When I debate movies we challenge each other to point out the flaws in the script, the uneven acting, or the lazy scenes shot by the director. It’s not enough just to say, “it was wack” because that means you don’t understand the craft, you have to back up why it’s wack and do it well. Music isn’t scrutinized like film, most of the time it’s a case of that sounds good to me, that doesn’t sound good to me. You can argue all day about how Supreme Clientele was better than Capital Punishment but at the end of the day it boils down to taste. I like those kinds of beats matched with those types of lyrics spit with that kind of delivery. You can’t prove to someone they’re wrong for enjoying the type of music they like the same way you can sit them down with a copy of The Phantom Menace and prove that it’s crap. I say that to say this– who gives a fuck if you don’t like Drake. Nothing you say is going to stop a fan from feeling his shit, so why keep huffing and puffing? If you feel that strongly about him what business did you have downloading the shit in the first place? You rushed to get through all the songs so you could take to Facebook and bash it forty minutes later… slow day at work huh? You don’t write for Rolling Stone, your opinion is not hurting his soundscan. That means you wasted your time listening to something you were going to hate regardless just because. People who wake up early in the morning to write FIRST on Media Takeout lead more interesting lives than you do. I’m sick of people slandering Drake, no one outside of Jerry Sandusky should generate this kind of passionate hate. You don’t like it, we get it, move on.

I was on the line talking to one of my homies who described Take Care as “Aggressive R&B” and admitted that while the CD wasn’t bad, it’s not the type of rap he wants to hear. I respect that, not everything is for everyone. But you know what I respect more, a nigga who isn’t afraid to spill his contradictions, flaunt his flaws, and floss his accomplishments. Hip-Hop heads are so stuck on what’s hard they take for granted what’s real. I love imaginary Kingpin rap, I constantly bump goon music, and I grew up listening to overblown tough talk from a nigga who use to take ballet. If it sounds good I listen to it and I don’t apologize for the shit. What does Drake rap about? Money, Women, and becoming successful. He raps about the shit he knows about and does it well. “He sings too much” so fucking what. The Love Below  was nothing but singing and weird ass beats, but niggas dare not slander Andre. Honestly, this Drake backlash seems to be less about music and more about personality. I remember back when Jay-Z wasn’t beloved, the biggest knock was “he talks about money too much“. Niggas forget how the majority of rap purist hated on Hova because he flossed too much. Think about that. “I don’t like that rapper because he talks about his Rolex” was a reason to dismiss his music. If that isn’t a hater ass mindset then what is? Fast forward to the present and folks are saying Drake can’t rap because he’s emotional? Are You Drunk right now *Girl from Marvin’s Room Voice*? You can fault him for a lot of things, but not the ability to rhyme. I think the true reason some people hate Drake is because he’s talking about shit that makes them uncomfortable.

“All I’m Saying Is That You Can Do Better…”

When it comes to “Marvin’s Room”, there are two types of men. Those who can relate to it because they’ve hit their old chicks up under the pretense that they miss them, but really wanted to hit again to spite her and her new found happiness (yeah it’s hating but so what, once my pussy always my pussy until she tells me no). Then there are the dudes who are afraid that their chick is going to receive that call and she won’t be strong enough to object to those advances, because she can do better. Men are competitive and with success comes a need to flex on people from the past in order to prove ourselves. We visit our old schools, we drive our new cars through the old neighborhood, and we reach out to our old girls. We want people to see what we have become, and envy us on the low. If you can’t relate to that mentality because you’re humble or you simply haven’t done anything to brag about then Drake’s music is lost on you. The brilliance of “Marvin’s Room” is that it goes beyond the simple, “I’m drunk and trying to come over” and digs to the root of the problem most men don’t like to talk about– insecurity. Here is a guy who wants you to believe that his life is so great, but he’s lonely as hell surrounded by all of these hoes and ass kissing hip-hop nerds. As the song continues you realize it’s not really about sex, it’s about therapy. I’m tricking on women, a few girls you know. I had sex four times this week and I’m kinda disgusted with myself. That’s real music right there! Any rapper can write a punch line about fucking bad ass yella bones but how many can admit, “I don’t think I’m conscious of making monsters outta the women I sponsor ’til it all goes bad” that guilt is real, and he’s openly discussing the good part of being a man-whore with the bad, that’s rare in rap music.


