Your girl, Angelina, is a dumb bitch. Still think she’s a Spartan now that she’s getting divorced,” was the taunting phone call I got from a girl I used to know. I responded, “What about this situation makes her dumb and how does filing for a divorce and leaving an unhealthy situation as opposed to suffering in it, lessens her strength of character?” She paused for a long ass time, and like most people who don’t really have a case, just raw emotions, she deflected with, “She got what she deserved for stealing him from Jennifer.” …and this is what I deserve for not changing my number. My friend is normally a nice girl, but she’s extremely bitter in terms of relationships. She’s a single mother that has the same baby daddy as her former bestfriend. She knows all about backstabbing, hurt, and regret. The mistakes of her early 20s still haunt her and nothing I seem to tell her sticks because she’s still ruled by negativity. This girl doesn’t give a fuck about Jennifer Aniston, all she knows is that Brad Pitt left for Angelina, and now they’re breaking up which proves her point of… well, I’m not sure what her point is. “If you got him cheating, he’s going to eventually cheat on you,” maybe that’s her case, or maybe it’s the self-projected animosity of, “All men are dogs.” I would rather that woman go for what she wanted in Brad Pitt, achieve it for nearly 12 years, and then bow out once she realized it’s not benefiting her anymore, then to have missed out on what’s still probably the most rewarding part of her life thus far. Tina Typical, on the other hand, told me that Angelina Jolie wasted her time and now looks foolish. I disagree. To marry someone, create a family, partner up for a nearly billion-dollar production business, and undoubtedly share positive memories that will always remain special, does not get wiped out by that divorce.

Why Marriage Doesn't Equal Love

We live in a culture where if a relationship doesn’t end in forever, it was a mistake. There are a lot of you reading this who parents aren’t together, does that make you being born a mistake that should have been avoided in retrospect? People have this limited idea love and marriage that is based on fantasy, not the reality of how humans today operate. If a man loves a woman and a woman loves a man, they stay together forever or it wasn’t love in the first place. You probably just nodded along like a church lady on a pew because you too believe this juvenile idea of “it’s only love if you die together.” What Bradgelina had for over a decade was probably a love deeper and more passionate than people that have been married for 40 years have. Yet, society is in the habit of celebrating those couples that stick together for the sake of the kids, even though they dislike each other after the first ten years. No one applauds the courage it takes to stop being comfortable and move on in life, they only see it as failure to keep someone happy (with the finger pointed at the woman). This is total bullshit. Love isn’t staying with someone just to say you made it work, love is salvaging your own sanity and happiness by exiting once you have proof that it will no longer work.

hes-over-youThat inner weak bitch that festers in too many women will try to hold on to relationships in the name of love because they think that’s what you do—try even when you’re miserable. If my wife were ever to become unhappy with me, I wouldn’t respect her for trying to work it out over and over again, I would lose respect because at that point she would just be holding on to me just for the sake of it, not for love, and that’s weak as fuck. Being comfortable isn’t the same as being in love! Forget marriage for a minute, even normal relationships that have no business lasting for more than a few months, turn into years, because women hate to feel like they wasted time. The irony is that you’re doing just that by continuously eating shit and calling it #RelationshipGoals. A man doesn’t have the power to waste your time unless you give him that time to waste. A true Spartan puts herself first. She gets what she wants until she feels that it’s no longer what she needs, and then moves on with her life. There is no time wasted, because even if the end result isn’t storybook, she achieved her initial goal. To choose wrong doesn’t mean you can’t choose right once you realize things aren’t going to work, and that’s the confidence and encouragement women aren’t being given. Instead we judge them to the point where they remain in misery.

