I was at a restaurant with the homie and the waitress brought out the dessert menu. Note, two men should never order dessert while together. There is no pause long enough or no homo powerful enough to cancel that shit out. But I saw that they had cheesecake on the menu so I ordered it to go. Of course I got made fun of, but it wasn’t for me. “She likes when I bring her shit”, is all I said, and this nigga hit me with a, “that’s gay, you all in love nigga”. Really? Me being in love with a woman is gay? Capri shorts are gay. Waking up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding is gay. Me doing an act of love for my chick is not gay. It was a joke of course, but there is a lot to pull from his comment. Some men shy away from emotional relationships because mentally they think like a 9 year old. This “no girls in the club house, we’re tough boys” mentality, still handicaps dudes. There comes a point in your life when you have to let go of the young shit.
Trying to fuck more girls than your boy is fun in college, but in the real world it’s counterproductive. All this money out here, all of this opportunity, yet you and your boy Nardo are content hanging around the same neighborhood trying to skeet young bitches because the older ones know you’re losers. Grown men aren’t worried about getting their number higher. You had sex with 173 girls and are trying to get to two hundred by the end of summer? Huh? Who cares? Your Pussy count is higher than your FICO score, you’re losing. You think Jerry Seinfeld walks around talking about all the hoes he smashed? No, he’s showing off his wife and kids to the media. Grown Men aren’t afraid to show their love whereas Lil Boys have to objectify women as pussy so they won’t be viewed as soft. I’m as anti-simp as they come, but there comes a time when you have to let go of this young ass mentality. She can’t be “some bitch” to your boys, and “your bay” when you’re alone. Maturation demands that you keep it real with yourself.
Grown Ass Men Lead: Your boys want you to hang out tonight but this girl you’ve been talking to wants you to come see her. Do you go see her or go out with the homies? If you’re digging her you go see her. Not because you want to hit, but because you want to hang out with her. You don’t have to make excuses by saying “I’m just trying to smash”. Grown Men don’t allow themselves to be influenced by their friends. You run the streets when you want to and lay up with a girl when you want to—it’s your life.
Lil Ass Boys Follow:Fuck that bitch, it’s going to be like a hundred of them and you want to sit around with just one?” I pulled that card once. I wasn’t going to the club by myself; I needed at least one person to trip with so I played to my boy’s macho side. Your friends do come before some girl you just met, but that’s when they actually need you for something important. My car broke down—on the way. I’m locked up—be right there. I’m trying to go see girls in a club—hold up… Why would you listen to me? You have a girl waiting to chill. I’m lonely as fuck on a Saturday trying to find a girl. Don’t follow me!
Grown Ass Men Control Their Dicks: I will be honest, I’ve never been able to sit alone in a room with a girl I liked and not try to have sex with her or at least get my molest on. That’s just my personality, I’m a fucking savage. But with maturity comes restraint. It’s important to come off as a gentleman when trying to impress a woman of quality. Don’t be a total saint, no girl wants a man she thinks is afraid of pussy, but there is away to be subdued in your flirting. Being an adult means you can hang out with another adult behind closed doors and talk with your mouth, not your hands.
Lil Ass Boys Are Controlled By Their Dicks: They call it being thirsty for a reason. The feeling you get when you want to rip her panties off, sling her over the couch, and triangle grind her box until she nuts on your dick is insatiable. You feel like Gargamel chasing after the god damn Smurfs, you become obsessed with that shit. Asking to smell her coochie may work on a few ratchets, but what happens when you get to a good woman who’s not trying to move that fast? You turn her off! Sometimes taking your dick out doesn’t work the way you think it should. It’s hard to do, but try going on a date without trying to fuck—you may actually learn something about her.
Grown Ass Men Fall In Love: Girls post love quotes and text “<3” at 7am. Men aren’t into that shit, we love quietly. While there are those sugary niggas who feel the need to hold hands and call 12 times a day, most men leave the hardcore lovey dovey stuff for home. Regardless of how you show that affection, you do show affection. There is nothing wrong with saying “I love you” in front of people. There is nothing wrong with seeing a pair of metallic blue pumps in a store window and buying those things on the spot because you already know she wears 36.5 in euro… okay maybe I’m a little too in love, but you get the point. You don’t have to scream it to the sky when you’re in love. You don’t have to have a picture of her as your cell phone wallpaper. You can still tweeter flirt with @momo_sah. You can still look at ass when she’s not around. You can still talk to your homie about how you would fuck the grease stains out of the waitress who just brought you food. But it’s just talk. Everything becomes hypothetical, because you’re not fucking anyone but her. That doesn’t make you soft, you don’t lose cool points with your boys, you’re the same person… scratch that, you’re a better person because you are grown enough to express your feelings like a real man.
Lil Ass Boys Think Love Is Gay: Niggas are scared to death so they attack those in relationships and sabotage their own. They aren’t afraid of sex, they aren’t afraid to put in work, but they are afraid of being handcuffed. To an immature dude being in a relationship is like getting sentenced to jail. All the fun stops. You can’t hang with your boys; you can’t get at other girls, your life as you know it is over. That’s a lazy mentality. Niggas who run from love are the same niggas who smoke weed after they nail their job interview. You know you’re going to get the job but you don’t really want to go back to work, it was too fun sleeping until noon… you get scared… you start making excuses. “Fuck this job, I’m going to miss Maury. Where will I find time for Call of Duty?” So you smoke Kush and piss cloudy, insuring you won’t have to go back to work anytime soon. Sabotage motherfucker! Say you get a bomb ass girl with a great personality. This girl is the one—Matrix. Now it’s going too good… she’s not tripping over dumb shit… she’s giving you your space… she doesn’t mind deep throating your dick in the morning before you wash up… You are winning. But you can’t be held down. You can’t have the block thinking you cuff bitches. What will Nardo say if you don’t go to the mall to holla at hoes with him? What happens when your ex-girlfriend Rasheeda Ratchet hits you up for a quick fuck? What would Lil B do? You can’t have this girl changing your lazy ass way of living. So you do what immature people do. Start an argument then stop calling cus you “got things on your mind”. Say it with me– Sabotage motherfucker!
Lil Ass Boys run from relationships, and the fucked up thing is a lot of women chase them, thinking they can change their mind set.It’s not about you, you can’t play Jane to his Tarzan and convert this dude into relationship material!Let his young ass run! It would be beyond dumb to chase a nigga who isn’t ready to take off his Ninja Turtle draws. He’s not ready, one day he will be, but not today. There are too many grown ass men out here, why would any woman want to babysit a little ass boy?

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