Almost Bae: That person who you meet, does EVERYTHING right for the first month or two, you fall hard for, then they begin to show their true colors—they have too many issues to ever truly be THE ONE.

Many of you reading this are single, BUT you have options. Even when you say “I don’t have anyone” there is always someone, don’t lie. That one on and off guy who still watches all your stories on social media. That one guy who wants a chance with you but you’re not sure, so you keep him on ice. And of course, Mr. New Potential, those guys you tend to meet every few months that really impress you… but end up more of the same.

Ladies, you’re single but you’re not unwanted. You have options, but your intuition tells you that “Nah, this isn’t the move.” It gets frustrating because you don’t want to choose wrong or go backwards. You’re indecisive on who you should date and in the end that confusion is proof that you’re not as confident as you should be because of the types of men you come across. You can get the low vibrational men. You can get attention from the weirdos, hornballs, or cheater guys who have girlfriends. But why aren't you a MUST HAVE for high value single men? What's wrong with you that you can't tap into your feminine power and make these men chase you!? Do you even read my books? Do you even pay attention to what I write? You’re not embracing power, Basica! You’re floating in the wind unsure of your value and tired of being alone, and that’s when the guys you don’t need, smell your weak bitch perfume, then move in on you, talk a good game, chip at your common sense, and next thing you know your mind is open right along with your coochie. You swore you were a different woman looking for a better type of man, yet here you go again back in the circus!

Why do you keep letting the wrong ones in?

He’s changed and is going to now come correct and fix our issues = Delusion.

He needs me, the rest of these girls aren’t it that’s why he’s back in my inbox = Ego.

If I don’t give him a chance and someone else scoops him, I’m going to be sick = Fear.

Delusional, egotistical, fear-based men and women will always self-sabotage themselves, choose wrong, and make the same mistakes the universe tried SO HARD to correct in the past. You can’t win at dating because you don’t trust yourself to pick a quality person. A woman’s intuition is a powerful tool, but you’ve ruined yours by always going against your gut and buying into what some bum is whispering in your ear. You’re too easy to impress and too quick to forgive. You’re a Queen transformed into a fool all because this latest dude has “potential”. Sis, it’s time to do better!

Do you know what TRUE genuine interest looks like? No. You know what “I wanna fuck on her lust” feels like. Do you know what TRUE love feels like? No. You know what “I’m comfortable so keep being my placeholder” feels like. Your romantic options aren’t a case a bad luck, it’s a case of bad decisions! Today I want to open your eyes to what you can be doing right now to stop the cycle and reaffirm your confidence so you can stop making these teenage mistakes with men who mean you know good and manifest high-quality partners who are looking for a Grown Ass Woman who is filled with power not past damage and baggage. I’m going to give you an easy-to-understand breakdown from a woman just like you who learned to win. First I want you to ask yourself is m...

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