Not every chapter in life is meant to sustain forever, you grow, change, and learn new lessons that point you in new directions where you have to get rid of those people you once loved in order to evolve. Weak women see not having a man as a failure, Strong women see ridding themselves of dead weight as a victory. The problem with this world is that there are more weak women who will die in bad relationships than Spartans that will always find personal happiness. Today, I want to talk about the reason for this fucked up mindset—lack of love…

fairy-tale-bitchesThe vast majority of you reading this don’t know a damn thing about love. As a child you were introduced to the fairy tale aspect of love—prince meets princess, marries her, they live happily ever after. Bullshit that your parents sold you to help you understand romance. As a teenager you were introduced to the Hollywood aspect of love—boy meets girl, courts her, wins her hand, marries her, they live happily ever after. The Hollywood crap added a much-needed wrinkle, the idea of a man chasing a woman and that woman playing hard to get until he proved himself. No matter how formulaic damn near every romantic comedy is, you bought in as if it was not too far from the truth of how your love life would play out. “This is how a man will treat me when it’s real love,” isn’t based on real life experience, it’s based on the entertainment you consumed. It never dawned on you back then that your entire basis for what love means was created by some screenwriter in a room looking for ways to make you root for Richard Gere to win Julia Roberts in the end or by some TV exec looking to get you hooked on “Will Big and Carrie finally be together” so you can subscribe to HBO for another season. The concept of what you call “love” is most likely a manipulation based on the things I just mentioned. By the time you became an adult, you experienced puppy love, lust that you misdiagnosed as true love, even infatuation, but in your mind, none of it ever felt right because it didn’t live up to the blueprint that fairy tales, TV, or tall tales that your friends or family told you about their own romantic encounters.

How do you know if a guy loves you or is in love with you,” was one of the first questions I ever received when I first started this site.

daisy_buchanan_jay_gatsbyThat was the moment I realized that many women have no idea what the fuck they’re doing in terms of relationships because their idea of love is built on false beliefs. Most of you aren’t finding love because you don’t know the first thing about it. You know what it’s like to give love, but do you honestly know what being loved truly feels like beyond that honeymoon stage false high that you get sprung over? How can you find love when you don’t even know what to look for? If I were sitting next to you right now and asked you to tell me how pure love feels, you would stutter and pull something out of your ass that you read in some romance novel or saw on screen. The real life examples most of you have are tainted. Dad never wanted Mom, he just got her pregnant and dealt with it. Mom and Dad are still together but they don’t love each other, they put up with one another. No matter if you were raised in a single parent home, a child of divorce, or still deal with two parents who fell out of love a long time ago and are just going through the motions, what you learn about love in real life isn’t as pretty as the stories you hear or see. False love consumption is a virus that ruins the lives of women, rarely men. “Not all the time, there are men that are just as lovesick as women,” Okay Olivia Obvious, we know there are exceptions to every rule, but when you add up all the Jay Gatsby’s that go crazy chasing girls that really don’t want them compared to the average man that breaks hearts and shrugs, those soft males are little more than a drop in the bucket. Instead of trying to come up with exceptions to try and prove me wrong, how about you listen for a change so you can understand how to change your life, not change the topic so you won’t have to face facts.

Bonjor BitchMen aren’t in the business of waiting for someone to come along and love them. They routinely go after women like Gaston went after Belle’s ditsy ass, but in real life he gets that bitch because guys know women settle for best options. In fact, most media that little boys consume never address this idea of “I need a Queen to complete me,” Batman’s a billionaire that fucks models by day. Clark Kent pretends to have a crush on Lois Lane, but when he’s Superman he’s full of swag like, “That pussy’s mine anytime I want it.” Males aren’t taught to go on this big quest for a woman’s love. You thought we sat around in high school chatting about sliding a slipper on a Cinderella? Nah, we talked about sliding dick in whoever the flavor of the week happened to be. Meanwhile, society puts women in that box where their entire existence is supposed to revolve around waiting for a guy to show up, take an interest, marry her, knock her up, and make her his forever. The fucked up thing is that women still follow the Disney Princess script while most men routinely play by their own rules without a care in the world of when they will find love or be married. “It’s so immature to be a whore all of your life, grow up and find someone real who can love you forever,” Ha! Women scream this and men laugh at it because there is and never will be pressure for males to settle down unless they are moved to do so internally.

