Show a man that you will stick with him through His worst behavior, and he will keep showing you his worst behavior. Struggle love doesn't lead to change. It leads to more struggle. This may seem like common sense, but when you’re a woman who is in love with a man’s potential, comfortable in his arms, and convinced that you can’t do better, it’s a hard truth to swallow. No matter if you’re in a relationship, still in the dating stage, or single looking to rebuild yourself, I want you to read this very carefully because what I’m about to drop on you isn’t about men. It’s about power.

Every relationship requires work. Making it through the dating stage requires compromise. Engagements and even marriage will reset the rules of what it takes to make love work. Yet, there’s this propaganda pushed by peasant ass men and Pick Me ass little girls that “real” love requires sacrificing and settling. Never that. You are a woman, the most powerful being ever. Life is created inside of you. Wars are fought in your name. Men trick entire paychecks trying to spread your legs. The greatest lie ever told is that a woman should settle for what she can get, that quality men are limited, and that the older she gets, the less luck will be on her side. Wipe your ass with luck because so long as you are breathing, you will be desired. As long as you are desired you can snatch the man and the lifestyle you want. So, what’s stopping you from getting the quality relationship deserve. Yes, I’m talking to you! What’s standing in your way? UNCERTAINTY.  

What’s stopping a long-term girlfriend from walking away? The thought of “what if I can’t find anyone and he goes on to get married, and I’m looking like an idiot.”

What’s stopping that girl that’s been ghosted from moving on? The thought of “what if it’s a misunderstanding and all I need to do is clear it up for him to come back and resume what we had.”

What has a wife willing to stay under the same roof as a man who no longer loves her? The thought of ‘who will want me after a divorce or want me and these children, I’ll be seen as damaged goods”.

The uncertainty of your future keeps you stuck in this basic mindset. As a result, your life centers around this idea that you need a man to be happy, financially secure, give you a purpose and provide the stability of love. Fuck that! You can go get a man that can fuck you better, who can spoil you better, and who can support you emotionally on a level you’ve never seen. How do you reach this level? It’s easy, and it starts with the compatibility test below. It’s time to Spartan up by knowing what effort is versus potential.

The Compatibility Test

Is ...

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