90% of women are after the same 10% of men. First Layer: Attractive, funny, and aggressively masculine in a way that screams "big dick energy," minus the toxicity. This layer is what creates lust and sexual chemistry. Second Layer: Financially stable. Shared beliefs. Steps up without having to be told what to do.  This layer is what creates that deeper "we can build a family and thrive" connection.

90% of men only have 2 of those traits at once. The rest of them are okay looking, sarcastic not funny, overly feminine, don't make much money, or if they do make a good salary they don't spend it on you. An even larger portion of males don't really believe in the same religious or spiritual ideologies that you do, shit-- most don't believe in anything besides conspiracy theories. And the cherry on top is that the majority will treat you like a Queen once then stop, never remember the things you like, rarely go out of their way to do things just because, and always has to be reminded how to speak your love language.

Let's be real. Most of you will meet boys who you have to teach to be men, whose hands you have to hold like you're their mother, and who you pour way too much love and effort into only to realize that you're forcing love not being love. Relationships aren't a one way street, if you're the only one driving towards something, then chances are you're not headed towards a happy ending, you're speeding towards a dead end. 

The 10% male is who you need, the 90% male is who you settle for. He's frustrating because he's not meant for you. He's disrespectful because he wasn't created for you. He can't wait to chase other women because he's not and will never be the man for you. Clinging to whose in your life instead of choosing to be single and waiting for the right one is hard. Why?

Because no matter how much you lie and say you enjoy being by yourself you hate being lonely, you can't control the anxiety of "I'll never meet anyone decent," and at your core you truly do believe that love comes to good women. Again, this mindset is why you dated or are currently dating someone who had no business being in your phone let along in your vagina.

I want you to get the 10% man, those males who have top shelf qualities, embody high values, and who will show you, not tell you that you were put on this earth to be their happy ending. Many of you still struggle with my books, you can't put what I write into practice, so this is going to be a short but sweet blueprint on how to get what you want by using what you have-- feminine energy.

Do you have a MAN who makes sure your birthday feels epic and special?

Do you have a phone filled with options or a block list of regrets?

Do you know how to make a man realize what he has... or do you sit around waiting while he treats you like a Placeholder... just some girl he's wasting time with until something better comes along.

Spartans get lavish birthdays. Spartans always have options. Spartans can check any man and get proper treatment no matter how long they've been together. Are you a Spartan? Or are you just another basic Placeholder losing at love?

Males will leave you the moment they feel that they can do better. Your goal in life is to be an irreplicable woman, a true Spartan that a man will NEVER want to leave because every other bitch pales in comparison.

"Babe, don't leave, I miss you," these girls are pathetic! What does a Spartan look like trying to keep a man in the house. If your guy isn't beating down your walls, then you're doing it wrong. Your job is not to keep him in the house, force date nights, or chase after a dick in any way. There is no such thing as “Too Busy” in Sparta. If a man isn’t making time, then he’s a waste of your time and will be removed and replaced no matter what potential he showed. A Spartan thrives on knowing that “The Right Man” doesn’t come with “Wrong” energy. Today, is the day that you stop being soft and weak in the name of love and Spartan Up...

The Formula For Teasing:

Here's a secret... Most women don't know what the fuck they're doing. Awkward, weird, and unsexy. They mimic more powerful women, they stumble around, and they hope someone loves them. To be a woman who knows how to seduce, have a conversation, and tease puts you above 80% of modern women who don't know how to do shit but talk too much and rate makeup products...

Let's go through two types of men and how to connect: The First is The New Guy (a man you just met if you're single). The Second Is The Established Guy (the guy you've been dating or with).

Step 1:) What Do Men Want At The Core...

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