Men pursue and women wait to be pursued, and that shit’s more outdated than a Blackberry Curve. “My Godmother said that if a man truly wants a woman he will be the one that makes the first move, so I’m going to wait on my guy.” Your basic bitch mentors are trash for teaching that ancient weak bitch formula for success! Use your own brain and realize that’s a sexist way for an adult woman to live life. This is the 21st century, you can have whatever you want without waiting for shit! Nevertheless, for a woman to have this attitude of, “Fuck it, I’ll pick up and put men down like toys until I feel like one is worth taking seriously,” is unthinkable because it makes misogynistic men uncomfortable. It gets females labeled as savage, hoish, slutty, etc… females are guilted back into place and the original game goes on with you looking to be chosen by some man because that’s what you’ve been brainwashing to believe love and happiness means—pick me.

Your Version of Love is a Fantasy

Pick Me types are not only lazy, they’re extremely sheepish because they allow society to condition them to always be on a man’s time as opposed to making their own rules in terms of dating and relationships. Allow me to break down how fantasy thinking and cultural brainwashing leads to getting fucked over in the long run. Women live in a world where no matter how much money they earn, how pretty they look, or how intelligent they test, if they can’t find a man to love and marry them by a certain age, they are seen as a LOSER. Take rival females, no matter what you have over them, the moment you say you’re single or have a baby by someone you’re no longer with, they literally laugh behind your back. Take today’s men, no matter how much you submit, compromise, and fuck him to sleep nightly, if he doesn’t see you as the type of woman he could marry, he won’t just reject you, he’ll waste your time. Why give up the milk because you don’t like the cow, is how many men justify their inability to let you go even after they realize they don’t want you. That’s mean… but that’s life! By the time he’s finished wasting your time and you realize that he never intended to be anything serious with you, it’s a year or two later… add another year wasted on the bench because you’re still too hurt and bitter to date again, and there you have it– the best years of your life wasted in pursuit of false love that you could have easily avoided if you awakened your inner Spartan.

disney-propagandaWhy is love confusing? Because most men don’t traffic in the truth! Guys are dead set on keeping every option open as they go about sampling new pussy and seeing what personality is best for their kingdom. We men are unapologetically selfish, and guess what? It fucking works for those smart enough to play the game on that level. Why do you naively believe men who tell you what you want to hear without proof? Because you’re following the guide of fantasy romance. You’re looking for signs that everyone says to look out for, and by the time you realize that you’ve been hoodwinked, you’re aging. A 24-year-old woman who wastes her time stuck on a Dicktician, will wake up at age 27 realizing that she has only three years left before she’s considered old. Thinking she now knows the right way to date, Ms. Smart Dater only deals with guys who claim to want what she wants. She gets serious with one of them, only to realize that he too was just wasting her time. Vetting, observing, asking the hard questions, testing intentions, women aren’t taught to do these things, remember they grow up watching movies where love overcomes all and men only lie to protect you. These dudes aren’t Akeem from Coming to America, they aren’t telling lies for the greater good, they’re just trying to protect their self-interest! You know this, but you don’t act like it! You turn the blind eye and let precious time tick away. Next thing you know that 24-year-old is now 30, and while her career is on point and finances are good, her love life is still a mess! All because she never learned that men just don’t operate like in the bullshit blueprints you’re feed growing up.

Your Lust for Love is Transparent

brown-sugarEvery single one of you can go out and get into a relationship, but how many of you know how to get into a healthy one? Even those of you that have read this site, can you actually go out into the field and determine “Husband from Dick” in three dates or less? You know better but you don’t choose better because your programming is still set on fairy tale logic and “pray and wait for your Boaz” ideology! Happily Ever After never comes for you and it makes you feel like less of a woman because your entire existence is based on a man seeing you as a princess and whisking you away. Here you are, and the only man that calls you princess is your Pops, and the only man that whisks you away is some lame that wants to fly you in for hotel sex. Men aren’t dumb, they know women want that Carrie Bradshaw “it wasn’t me it was him needing to grow” validation, Blair from Gossip Girl taming of the bad boy empowerment, Monica from Love & Basketball closure where it all works out. Men play dumb and pretend as if they don’t know what your ultimate goal is because they realize typical women do wait around to be picked.That’s cruel to waste our times, you men are fucking pathetic,” That’s right, get mad, get angry, and Spartan the fuck up because men aren’t going to change in your lifetime. This is a game where guys can be selfish, they can be half-sure, they can change their mind after years of proclaiming you as special only to decide that you were always a placeholder… so what are you going to do about it? Just keep hoping for one that doesn’t think like that? Or are you going to understand the battle you’re in, reshape the way you look at love and start winning.?

