Being mindful about your life choices is key to success in every aspect of life. When you date, you need to have set standards not based on shallow things like height or physical features that eventually fade with age. Can this man build an empire with you? Can this man insure that your children are born into wealth? If you’re over the age of 24 you have no business dealing with men who aren’t winners! The days of “I like him because he’s cute and funny” are over, sis! Generationally you need to build a partnership with a man who brings more to the table that just “I love you.” A male’s ambition, his intelligence, and his ability to uplift you are key.

It makes no sense to be a woman with a great career and taking care of a man who brings nothing to the table but jokes and dick. It makes no sense to be a woman who is still trying to find herself financially to date a man who has even less than you. Men who HAVE IT will always provide. Men who aren’t financially secure, will always try to brainwash you into settling for what they can offer. See the hustle?

Pick Me women who say “I’m not a gold digger, all I need is love and loyalty” are the same ones that end up divorced or eternally single because they chose men who can never fully give them security. Wanting a provider isn’t about being a gold digger, it’s about being smart. Money will always be the leading cause of breakups, with that now in your mind, why would you ever date someone who shows you at the dating stage that they don’t see a man’s role as a provider yet wants you to submit? Date multiple men, vet multiple men, and choose the one that can actually bring something to your table. You are the trophy, you are the center of the universe, you are the fucking woman, stop selling yourself short just to attain average men…

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