What’s the meaning of your life as you see it, and are you doing everything within your power to fulfill that purpose? Maybe you are, but if you’re like countless others, your goals and dreams aren’t manifesting the way you planned. That’s okay, but after you finish reading this, it wont’ be because this is a kick in the ass that will get you back on track.

People are scared of life, scared of change, scared of rejection, and scared of failure in general, so they live half-lives. I talked to a 22-year-old woman and a 36-year-old man this past week at separate times. Both on two different levels of life, but depressed about the same shit. “Why doesn’t life work out the way I want it to work out when I do everything I’m supposed to do?” Then, in synchronicity, they both said the same statement “I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t question God’s Plan.” This is why people get depressed. They get told to have a degree and start a career by 22, be engaged by 25, get married, buy a house, have kids, and when they look at their life and how none of that shit has happened. They look for answers, feel guilty, and then bottle up their discontent because questioning the obstacle course is wrong. Their image is of a God that looks down and judges, listens to thoughts, and then punishes you if you think wrongly. It’s a slave mentality that makes some people afraid to be themselves, that uses faith as a tool to create worker bees and herd guilt-ridden sheep. As you get older, the plans you make don’t work out and you start to wonder what’s it all for? You look at small things and call them blessings, but when you lay down at night, you are frustrated because you want real blessings not consolations. You see other people doing it bigger, better, and your faith is tested in silence as depression sets in: Who will you marry? Will you make more money? Will you make your family proud? Will you die before you leave a mark on the world? Noisy doubts that cloud your mind are much ado about fucking nothing once you open your eyes. You are and have always been in the driver’s seat of your own fate. Doesn’t matter if you believe it—This has always been and will always be Truth.

48b08c4f799aaYou would be foolish to fear a life that you control and a future that you are creating. Still people hold on to this idea that life is outside their control, hard, and full of people looking to hold them back. You thought you had it all figured out when you were younger. Life was like school; you follow what people tell you is right and wrong and you graduate to blessings on blessing on blessings, but you haven’t gotten what you want for real. You’re tired of other people who don’t even play by those rules winning. Why are you cursed, why do you have bad luck, and why does God keep testing you? People who don’t have answers tell you it all will make sense in the afterlife. Bruh!? You’re not trying to wait until you die to feel good about the shitty life you lived. No matter if you are young or old when you realize this, it will leave you searching for meaning and change. You’re looking for a missing piece of the formula to make life better, failing to realize that you are the complete formula! Everything that happens in your life is part of your film, and you’re indirectly writing the script. Now you can sit on autopilot and allow yourself to play out the way it has been or you can take control, the choice will always be yours. No matter if your mind is ready for this information now or if you prefer to come back to it when you hit a low point, this is Truth you will have to face at some point in life.

Are You Happy?

4829350e8dbc3People love to fantasize about attaining personal power but few want to think about personal responsibility. I talk to so many people on a weekly basis, and one of the human flaws that reaches across the board is that people love to deflect responsibility and place blame. If you crash in this game of life, you need to place blame on other people helping you drive aka friends or family. If you lose control of your car due to lack of focus you place blame on those people distracting you on that road aka boyfriends or girlfriends. If you spin out and end up totaling your car and are forced to rebuild, you don’t place blame on your conflicting emotions, your fragmented thoughts, or the fear that made you break when you should have swerved… you place blame on the road for not being properly paved aka the society or culture that held you back. Life is your responsibility but to the unenlightened, life remains a random series of events that are out of your control, thus when things go bad you can always find an external excuse that keeps your ego satisfied. You can’t take the weight of “my thoughts create my reality” and I don’t mean that in a supernatural way, I mean practically; you don’t want to admit your flaws, so your fear based mind keeps you chained to a reality where you’re always a victim and never a master. If there are no more people to point the finger at, then you’re going to have to look in the mirror, and people hate taking self-inventory. What’s behind your mask is a fear that you are never going to get what you want. But you can…

