What is empowerment? It’s coming into power and living in that power. Where do you start? You acknowledge that what you’ve been doing is not working and admit that it’s time for real change. How many more months are you going to waste trying to make someone work who isn’t working? How many more years are you going to waste pretending that you know what you’re doing while watching the L’s pile up?

Fuck affirmations, fuck wishing, fuck waiting your turn! This passive attitude as if you’re going to luck your way into a better life by looking on the bright side and being a nicer person will never work. Spartan Up and stop being a scared of failing, Spartan Up and stop being a know it all with no results, Spartan Up and heal yourself so you can then empower yourself! I’m always asked “where do I start” so as a gift from me to the all the loyal members, here’s a free ebook of what has been called the foundation of Spartanhood. Don’t just enjoy it, use it…


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