How does it feel to give your number out and it not get used? How does it feel to go on a great first date then get ignored like it never happened? How does it feel to have power over a man, to have him chase you, apply pressure, then months later he cools on you? Your ego yells, “I’m unbothered,” but you are very bothered. Read the room: The type of people you want don’t want you… Does that trigger you? Good! Hiding from rejection or pretending like you didn't want them anyway makes you delusional, not stronger. It's time to explore what’s going on under the surface so you can stop crying and start winning.

The sting of romantic rejection can last months, even years, and totally sabotage how you date moving forward. Confidence decreases, trust vanishes, insecurities deepen, and it all comes from another person having the power to make you feel like you're not good enough. Let’s run down some typical ways people get rejected and how to reverse these feelings…

The Ghosted Rejection:

You meet someone only for them not to use your number or to stop communicating with you after a few days of light conversation… Damn, was your personality that dry???

You go on a few dates and build a strong foundation for something special, then they stop responding to your texts and calls… Fucccck, you really weren’t worth the investment.

You not only date a person, but sleep with them, and everything seems great until they suddenly become too busy… Being curved after sex really makes you want to jump off a bridge!

The Commitment Rejection:

You’ve been seeing each other for a minute, and the moment you bring up “where is this going,” they give you an excuse… I don’t know… I’m not ready… I’m focused on blah blah blah – Wake up! They like sampling you, but they don’t want you on an authentic level!

You’re exclusive, yet they don’t take you anywhere, they don’t tell anyone about you, and when you ask for more out of the relationship, they gaslight you with, “Why do you care about other people being in our business” or “You know what we have, that should be enough.” You realize that it was all game, and they’re hiding you or keeping you on a short leash because they have someone else in the picture or on their radar in… cold world.

You’re in a relationship, you think this is headed towards marriage, but year in and year out, they drag their feet, give excuses, then finally you stop being an idiot and recognize the reality that you’re not who they want, you’re a PLACEHOLDER. You break up, get back together, break up again, and try to move on with your life. Then, without warning, this person who you wasted years with gets engaged or married, and you realize that you spent the best years of your life making someone else marriage material while you’re still single as fuck… it hurts to be this kind of Basic bitch, doesn’t it?

“See, G.L., this is why I don’t put myself out there to be toyed with. I focus on my bag.”

Stop lying, Basica! You would trade that “bag” for “love” 7 days out of the week because you crave romantic validation! You may not actively seek relationships, but you’re starved for affection, and every time you see a couple out in public, an I.G. post of a Baecation, or your little crush pop up on your timeline, you put that energy out to the Universe—when will that be me? You will always meet men that change your mind about love, who have all kinds of potential, and who give you hope that you can get that happy ending that you pretend not to want. The point is, you don’t need to put yourself out there to be rejected. It can still happen. It’s not about sitting on the bench. It’s about learning the game, so you play it smarter!

How do you make a guy fall so hard and fast he won’t reject me?

How do I get a guy back who rejected me so I can then break his heart like he tried to break mine?

Those are the two main questions I get when it comes to rejection. If you want the power to never feel the pain of rejection ever again then stop being a Basica and realize that power comes from strategy, not reacting with your emotions. If you’re ready to level up, let’s start.


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