Getting dates are easy these days. If you have an internet connection and a cute picture you can log onto any number of dating apps, swipe, and have some guy willing to take you out by the weekend. Attracting quality dates and avoiding fuck boys is a little bit more complex, but IF you have self esteem, Spartan Confidence, and aren’t lazy it’s insanely easy to pull multiple men and build a roster filled with stallions for you to pick from.

Commitment is another story... Too many of you are great at the dating stage and horrible at getting a man to fall hard and make you his girlfriend...

"G.L. when will my "friend" make it official, it's been four months"

Answer: C'mon sis, wake up! How are you giving up rounds of coochie and can't even get out of the Talking Stage? A man knows after 4 weeks if you're GF material, if it's been four months then he doesn't see you as special, just something to do!

"G.L. why did the last guy I dated string me along then jump into a relationship with a new bitch?"

Answer: Because that new woman showed him something exciting and fresh while you were typical and stale! There are too many single women for a man to try and fix a Placeholder's damage.

"G.L. Are some men just not ready to commit or is it me?"

Answer: The right woman will make any man recognize that he has to snatch her now or regret it forever. Men know that bad bitches don't stay single for long and they move accordingly. Therefore, when a man says he's not ready for a relationship he's leaving off the words "with you" because he's waiting for someone better-- his Game Changer.

There are more Placeholders in this world than Game Changers because women cuff themselves to men with high potential and low follow through. You allow these guys to sample you for months even years because you don’t believe you’re worth more! Why would a man commit to you when he’s given the girlfriend benefits within weeks of meeting you? All these guys have to do is show you attention and take you out a few times and you fall on their dick. Your mouth says “I’m a trophy” but your actions scream “Pick Me I’m on Sale”! If you want a commitment, you have to raise your standards and know what men see as Game Changer traits.

Step One: What Will Make A Man Commit Fast

Let's dive into th...

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