“Made A Million Off A Mixtape…”

One thing that I’m conscious of is that it’s not appropriate to talk about how much money you have unless you are a rapper. It’s surprising how people treat you if they find out you’re not in the same boat they are financially. It’s something about seeing others succeed that brings out that inner hater and certain rappers, athletes, and movie stars feel the full effect of that resentment if they dare to show off.  The thing that’s interesting about Drake is that he talks about money in a way that’s realistic. When you hear Pusha T talk about splurging it sounds like make believe, a cinematic vision of how any dude who can flip a kilo can make it big. Niggas like that type of fly talk because it’s fantasy, you can close your eyes and be a cocaine cowboy for a minute. When Drake talks about taking 50k trips and going to Napa Valley for dinner, that shit is anchored in the real world, so it’s not as cool. This Canadian dude is actually doing this shit with no exaggeration, and in the mind of someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck it isn’t fair. Boo fucking hoo, you’ve been in the U.S your entire life and if you haven’t made it big you can only blame one person, and his name isn’t Aubrey… unless your name is Aubrey… and if so you should smack your mother for naming you some shit like that.

“Telling stories that nobody relate to

 and even though they hate you

 they just keep on telling you they feel you, nigga!”

Rapping ass niggas will swear up in down that they’re nicer than Drake, that if they had Degrassi money they could have paid for features on their mixtape and got a deal with Wayne. Stop crying you bitter bastard and go audition for a Canadian melodrama if you think that’s the formula needed to spark your rap career. It takes money to make money in the music business, and regardless of how much Drake had to spend to make So Far Gone, if it wasn’t good music, the shit would have landed on deaf ears. Drake is well aware that like Jay-Z before him he gets caught up in talking about the high life too much, but like I said earlier there is only one place you can brag about your money and not seem like a douche bag and that’s rap music, so let the nigga toast to his accomplishments! Don’t take your frustrations out on him.

I’m So Proud Of You

I love woman. I love everything about them and I’ve never been afraid to admit that. They’re the only reason I write this blog, and like Drake, I’m a firm believe that Pussy runs the world. It pains me to see girls who don’t fully understand the power they wield and I hate watching them make stupid decisions in the name of love, so I use this platform to try to level that playing field. Real niggas respect that. Bitch niggas complain about the man code. I could care less about a man code, real G’s can get ass regardless of anything I’ve ever written because their game is that tight. My nigga Drizzy came out and told those women who have their shit together that he’s proud of them, and lames sucked their teeth like a six year old at bedtime. I can relate to that shit, because I’ve taken fire for being pro-woman. Drake can switch between misogyny and appreciation for females because that’s the mark of a man raised on Tupac. Whenever I see a pretty girl to this day I can’t help but think, “that bitch is bad” I don’t apologize for calling her a bitch in my head or seeing her as sexual because that’s the first place my mind goes by default. Men have times when we objectify women and we have times when we worship women, it’s not hypocritical, that’s just how we are wired. Listening to Take Care, those issues of falling in and out of love, choosing bad girls over good girls, and knowing that he may never learn his lesson helped me to understand Drake. Rick Ross is one of my favorite rappers and four albums in I still don’t know shit about who he really is. it’s clear what drives Drake to make the music that he makes– women. He’s struggling with commitment issues and he’s not afraid to admit it. Call it soft, call it emo, call it aggressive R&B, but at the end of the day it’s the most honest shit I’ve heard in a long time. If you don’t like it fine, go pop in 2 Chainz and cruise with the windows down, but don’t knock an artist for having the balls to say what’s really in his heart.

I’m hearing all of the jokes, I know that they tryna push me

I know that showin’ emotion don’t ever mean I’m a pussy

Know that I don’t make music for niggas who don’t get pussy

So those are the ones I count on to diss me or overlook me

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