If you ATTRACT what you ARE then why aren’t you getting results? The Problem is that the average person is more negative than positive. That’s why people love to argue, love to throw shade, and love to see people exposed, all under the cover of “just playing,” or “they deserved it.” Your mind is wired to resent because you are not happy! When you talk to someone positive or read something empowering you feel good, you feel in touch, and even if it’s only for half a day, you feel happy. A Tony Robbins speech, a good sermon at church, a deep talk with a friend, whatever it is, you come out feeling like a brand new person… but it always wears off. You can’t bottle that feeling because it’s not natural in your world. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong in your life. Every time you save money, something comes up that makes you spend that money. Every time you reach a goal professionally, something bad happens personally. Every time you’re in a good mood, something happens to ruin it. Time after time, your life repeats in this pattern of up and down, and every time you are up, your own thoughts betray you with that motto, “This won’t last.” People lie to themselves to keep from falling into a depression. They lie to their family about how good things are going with their new job or their new boo. They lie to their friends about how content they are in a relationship. They lie to the internet about insecurity after insecurity in attempts to convince themselves that their life is to be envied. Your life sucks. Not because you don’t have X amount of money or a ring on your finger, but because you have more negative thoughts than positive ones. Your life may be 60% good, but it’s not 100%. You should be 100% happy just to be playing this game of life, but you feel as if you’re always going to be stuck because things will always go bad. Instead of digging yourself out of this hole, you dig yourself deeper. You attract people just like you! Your friends have the same complaints; money problems, relationship drama, Boss stress… and together you all feel good about feeling bad. Not being 100% happy is your normal, but it’s also your purgatory. “No one’s happy all the time,” is the battle cry of people whose lives will always suck.

beyonce-hauntedParents tell you to go to school, study hard, work hard, and it will all work out, but here you are with a job you tell yourself you enjoy or a paycheck that makes it kind of worth it, and you’re still only at 70% happiness. You can’t tell anyone that you feel lost and unfulfilled because you don’t want to be judged, so you regurgitate bullshit like, “I’m making this much and I’m going to be making this much in two years, blah blah blah buy a house blah blah blah vacation blah blah blah dream car.” Happy people don’t need to point to achievements that will one day make them even happier. Happiness is never dependent on what will happened tomorrow, it’s a feeling that’s born and maintained in the now! Beyoncé didn’t sing “working 9 to 5 just to stay alive, how come” to throw shade, she wanted to spark something inside people that is generally taboo to spark. What is your purpose other than to work and consume? Discontent is a disease that you’re afraid to address. When I see people run on about these human all too human goals and achievements I see so much sadness in their eyes. You’re trying to convince the world that life is great, but you haven’t even convinced yourself. This sadness is why the liquor companies, drug peddlers, and religious institutions will never go out of business. The unhappy need an outlet where they can escape their reality. 

God Fearing

haleighlujaReligion is the ultimate reality antidote. If life is a car that you control, religion is the navigation system that makes you feel safe. You’re still controlling the car, but it gives reassurance. I would never bash any religion that helps those that choose to sleep, sleep better. The problem is that most of you have stopped being able to sleep because the antidote has begun to lose its grip. God as Zeus, the entity in the heavens passing judgement on the sinful and looking out for the righteous is a concept that reverberates in every part of your life. You don’t do what you feel because he’s watching, you act selfless because you want to be rewarded, and when things get rough, you can call on him to turn the tide and better your situation. You curse the devil when evil happens and praise God when things benefit you, but let’s be honest; you’re not buying it the way you once did. The human characteristics of Judging, Worshiping, Rules, Denial, and Punishment, are projected on a perfect deity who would never have a need to have its ego stroked by making slaves that have to act a certain way or be burned in a fiery pit. You may not say it aloud, but you know damn well that those traits are petty and bias, not something an Omnipotent power would have any use for. The Greeks created a juicy pantheon of petty ass Gods that used humans like chess pieces and those that followed have since created a God more like a Marvel Superhero than a Universal Creator. To make sense of the holes in the logic the Devil was created. He’s the one that’s making you think negative, making people do you wrong, and causing all the pain in the world. It’s as people couldn’t make God too powerful and still explain bad, so they needed a scapegoat that’s some chaotic uncontrollable second God that’s always out to get you.

