Beyonce is a cunt. And I use the word cunt because the word bitch isn’t heavy enough to contain her ruthless genius.  Cold, calculating, and blatantly ingenuous, The Child of Destiny is psychologically as complex as any serial killer the world has ever known, so it’s a good thing that she was born a Black Woman not a White Male or we could had Jeffery Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy rolled into one. Let me explain my stance.

I remember falling in love with Beyonce when I first saw that “No No No” video. It was the late 90’s and blonde hair caramel colored girls were more popular than pogs. She was the epitome of “hood exotic” the type of chick every dude who’s never been off the block thought of as tropical. Then members of Destiny Child began dropping like Dr. Conrad Murray had been called in for a night cap. Latoya, Latavea, Hyundai, all of those bitches were axed. For the first time I began to take notice that Beyonce wasn’t just another pretty girl who could sing, she was a fucking gangster waiting to take over the block. R&B bitches are a dime a dozen, but this woman, was different, special… a brilliantly sinister woman wearing this pop star mask that few people could see through.

If Beyonce’s life was Goodfellas this era would be the part where she helps Joe Pesci beat the hell out of Billy Bats and bury him in the woods (stay with me). For the first time B started having to do interviews were the topic wasn’t about music or fashion, it was real hard hitting questions. But like a wiseguy on the stand, Beyonce kept that pretty smile on her face, and wished those “other girls” best of luck in front of those cameras. But it was phony as hell and anyone with a brain could see the Writing On The Wall (pun intended) as Matthew pulled those strings.

Beyonce: What are we going to do tonight, Daddy?

Matthew: The Same thing we do every night, Beyonce… Take Over The WORLD.

There is something disturbing about a man who becomes obsessed with his own daughter to the point he quits his job, ruins his marriage, and alienates everyone in her life to the point where your daughter says in public “I can’t date a man that’s not my daddyBut let’s not talk about the weird, possibly incestuous relationship between B and M.


Survivor. We all remember Kelly’s telling verse addressing the gossip and slander “ain’t going to diss you on the internet cus my mamma taught me better than that” right bitch; you just dissed them in a 3 minute song that’s going to be played 56 times a day on every radio station. But it wasn’t about Kelly. It was about Beyonce… that bitch wrote the song. Why would she give the most controversial part to little Kelly Rowland? As the leader, why not have her sing those words she wrote? Because Beyonce can never be seen as “flawed” “angry” “human” Matthew Knowles created a Goddess not a girl. Kelly on the other hand, she’s the throw away gun with the scratched off serial number. No one cares. Her hands can get dirty, Beyonce can’t.

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Selling her soul to Jay-Z or was it vice versa… Remember that song from The Fighting Temptations or how about that “work it out” shit from Austin Powers? No, because they sucked. By 2002 Beyonce was not liked by a lot of people. I remember the hate, because I use to stand up for her when girls I dated said she was trash. So how did this hated “Diva” more famous for kicking bitches out of groups than Carmen The Hip Hopera, manage to win back the fan base? She used Jay-Z. Now if you look back at history, Kelly Rowland and Nelly owned 2002. The word is Hova had been trying to fuck Beyonce since ’99 when she was on that song with Amilion (keep up) so while Jay-Z was courting Beyonce, Beyonce was courting fame, and what a better way to debut a hard edge sound, then with a rapper who was bigger than Nelly, and in the commercial prime of his career—Enter Crazy In LoveNiggas back in 03 loved Jay-Z, this is after that Nas thing had blown over and Hova was on top of the world. You couldn’t hate on Beyonce if you were a dude because she was with the King of NY. Girls easily let go of their animosity when Beyonce dropped the squeaky clean image and started singing songs like “Naughty Girl”. Suddenly in a span of 9 months Beyonce went from hated to loved by adding a hip hop edge and image to her persona.

This is where I started noticing the darker side of Beyoncé that went over the heads her hardcore fans. Beyonce became Diana Ross on the set of Dream Girls, much like Tupac became Bishop on the set of Juice. Acting is a hell of a thing because it makes you go to a place and stay there for months, and for novice actors like Beyonce, it’s hard to come back out the same. Maybe it was the Lemonade Diet or listening to old stories about how Diana Ross ran over bitches, but Beyonce after 2006 had evolved into something that not even Matthew could control. Her villain era was here and I was ready for it.

