In the classic movie Clerks, Dante’s girlfriend says she’s only slept with 3 guys, but sucked 37 Dicks, this revelation virtually destroys the relationship despite Veronica being an otherwise perfect girlfriend. So what’s the big hold up on oral sex?

When dealing with Men, Numbers are everything. We’re obsessed with statistics. Only Men care how many points Michael Jordan scored Vs how many Kobe’s scored. How many Records 2pac sold vs. how many records Biggie sold? We love stats, be it sports, music, or pussy. When you’re a teenager all guys do is sit around and talk about how many girls we’ve hit. That’s the manly thing to do. Females aren’t afforded this luxury because it makes them look like sluts. It’s not fair, but that’s life.

Is Dick Sucking the loophole for women who just want to let loose and be freaky? I’ve known girls who’ve rather give me head for an hour than let me put as much as a finger inside them. Other females refuse to even talk about giving head. A female once told me that sucking dick doesn’t really mean anything; it’s lower than tongue kissing. It’s that mindset that I think many women have when sucking dick, it’s not real, it’s just a mouth on a piece of meat, no emotional attachment. A girl can date a guy, think he’s cute but doesn’t want to give up the cookies. She’s turned on she wants to do something, and there it is, hard and ready to go. Maybe dicks are like magnets, I’m not sure, but if it’s whipped out around a horny girl, the mouth will open. If she finishes you off, or does it for a few minutes is up to the female and how into the whole process she really is. Some women pride themselves on jaw skills, others pretend like they don’t know how to do it, yet four minutes into it they’re showing Jada Fire like technique.

Eating Pussy is much more prestigious. Men eat it, more and more women are eating it these days. To go down on a bad chick is a status symbol. Sucking Dick is like farting. Women do it, but Men don’t want to hear about it. The truth is, men don’t want their girl to have sucked a dick before them. It’s disgusting thinking that the mouth they’re kissing has been used as a sperm dumpster. Yet all men want GOOD HEAD. Trust me; it takes a looong time to teach a girl to do it properly. But I’d rather have to play the role of teacher than to know my chick was sucking 37 dicks before me. Men are haunted by the past of their women be it sex, relationships, anything that can come back to bite them. You’d think, well that was then, this is now. NO that’s always going to be in his head.

You think Reggie Bush hasn’t seen the tape of Ray J sausage gagging Kim? That’s something he had to get over. But in the end, to reiterate the point of this all, men are obsessed with statistics. But in the game of dick sucking, the lower the Shot attempts the better… I’m not saying lie, but don’t be too honest if you’ve sucked more than ten dicks.

Does head really count as sex? Would you rather a girl went down 37 times or was fucked 37 times?

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