ShameAll of these ideas sound too much like human concepts not to question in terms of “Who exactly told you this was how things actually work and why do you take their word for it?” Questioning religion isn’t the same thing as disbelieving in a God, but that’s the guilt they lay on you. The genius of the religious leaders were that they made the act of questioning their holy book wrong so that generations of people would feel too guilty to raise a finger to its validity. Fear is the best tool when instilling obedience. The only proof you need that your religious concepts are true is in the same book you’re trying to question. Huh? “God Fearing,” doesn’t add up because love doesn’t need to be feared nor does perfection punish, that’s a human trait. If you are brave enough to question these things and these concepts start to unravel, what happens to your perception of reality? Your ego is tied to being “highly favored and blessed,” if that safety net of superstition is false will you still feel special? Will you start cursing on a Sunday and fucking like a rabbit before marriage? Were you only acting nice because you wanted to use God like a Karma Slot Machine? Are you still as morally pure without the reward of pearly gates or is the true self something much darker and exciting? It doesn’t matter who you truly are, only that you discover it for yourself.       Now ponder this: Quantum Physics has proven that the Atoms that the make up our material world need to be observed to react. Scientist have no fucking clue how to wrap their big ass logical brains around “what I look at ONLY exists because I’m looking at it.” So given that same information, how would you wrap your brain around a world where you are subconsciously creating everything you experience? No Devil tripping you up, No Other People holding you back, just the Quantum Field reacting, not to what your mouth says, but what your true thoughts demand.

Attracting the Perfect Mate

Deez-Nuts-Be-WinningI wanted to lay that groundwork of “question everything” to point out how this effects people in relationships where they keep asking, “Why is this happening to me?” Imagine for the duration of the time it takes you to read this that you control your life; you are the only cosmic force at play. You are a walking Universe with its own laws and rules. If you’re feeling nervous and afraid, how does that affect the people you create/attract to you when looking to date? If you’re bitter and angry about the past, be it a bad relationship, a sexual assault, or your parent’s divorce, what will you as a creator pop into your world in terms of a love interest? You won’t create some perfect person; you will create a person that reflects how YOU feel about YOU. If you’re a man that thinks he’s too short, too skinny, and has acne scars that ruin your face, you won’t think you deserve a woman on a certain level. Your conscious mind makes up a story about how a guy like you can never get a girl that’s top shelf without her needing extra incentive like money or fame. In order to get at Malaysia Pargo, you think you need Jannero Pargo money and above. Those thoughts only becomes the reality of things, because you perceive that reality. As a result of this limited mindset of being an undesirable man, you either drive yourself to put money first so you can then get the pussy like Tony Montana taught you. Or you sink further into a depression, only attracting women with low self-esteem who are on your lowly level. You never become happy paying for pussy or settling for a girlfriend/wife you didn’t really want, and you end up another depressed man going through a quarter-life or mid-life crisis. Why did your life turn out this way? What was the point of working and struggling, only to end up unhappy and lonely? It all goes back to your own weak and negative mind making you feel like you weren’t good enough to get what you wanted. You may have said aloud that you wanted a trophy wife with a PHD, but your mind (true self) was clear, you can only get a Bronze Medal ratchet or a Hoe who loves your money. Your thoughts scripted that life you lived! You kept pouring negativity into your universe thinking it would get better, but how can a negative creation give you a positive result?