Find Your BoazMost of you have never been loved and will probably never be loved by a man that isn’t your father or child. You’ll be loved for what you do for some man, but he won’t actually be in love with you. Half of you reading this will most likely end up settling for a guy that wants to use you because you have your own place, good credit, and take care of him like a domestic kitchen bitch. I don’t say that to depress you, I just want to be real. Those of you that settle for men that just want to use you, will be using him back. You provide him comfort, he provides you some form of love and consistency. Your relationship will become just an understanding at that point, where you only pretend there’s passion. As you inch closer to 30… then closer to 40… this Disney Princess idea of fairy tale love will fade. You will become practical and jaded, and that’s how you become that Auntie that’s married to the guy with diabetes and a drinking problem who’s always ogling the young girls at the cookout. Every woman that you see with a Settle Dick husband or a Settle Dick baby daddy, all started off as littler girls that believed in that fairy tale love. They all thought like you thought, that their prince charming would appear and he would be super tall, super rich, and only have eyes for her… but he never came knocking like the movies said, so they took the mediocre guy that did come hollering. That’s how many of your stories will end, looking on the bright side after you settle, while trying to convince others that you found your soul mate. People live lies every day, b. Most of you come from homes where you have strong female role models that are powerful in all areas, but weak as fuck when it comes to men. They use words like “Be lucky you found someone nice, you don’t need all the shallow stuff,” or “Work it out, I’m sure things will change if you just stand by him.” Generation after generation, women are told to be grateful, to wait for a man, to put up with damn near anything, and to thank god when they get picked because other women are still single. Think about that shit. The concept of love that most women are trying to understand and achieve, does not exist! It’s a device to keep you right where you are—subservient.

Mislabeling Love:

smoke-and-chillThe average woman obsesses over love. Over-analyzing every aspect of a new relationship or an old one and looking for advice from friends, family, books, movie examples, you name it; all because they want to hear someone affirm one thing—Yes he loves you. I’m a realist. I don’t mind telling any of you that the guy you’re dating is bogus if the evidence adds up. I’ve seen damn near every trick a man has pulled on a woman and without even knowing that guy I can see his game. At the same time, I see the extreme opposite of a naïve woman, which is the trust issue having paranoia Queen who lives life on edge because she doesn’t trust herself not to be played. Tank girls, fake savages, passive aggressive princesses of petty, and the fake unbothered, they all think the world’s out to hurt them so they look for an easy out the moment they feel a man getting too close. There are thousands upon thousands of guys who aren’t trying to play you, I focus on protecting women from game, but that doesn’t mean you should take that to mean all men are Dickticians. You can be cautious without being fearful, but some of you get so wrapped up in the “what if he plays me” stuff that you miss out on men who are trying to show you genuine love.

When you don’t know what love is, you assume all men are gaming you the moment he does something you don’t agree with. Relationships aren’t neat, they’re a tango where you learn and adapt until you get to that stage where you can coexist in harmony. Again, you all are raised on “Fall in love in 90 minutes” movies so you don’t understand that you have to give and take—not like a bottom bitch, but like a smart woman who knows the real from the fake. Nevertheless, because this give and take style of compromise and learning isn’t the type of love you were raised to see as true love, you sabotage the relationship before it even has a chance. He doesn’t do this, and he doesn’t do that, therefore he’s not loving me the right way. There are men out here that are trying to love you the best way they know how, are willing to compromise, and try to understand where they go wrong, but all you can see is what he’s not doing compared to some outside example that is most likely a fabrication of real life situations.

