Is it hard out here for men? Of course, but that's no reason for the endless excuses of why you continue to act like a boy instead of a man. Many of today’s men are guilty of playing too many games that end up hurting their own stock, then throw their hands up as if they're so innocent.

Money, the people in power, feminist culture, blah blah fucking blah. No one's on the side of normal guys just trying to get by. No one understands that it takes time to build and grow. Everyone wants a man that's already successful and everyone judges the guy in the struggle... so what? You sit around and complain, instead of putting your head down and proving who you are? One of the biggest finger pointing complaints I see in males isn't money, it relates to dating and relationships. "Women Today Aren't Built Like My Mom's Generation! They're all gold diggers with attitudes and little patience," Yawn! Mentalities like that is why the dating pool is so toxic.

-Bitches today are only concerned with money.

-Bitches today expect men to do all the work in terms of dating.

-Bitches today aren't loyal and put way too much stock in clout chasing.

The list of negative male assumptions goes on and on depending on how misogynistic that man is.

There are men who do just fine, no complaints, no bitterness, and have no problem finding love in this modern world. Why can some men find Game Changers while other men cry and insult? Is the reason you can’t find a quality woman really the rise of so-called City Girl Ho Culture, a lack of female common sense, or this idea that women expect so much yet bring so little to the table, or is it the way you behave that keeps you attracting donkeys instead of Unicorns?

Today let's break down Male Insecurity. I have a son on the way and I will be damned if he's raised to see girls as the problem or make excuses for his own place in life. Many of you don't have Dad's or role models, just the internet or toxic friends who also come from poor family foundations. I want every man to read this with an open mind and every woman to read it even closer as many of you deal with insecure men and don't even recognize the signs. Ladies you can't heal a hurt man, you can only put a mirror up to him so he can help himself!

The first sign of insecurity in a man is easy to spots just look for at his past. Who does he date and why did he date her?

Grown Man Vs. Little Boy

A boy will lead on in order to conquer a girl he barely likes. He will hide his emotions to safeguard against a girl he likes too much. He will even go back to the same girl over and over again, off and on, on and off, only to realize what he already knew—she’s not the one. Why? Each one of these moves are emotionally safe and keeps him from being hurt.

-Only sleeping with women you have no emotional connection with makes it easier to ghost her or keep her in the situationship bubble.

-Playing it cool with a woman you really like to the point where you downplay your feelings and sabotage the connection keeps your heart guarded from the eventual pain that comes with that woman not feeling the same way about you that you feel about her.

-Going back to an ex that you know is weak and thirsty for your love keeps you in power. You control her mind, she's too "dick dumb" to realize you don't want her, therefore the power dynamic remains in your favor because she will never be strong enough to hurt you in the ways you can hurt her.

What's the point of these games in the first place? SAFETY! 99% of men have gone through some kind of hurt in the past when it comes to women. No matter who you are, how you look, or how much wealth you now have, there was a woman or maybe even multiple women that rejected you or betrayed you, and it still hurts. "Bro, that was high school let that hurt go..." isn't going to make someone heal. Once that hurt turns to anger and that anger turns to distrust, a bitter man is born and words alone won't give him the power to reset his past and evolve his mind. Every time he swipes on an app, goes to DM a pretty girl on social, or is introduced to a potential love interest, the pain comes roaring back and he goes on the defensive: I don't trust this bitch, so let me throw on this mask and get her before she can get me...

Little boys think like that, grown men think beyond that by first l...

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