thirsty-chickWhen it comes to women, the idea of attracting losers is more prevalent because there are more females with low self-esteem than high self-esteem. If you as a woman, look in the mirror and think you’re too dark, your hair doesn’t lay right, or that your body doesn’t curve right without the use of corsets or padding, then whom are you going to create as a mate… You’re going to create men that may look good, but who treat you like shit because you consciously feel like “I’m nothing special.” Even that woman who looks good to others, who takes a million selfies, and boasts about the guys that want her, will fail to find real love because she’s perpetrating a lie. A girl like this can get 400 likes and one comment about her big forehead, and she’s affected more by the forehead shade than the 400 people that thought she looked good. Why? Because she doesn’t believe she’s actually a beautiful person! Let’s be honest with self about these things instead of running from those thoughts. You will continue to create scenarios for your love life where you lose, so long as you don’t feel as if you are Exceptional! There’s theory of the hidden subconscious mind controlling life like a dream, but if most of you are conscious of your low self-esteem, imagine how full of self-loathing this subconscious creating force has become? I get women who tell me they get played for sex or they have guys that fall back on them after things are going great. Good women choosing wrong men is common and there is a reason that has nothing to do with men being masters at lying. I get to know personalities a bit and it’s clear that these women don’t love themselves as much as they love the idea of a man’s love. Their father’s fucked up their childhood or their first boyfriend cheated, and on the surface they harden and become fake strong, but in their mind, and the mind is all that matters, they are weak ass little girls still asking what’s wrong with them. Of course she’s going to keep reinforcing situations where she proves her negatives right, no man really wants her, no man will ever love her, when it’s going good it will eventually go bad. That’s the creative consciousness of a weak woman! That’s the reason her life is a series of attracting bum after bum.

5209417_origYou can affirm all this big is beautiful, I love my melanin, my hair is bomb stuff on social media, but when you get around other people, you don’t buy your own bullshit. Your confidence shatters because your positive thoughts were as firm as ice cream in the sun. I repeat—People Lie to Themselves! You attract/create scenarios that bring out your insecurity, be they men, other women, even little kids that don’t have filters and call you a name. It’s all of your making, but it’s also extremely easy to change once you comprehend the process. I’ve had women who were weak come back telling me they’re Spartans because they went out and conquered fear. There entire personality shifted once they stopped being afraid to do what they felt as opposed of what society had programmed. I don’t have your answers, you have your answers, I just reminded you of what you forgot. Spartanhood isn’t about finding men, it’s about you slowly transforming into the center of the universe and attracting/creating better experiences.  Becoming a Spartan has created a positive shift that made insecurities shrink and their life story go from a horror movie to Lucy! This power can be tapped in all day every day because it’s what your universe is made of. Goddess Consciousness!

The Law of Empowerment

Be-LucyA lot is made of the power of positive thinking, but do you actually think positive? People at work get on your nerves, you see someone die on the news and you get outraged, car trouble has you spending more money… you’re so attached to things that make you mad, but it’s all coming from you. You’ve allowed yourself to become negative and expect disappointment. Thinking negative for 23 hours and positive for an hour isn’t going to create any change on the surface let alone in the field. I know people in LA that did Yoga, read The Secret, and came out talking this Zen shit for a few months, and then they’re back to being miserable. You can’t grow a rich life in a soil of negativity. Switching out the word “God” for the word “Universe” isn’t going to change the fact that you are still vibrating at a low and primitive level. Quoting the Dalai Lama and going Vegan isn’t going to elevate your mind from earth bond to cosmic awareness. It’s not about what you need to do, or whom you need to follow, it is about how you need to THINK. Your entire mindset is “Why can’t I have what they have? Why don’t I have enough money? Why don’t men like me when I do everything right? Why Why Why!” Ain’t shit positive about those thoughts. They’re all ego based because all you continue to be is an aimless ego limited to craving materialistic bullshit and the validation of outside love. You want to master the Law of Attraction and use it to flex on other people. You want to elevate to a higher consciousness to get rich and stunt. You can’t fool consciousness, your lies are heard the moment you think them and your secret agenda is never secret! You’re always going to lose because your mindset is that of a weakling who is trying to cheat a universe that is built to give you what you project. As long as you think lowly, you will always attract ain’t shit men instead of guys that mirror your own greatness. As long as you think poor, you will always be a worker bee and never a Queen bee. As long as you keep trying to combine your old primitive way of seeing the world with new fragments of Truth, you will keep starting and stopping! Go ahead and try the newest “technique to enlightenment,” and I guarantee that you will end up tossing it out by the end of the month because you only know one way of thinking, like a normal fear based person.

