Spartan_Beyonce-FormationShe who believes, achieves, the problem is most “she’s” don’t actually believe they have what it takes to be successful at love. They hope, they pray, they prop themselves up on false confidence and pretend…but they don’t believe. They believe in school. Study hard, show up, pass, it’s tiring, but they know if they put in the work, it pays off. They believe in work. Do a good job, show up on time, handle your responsibilities, get paid. That too can be stressful, but they know if they do what’s expected, they can earn more money. Women are great at work and school, they believe in hard work and are confident that they can excel because these things follow a “do-to-get” outline. Do it like this—get this. Love, however, doesn’t follow any outline. You can talk to a guy and text him for weeks, he doesn’t have to reward you with a real date. You can date a guy for months, he doesn’t have to reward you with a title. You can invest years with a man, he doesn’t have to reward you with marriage. You can even have his kid, he won’t even reward you with his heart. You can follow all kinds of do-to-get life rules, but love is the one thing that will take years of your life and leave you with nothing to show for it. Trust issues and an attitude are war scares that men leave women with, no matter how “good” she treated him. When you learn the hard way that no matter how many times you put him first or how hard you love that man, that it doesn’t guarantee you anything, the idea of believe and achieve loses it’s power. That’s why it’s time to Spartan Up and take this power back.

BeyonceFormationThe general population of women aren’t Spartans, they aren’t even close. They are Educated, Employed, Loyal, Nurturing, Sweet often times guarded, women just looking not to be hurt. Ex boyfriends get second chances, not because they are who you are meant to be with, but because the Devil you know is better than going through the entire dating process just to get fucked over again. The guy who isn’t trying to advance to an official relationship becomes your comfort blanket because you did all the “getting to know you” bullshit, and you’re not trying to waste weeks doing that with a newbie. Even if you are in a relationship right now, you hypnotize yourself to believe that the red flags you see aren’t there. Everyone has problems… is the lie you snuggle up to in order to make it work like a good little girl, but the truth is, you know you deserve more effort, more attention, more understanding, and a man that can do more for you than keep you company. Every week I’m bombarded with questions, not about how to find a man, but how to fix a broken man, progress a stalled relationship, or reset a longtime relationship that hit an iceberg and is slowly sinking. 90% of these stories are from intelligent women who have gone dumb for dick. Talk that talk about how men ain’t shit…but I see how much being loved means to you.

Men Don't Love Women Like YouMen don’t have to do anything in relationships these days, they barely have to date you, and even though you complain, they don’t change their ways because you have no alternative. Who else are you going to go to? Males play the game with leverage while women don’t play at all; they just hope and pray that the next man turns out to be authentic. You can’t win like that! The game of love is fixed in favor of men and you need to take back control! These dudes, aren’t special or irreplaceable, but you are! What’s the difference between strength and weakness? The strong create change, while the weak create excuses. Weak Women are stressed, exhausted, even bitter at times, but they keep on trying to find that heaven-sent man. They make excuses about how their time is coming, or they just have bad luck. Ha! They create affirmations about God has the right man out there looking for them and all they need to do is be there when he pops up. Ha! They point to stories about some random chick that got married to some random dick as proof that their passive method will one day work. Spoiler Alert: You’re going to end up settling. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I can spot a Settler from a mile away. Those women that are “too tired to date,” lose. Those women that are bitter, and think they can be emotionally unavailable like the men that played them, lose. Those women that Spartan Up, win!

tumblr_mxr7plSSsD1sa9bv5o1_500Some of you claim you’re Spartans because you once approached a guy, or you had the heart to cut off a fuck boy, but are you a Spartan 24-7? Is your confidence so fucking lit that you conquer daily or are you just another Typical fake-strong chick motivated to get in Formation one day, then goes back to assume the position the next so a man can fuck you over? I’m angry because I see the hypocrisy. I experience the way women lose, compromise, suck it up, and still keep coming back for more. I’m angry because you all act like you’re not angry! Why are you content with doing the same shit again and again each year? It’s time to Spartan Up and go from a peasant to a Queen…and I’m not talking about that “we’re all Queens,” crap they hustle you with like some consolation prize. There are winners in life and then there’s the rest. Are you going to be one of them or are you going to become HER! You will not spend another Valentine’s Day either sad or defensive. You will not continue to pretend you’re unbothered when I know you are lonely. You will not allow fear of not getting what you want, chain you to living a mediocre life. The war has come to an end…this is it. I’ve led you to water, now you have to drink.

I dream

Men Don’t Love Women Like You. Isn’t just another book, it isn’t just the stuff you read on this website expanded, it is not entertainment, it is meant for you to APPLY & WIN, it is literally a step by step guide to evolution. Not how to suck a man’s dick, be a more submissive girlfriend, or how to have faith in gimmicks. It will break you down and build you up, but trust me, it will hurt.


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Awaken The Spartan

(Everything you need to know to set yourself apart and Spartan Up)

Chapter 1: Typical Bitch, Typical Results

Chapter 2: He Loves You but He’s Not in Love with You

Chapter 3: Dick Lies – Using A Man’s Mind Against Him

Chapter 4: Awaken The Spartan Within

Chapter 5: The Spartan Secret

Chapter 6: How To Become A Game Changer

Chapter 7: How To Attract Men Without Even Trying


Date Like A Spartan

(Revised from the ebook version with several stories from those of you who read it and gave me your results. Thank you!)

Chapter 8: The 5 Reasons You Failed At Dating

Chapter 9: Pre-Date Battle Plan

Chapter 10: Date Night Domination

Chapter 11: Mastering The First Date

Chapter 12: How To Ask The Right Questions

Chapter 13: Post Date Do’s

Chapter 14: Post Date Don’ts

Chapter 15: Is His Dick Spartan Proof

Chapter 16: Slaying The Second Date

Chapter 17: Second Date Check List

Chapter 18: Add Him To The Roster or Release Him

Chapter 19: When To Have Sex

Chapter 20: How To Transition From Dating To A Relationship

Chapter 21:  The Thing Every Woman Must Do

Before Agreeing to A Relationship


Risk The Dick

(Top relationship problems and the solutions to regain your power)

Chapter 22: Do You Know How To Be A Girlfriend

Chapter 23: First Cracks – Conquering Early Relationship Problems

Chapter 24: Emotional Support –

Helping A Man Without Emasculating Him

Chapter 25: He’s Not A Victim – How To Stop Boyfriend Manipulation

Chapter 26: Growing Apart – Threesomes, Breaks, & Other Mistakes

Chapter 27: How To Stop A Breakup                                                                 

Read it now. Keep the Hardcopy on your nightstand and the Ebook version in your pocket. Note that the Ebook version does not come with the bonus chapter, but comes with an electronic Spartan Roster Application, highly recommended to keep notes on the men you’re about to attract into your life.


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Be as strong as I know you can be.

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