I wasn’t going to say anything about the Trayvon Martin murder because there isn’t much more to say besides the obvious, but I read an article comparing this tragedy to the Eve Carson crime and it struck a nerve. I’m not one of these fake ass political people who waits for a tragedy than goes into Martin Luther King mode, so I didn’t throw my hoodie up. Niggas love to “fight the power” one week out of the year, when it’s in vogue, then spend the other 51 not giving a fuck about the injustices in their own backyard. Most of us come from the cities where the skinny niggas die, and we don’t protest that shit. The self-cannibalization of Black people in the inner city is a much bigger problem than Racism. A lot of people reading this personally know people with more Black bodies under their belt than George Zimmerman, myself included, let’s keep it real. We fight other Black people, we listen to songs with punchlines about killing other Black people, and we watch our backs in public because we don’t trust other Black people. I don’t care if that Asian dude voted for Obama and brought front row tickets to that Kanye concert. When he sees a group of Black men at night walking towards him his mind is going to go the same place our minds go, “what are these niggas up to?” Black people racially profile each other, so of course other races are going to do it.

I am not mad at the racism, I am pissed at the depths people go to mask it. People are sick of hearing about Trayvon Martin, good… now get sicker because you NEED to talk about how that little boy makes you feel. Non-Blacks need to be beat over the head until they’re forced to admit Black America scares them with their hoodies, aggressive music, and mean mugs. Blacks need to be beat over the head until we realize we’re being judged because we do carry ourselves like savages in our own communities. Good or bad, there needs to be continued discussion about why this country is still the way it is. We are so damn politically correct that race relations have been lulled into a state of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. You can be racist as long as you don’t say it out loud. BULLSHIT. If Amber doesn’t like going to Black clubs because she’s experienced a Black men smacking her ass and coming on too aggressive, than she has to right to say, “Yeah I like Hip Hop, but no way I’m going to the Black club” what’s wrong with that? I would rather her say “I don’t like partying with all of those Black people“, then to say, “Oh I have a prior engagement, I can’t make the club”. Don’t fucking lie, speak up and admit your feelings good or bad, that’s how we learn about each other.

George Zimmerman’s bitch ass saw crimes involving Black males going down in his community, but he couldn’t come out and say, “It’s these young niggers who are doing this”. Middle America has created code words like, “urban” and Urban America has created code words like “Middle American”. Why are we hiding behind dumb ass code words for White and Black??? Zimmerman types should  speak up and say they think Black youth is destroying the country so someone who isn’t as ignorant can engage their bigotry and intelligently point out the difference between being a criminal and being African American, because obviously their minds are so warped that they blend the two together. We all have racist moments, moving out to Los Angeles I was appalled to see how Blacks and Whites talk about Mexicans, as if they’re a secondary group of people. I had a white friend admit that all Asian people look alike to him then asked if that was racist of him to admit. Fuck no, if that’s how you feel that’s how you feel. Speak on it! You know it’s wrong for you to feel that way because it’s not “PC”, but burying those thoughts will not get to the heart of the bias. Is it the media; was it your parents, where did you pick up these things? Stop being scared of being painted a racist and get to the root so you can eventually correct it.

I read an article from a woman who’s sick of Trayvon and wanted to give a counter that wasn’t politically correct: http://lettersfromawhoremongerswife.com/

“Eve was profiled as a Rich, Blue -Eyed, Blond Haired, White Girl. Were there protests, marches and outraged politicians speaking out for her? Did Barack call her family? Why is it about race only if the victim is black?”

Is her article racist? That’s not the point; the point is she’s saying what many White people think, and I respect her for not giving a fuck that people are going to hate. I’d rather her be true to herself than try to spare the feelings of sensitive fake ass political people. If more White Americans would stand up and voice their opinion on race, we could have a better dialogue. As it stands now many White parents preach, “Be careful around the niggers” behind closed doors or tell their kids not to leave money out when the “Messican” maid comes to clean. They’re not teaching them to hate like the Klan did, they’re teaching them something much worse—Fear. Why did those Teenagers melt down when they found out Rue from Hunger Games was a Black girl? Because they are 90’s babies raised in a world where niggas are cool from a distance but scary up front. They like listening to Weezy but they don’t want to pull up at a red light with a nigga who looks like Weezy staring over from the car next to them.

I’m an optimist, I can’t cry about how America is evil because I’ve seen too much good. We live in one of the most educated places, yet we still do ignorant things. We fear what we don’t understand, that’s why gay marriage is an issue when it shouldn’t be. Straight people fear two men kissing, so we deny civil rights. White people fear darkskin people in hoodies, so they move out of the cities. Black people fear white oppression, so we create conspiracies to justify our distrust and explain not being successful. We don’t know each other at all, nor do we care to get to know each other outside of the stereotypes. I’m disappointed that it took a 17-year-old boy’s death to open eyes to the fact that we need to be brutally honest with how we feel about one another. It’s not about putting on a hoodie, it’s not about Jail time, it’s not about understanding the fear and hate in George Zimmerman’s heart. It’s about every person in this country taking a hard look at the intolerance inside them and taking the steps to extinguish that bias before it’s passed down generation after generation. That’s how you attain real justice for Trayvon Martin.