Every man has asked the question “Did You Cum?” don’t lie. And every woman has either lied or just plain old ignored the question. The Female orgasm is harder to figure out than Chinese arithmetic, because every woman is different. You have girls who can cum faster than me when I first lost my virginity. You have girls who’ll go for two hours leave with nothing but a wet crouch. It’s funny, when you’re growing up you ask mad questions about sex. Mostly to your drunk uncle who keeps asking you “you get that pussy yet boy?” no Unc, I’m 7. You ask about positions, oral sex, anything you could think of… But NEVER do you think to ask—how do you make a girl cum?
I didn’t even think about if girls came until I was like 16. You figure, okay I’m a dude, I can bust on Que, don't they? The problem men have isn’t getting there—it’s getting there too fast. I think I heard some joke about a woman not being able to orgasm and that’s when I started to think, “Damn, is that for real?”.

I had this girl who lived across the street from me growing up and we use to have sex all the time. Years later when I saw here, we were reminiscing and she said something that hurt my feelings. She told me I NEVER MADE HER CUM. I was like—but you loved it. You said I was the best. She responded, "You were, but that doesn’t mean I ever came". WTF.
Guy: You good.

Girl: Yeah, you beat it up that time.

Guy: that’s what I do. …how many times you cum?

Girl: ...i don't know.

Guy: Wait, did you cum?

Girl: ....no
The thing about girls that’s interesting is that yall can have epic sex, won’t be able to walk, quivering, and laughing—but never reach the promise land. I’ve had sex where she finishes before me, gets off, and falls to sleep. I can’t sit there with a hard dick, I look down at my Spartan and he’s like “Are you going to let that bitch get away with that master?”. Yeah the sex was good while it lasted. But it’s incomplete, and now i'm stuck with lotion and kapri styles. So how can mil...

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