success requires actual effort, not reading every new self-help or dating advice book that comes out. This book is for those that DO not those that just READ. Men Don’t Love Women Like You, isn’t just some book to give you tips and tricks, it reveals the power to change!

How To Spartan Up

If you have the courage to actually go out and apply the things in this book than the struggle is over… you will become a Spartan. You will win!

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