There’s nothing more nerve-racking than spending the night for the first time at a guy’s house who you really like. This isn’t a house date that goes long, and you leave at 1am; this is all night into the morning where you’ll reveal things about yourself, and even more importantly, you’ll discover things about him.

Are you the only woman that sleeps over?

What happens when you find an earring, panties, or that box of Tampax SUPER under his sink?

Will he turn his phone on do not disturb because he’s hiding something?

Is he expecting sex?

What if you deny him and he kicks you out?

What if you give in and the sex is weak as fuck?

What if you get performance anxiety yourself?

What happens the day after?

No matter how old you are, don’t feel ashamed about having all these questions. Today I’m going to break down things to expect before and after a sleepover and some things men HATE that women do when they stay the night and ...

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