Most men do not give a fuck about relationship advice. They don’t need it, they don’t ask for, it and if it’s offered up, they usually suck their teeth and shrug it off. The same way that stubborn old bastard in an RV doesn’t ask for directions, males are governed by a pride that dictates that even when they are completely lost, they’ll figure it out without a helping hand. Everyone can benefit from he wisdom of others but most men are more interested in advice on how to get rich. Why? Because in today’s world getting pussy is easy for even the lamest of dudes while making a million dollars seems damn near impossible for even the most outstanding men. A good woman  is worth more than a million dollars and should be just as sought after as wealth! What happened to that Helen of Troy swag where a woman was worth kingdoms- plural? Today’s women seem to be content with getting in where they fit in with the first dude who shows interest. What changed, ladies? When did it become cool to grade dudes on the curve system to the point where average and subpar men win you over with little or no effort? He’s sexy, so that means he can cheat on you four times before you finally walk away. He’s rich so that means he can call you out your name or put hands on you whenever you’re annoying him. He lays good dick, so you don’t mind not going anywhere, just stay in the crib and let him put the takeout food on your debit card.

Educated, rich, poor, blacks, whites, Asians, Latinas, British, German, Canadian, East African, South African, all the way back to American women—what the fuck happened? When did being a Queen who demands an equal King devolve into settling for the role of a baby’s mama, a “main” chick, or a friend with benefits? What happened in your lives that made you so thirsty for love that you don’t discriminate between healthy and unhealthy relationships? When did catching feelings come with the ability to cancel out common sense? How can this need for a man to love you be more powerful than the need to love yourself? Again, I say men do not give a fuck about relationship advice because they have the game on lock. These niggas only cry and complain when a hoe outsmarts them, they don’t cry when a loyal woman’s up late at night contemplating suicide because she can’t live without him. Honestly, their apathy is born out of your acceptance of this behavior. They value Meeka the stripper turned club host enough to pay her $500 for head, but wouldn’t give you, the woman he fucks freely, $50 for lunch money. This shit is disgustingly tragic and the balance has swung so far in the opposite direction that the universe wouldn’t let me ignore this basic bitch behavior if I tried. It’s time to stop waiting for men to get their shit together. It’s time to stop folding your arms and talking that victim bullshit. It’s time to wipe that cocky egotistical smirk off your face as if it’s everyone’s fault but your own that things aren’t going your way. I don’t care if you’re a virgin that’s never been kissed, a chick five years in with no ring, or a woman that’s twice divorced, whatever situation you are in that’s making you unhappy, you put yourself there. Now it’s time to get yourself out. All of the advice I’ve shared over the years was meant to inspire and create an army of Spartans who would bring balance to this 21st century “let’s hook up” generation that has created a “bust it open because he said I’m special” world. I always knew the things I had to say needed to be presented in a book format, and finally I’m ready to share that with the world.

Spartan-WhipSolving Single: How to Get the Ring, Not the Run Around, is Black Girls Are Easy on steroids. For years I’ve been asked questions about things that seem to be universal: Where do I go to find a “good” man… How can I stop being so awkward… How long should it take a man to propose… How do men feel about virgins… How do I date with a young child… Is being too big or too skinny a disadvantage… How do I really know if he’s into me… How do I get him back… and the biggest one—I feel like shit how do I get over this breakup? I had to really do my research and focus on those huge issues, so I purposely never got into it on this site, but I was always helping women via emails and sometimes in person with those things. Solving Single gave me a chance to lay it all out there and really take my time to break it down in the way it deserved. At the same time, I paid attention to your favorites like Wifey or Pussy, Bottom Bitch, Come Over and Chill, etc… and updated those so it all meshes into the grand scheme of the book, which is to make each one of you Super Sexy Spartan Queens, who get what they want. The title “Solving Single” came to me while we were working on the BGAE TV show and the studio executive asked for an alternative title in case we had to make it less controversial. Solving Single popped in my head and I loved it, so I decided to use it for the title of the book.

The bookstore release date is on September 17th, but you can order on Amazon.com today (click here) and have it delivered to you the day it drops, so buy it ASAP that way the day it releases it’ll shoot straight to the top of their charts and let the uninitiated know this shit is not a game! Autographed copies are also available at SolvingSingle.com. Buy a copy for yourself, for your bff, your daughter, your auntie, your grandma, that woman at work who got catfished by a dude off of match.com, or whoever you think needs to hear some authentic answers… or more importantly will need it in the years to come. The best way to keep a relationship going strong is to stay up on game, so even if you have a man it’s still a must read as the last few chapters get into the end game of going from GF/BF to matrimony. If your boyfriend or husband finds a copy hidden in your panty draw, tell him that it’s preventive reading. Fellas, don’t feel left out, I’m working on something for you as well, but  just like those dudes who snuck off and read Think Like A Man, a lot of the things I’m writing about would benefit you to learn as well, or at least pass it on to the women in your lives who you care about.

Solving Single was written so that it can serve as your bible regardless of the situation you find yourself in, without having to run to the site and flip through the archives. Thanks for being patient, I genuinely love all of you, and I really wanted to take my time and address the subjects that come up frequently. I’m excited for you all to read it, and more importantly actually apply it to your lives.


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