Think back to this error and look at the rapid evolution. Her voice inflection changed, she sounded more regal, it wasn’t confidence it was more of a contempt for any and everyone who dared ask her questions about “that group”. She always answered with a fake half laugh; “Michelle and Kelly are my sisters” it’s only in the past year that we found out from Kelly how Matthew was doing her dirty during this “sisterly” time. Here’s Beyonce on a crash diet of lemon, honey, and pepper flakes– yet telling girls to stay bootilicious. Going to red carpets with her boyfriend– who she won’t admit is her boyfriend, yet will use him on a song because she still wants his audience. The contradictions were obvious, but for her growing fan base, they didn’t notice because they were hypnotized by her power!

Listen to B-Day; it’s coming from a different place than Dangerously In Love, almost as if she’s a new person, shedding her skin. “Kitty Kat,” is an in your face proclamation of “WORSHIP MY PUSSY”,“Upgrade You” reminds the peons that she’s in a different tax bracket than everyone else, and “Irreplaceable” speaks for its self. But it sounded good so no one cared that B-Day was a CD filled with self referential ego stroking of a sign of a princess transforming into King.

It was her comments about Jennifer Hudson that showed me that B was COLD BLOODED *Rick James via Dave Chappelle voice*. The fake hug at the Oscars, the short answers when asked how she felt about J-Hud winning, Beyonce was enraged, but she grinned and bared it, because she had this regal image to uphold. When Jennifer Hudson’s family members were killed, I remember Beyonce making a comment in a real snippy voice “I haven’t talked to her but I wish her well”. And it was the most insincere thing I’ve heard, as if she wanted to get off that subject and move on to talking about more important things like House of Dereon. Damn, B, you spend six months working with this woman and you can’t text her to say, “How are you” or even take the time to give a public statement that isn’t contrived? Nope. The King doesn’t have time for that shit.

The epiphany that made realize this wasn’t just a normal woman, but a Maria Orsic like mastermind, came when I brought the Sasha Fierce LP. Sure it was fucked up that she put five songs on two disc and passed if off as a double CD in order to sell it for more, but the transformation into her “real” self was worth the 16 dollars. I laughed so hard when I first heard her describe “Sasha” as her out of control, powerful, brash alter ego. When Beyonce talks about Sasha Fierce she’s happy, attentive, talkative, nothing seems pre planned or counterfeit like in past interviews. She tells you who Sasha is because she doesn’t have to apologize or hide that fact that she has a big… ego. The front is that Sasha is just a “character” just like Deena was in Dreamgirls… yeah right. Beyonce isn’t Sasha Fierce. Sasha Fierce is the real Beyonce. For the first time we see the one who kicked those sluts out of the group. The one who hates Jennifer Hudson for showing her up in the movie that was suppose to make her a Hollywood star. 

It’s like how Bruce Wayne, billionaire playboy, is secretly Batman. But in actuality Bruce Wayne is the mask, Batman is his real life, he hates that playboy shit. After Sasha Fierce things would never be the same, the mask was off, and now she was so established that she didn’t need to Matthew, she didn’t need DC, she really didn’t need Jay-Z (but that’s a story for another time) the ascension was complete, that little light skin R&B chick, had grown into a brand, an icon, a closely guarded deity who you would never truly know but who you whose feet you would worship at because she demands it! None of this was by accident it was always by design. 

Beyonce is a bitch… But if she were a man she’d be called a genius. Eliminate your enemies, see them driven before you, and reap the benefits… I love Beyonce, the real Beyonce, because she and her father did what they had to in order to make her a star. Beyonce didn’t become successful by being nice or fair, she created opportunities with little regard for right and wrong, and for that I have more respect for Mrs. Carter than any woman on the face of the planet. The difference between Beyonce and the Monica’s and Ashanti’s of the world is that her aim was never a hit song—it was global domination. Beyonce is built like a Spartan, a perfect soldier born to take over the world by any means necessary…

Yeah, Beyonce is a Cunt, because the word brilliant can’t contain her ambiance of Greatness. I guess what I’m trying to say in way too many words is… I love you B.

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