LordKnowsMany women give me a defensive response when I tell them to be proactive, “I’m waiting for God to send me the right person.” How about you start by sending yourself the right person in the mirror each morning? Every day you wake up, before caking makeup on your face, look in the mirror, and love yourself. Don’t just love the bullshit of, “I have a job. I’m loyal. I have good credit. I have two arms and that soldier on TV had one” Fuck all of that “be grateful” nonsense you use to play fake positive. Do you love the person looking back in that mirror on a real level? You aren’t your job, you aren’t your clothes, and you damn sure aren’t your bank account, you are only the thoughts in your head. If those thoughts are weak, bitter, frustrating, self-deprecating, angry, jealous, and full of confusion then you don’t love yourself. You hate the fact that you can’t be someone else or else you wouldn’t compare yourself to other women. You hate the fact that you don’t look like what the media holds on a pedestal, that’s why you take shots at those same celebrities you swear you loathe but always check for. You hate the fact that your childhood was the way it was or you wouldn’t keep looking backwards with rage, then falling for men that have traces of your Dad. You hate the fact that you hate yourself, so you pray for God to send you a man that will make you feel pretty, smart, wise, and appreciated. You do charity, favors, or volunteer work only to go back and pray that God sends you good fortune for your service. God is not here to play Genie or to be bribed by good deeds so you can get things or go to a heaven. You don’t even know who God is, because you’re afraid to look. You have wired your mind with fear, collusion, and negativity, which is why you hold yourself back from your true self. Once again, suspend your conditioned bias and beliefs and assume that the person looking back in that mirror has all the power. Would you pity your own creation, or would you empower it?

Back To Reality

tattoo-chakrasThe key to happiness is honesty. Some of you get that in theory but the majority don’t actually understand what that means when it comes to applying this practically. After you’re done reading this, a third of you will go back to being dishonest. You will go back to trying to fit in with others, complaining about injustice, praying for change, and being driven by negative emotions with a few bursts of positive ones. You will go back to believing that the steps to get what you want come from external forces as opposed to internal. You’ll give examples about superstition working for you, so you can convince yourself to go back to sleep, but you won’t be happy. You’ll say you see change in your life because of some new book or some new Reverend you find, but you won’t be happy. You’re not happy because no matter of how much you try to brainwash yourself or go along with the religious or new age crowds, you know at a core level that it’s not your complete Truth. Your mind creates what it wants to create, and it brings into being what you want, not what you wish for with your greedy ego, or cry for when you’re afraid or desperate, but what your true self feels. The problem is you would rather have Mystics, Psychics, Horoscopes Sites, Preachers, Self Help Gurus, all tell you where you’re going because you’re afraid to tell yourself directly. Your life isn’t dictated by the stars, the lines on your palms, or how long you spend praying. The universe is inside of you, and then projected outside of you. There is no out there, out there. This Truth destroys the illusion that you’re not in control and that freedom terrifies you, but it should reinvigorate you.

11386577_1614672158781368_22615189_nI have no problem with the path you choose and nothing negative to say about any religion on a fundamental level, but the same way The Buddha questioned his reality and Jesus questioned his Jewish faith, you have to question the way your personal world works. Not the way your sister’s world works, not the way your mother’s world works, not the way a young kid who is dying world works, and not the way some guy who got rich quick world works—How does your world work? People love to point to others, but this is a solo journey where you must find Truth alone. You are more powerful than you know, but you’re not using it. You’re Luke Skywalker on Dagobah, caught up in the self-limiting thoughts of your making. If you want love, it’s there. If you want money, it’s there. If you want success, it’s there for you to take. But first you must discover who you are. There are secrets that make the Law of Attraction look like a card trick. I have seen it with my own eyes, but it’s not something to be shared with those who are still sleep. There are levels to power that only a few of you reading will ever touch. But I’m not talking to the sheep. I’m talking to you. The first step: Temporarily suspend all old beliefs on how you think this world works, the dogma, the superstition, the rules, then starting tomorrow and every day after, begin to change your world every time you look in the mirror by being brutally honest about the love you have for yourself. Replace pep talk lies with cold honesty until negative transforms into positive projections. Do this for one month and look for changes in terms of your friends, your family, your work, even your hobbies and interests. It will work… but it won’t be comfortable. You may want to run back to your old way of thinking, but keep going down that rabbit hole, not because you want to gain power, but because you desire freedom. That’s step one.

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