treating-bae-rightYou mislabel basic shit as love then turn right back around and label hiccups in relationships as proof of non-love. For example, a girl once told me that a guy loved her because he said he loved her… yeah, I don’t even need to break that one down. A girl once told me she fell for a guy because when he took her out he wiped her chair off at the restaurant, and no guy has ever done that before… I see your eye roll, but this is the world we live in. Ordering anything you want at Red Lobster, calling you before work to wish you a nice day, not changing up after sex, there are women who truly see that as real shit that proves that they are Game Changers. “But I need some sort of compass to know if he’s into me or just trying to get into me, or else I’ll get played.” The problem with these simplistic “does he unlock the car door for you,” crap is that men are two steps ahead of what women are expecting to see, and use that to their advantage to mindfuck you! Read any Pick Up Artist book written to show men how to get women, and you will understand that there is an entire society built around doing nice things to earn you. They cry about Ho Tactics, but what the guys are doing to rob you of your pussy is way worse than what Maria does to get a Celine bag. Some guys just want to dip their dicks in you, but trust, there are many great men that see your potential. Being overly fearful of heartbreak and way too strict on what’s love versus what’s game causes a lot of you to blow great relationships. Let’s go down the line of some of the common mislabeling things that fearful women believe.

If it’s real love, you’ll always come first: Your boyfriend would rather go out with friends or do a favor for someone else than spend an evening with you. In your head you feel slighted, so you look back to those Basic Bitch examples and think, “He’s not down for me because I heard that love always comes first.” That’s insane. I’ve heard stories that range from guys helping their cousin move to dudes just wanting to go watch a game with some buddies, and women react dramatically and play the, “You don’t love me,” card. Making time when you’re first dating is a high priority because of what? He’s trying to close the deal. No, he shouldn’t take you for granted or get so comfortable after the fact, but everyone needs their space. Clearly, in your brainwashed head, being together means being together 18 hours out of the day or close to it. It’s not that he doesn’t love you, it’s that you need to get a fucking life outside of the role of someone’s girlfriend. That’s the problem, though, your idea of love is to be up a man’s ass, to talk about that man, to wonder where he is at all times of day, and then go ballistic if doubt creeps in. This is the type of love that men push away from, and while you came off as a potential Game Changer at first, your actions have proven you to be just another Typical girl.

crazy-is-as-crazy-doesIf it’s real love, you can’t help but act crazy: Most of you live online and have too much time to think about your relationship. What happens is that you hear all of these stories of girls getting played and you panic. You are falling for this guy and you need to make sure that he doesn’t lose interest, that he doesn’t get exposed to a prettier girl that he will then want more than you, that you aren’t too mean, too annoying, or any other negative that shoots through your mind in the ten minutes it takes for him to respond to your text. Love, or what you think is love, between the two of you is seen a delicate thing, so you’re trying to control every aspect so he doesn’t take his love away and send you back to team single where you have to once again pretend like you don’t even want a boyfriend. Love doesn’t come and go like a headache, if a man falls out of love within a matter of months then it was never love. Yet here you are up late at night looking up every girl that follows him on social media to be sure she’s not fucking him too. Harley Quinn has nothing on a lot of you women with too much time to overthink. The outcome of overthinking and letting your imagination run wild is that you become psychotic. You drive by his house to see if he is where he says he is, but that’s love tho. You hack into his phone to see who he texts, but that’s love tho. You tell him to post you online or you’re breaking up, but that’s love tho. Sometimes you even make up a reason to be mad to see if he will respond like a caring boyfriend, but that’s love tho. Nah, that’s immaturity.

Dick made you crazyIt’s not cute to be crazy over dick. It doesn’t make men feel warm inside to see that you would risk going to prison to make sure he doesn’t stray. And it sure as hell doesn’t mean you’re in love because you’re crazy over dick. Stop listening to dumb ass superstitious head ass women that co-sign that behavior as if this is natural. Acting out in this way means that you don’t know how to balance the chemicals in your fucking brain nor comprehend the cause and effect of being afraid of heartbreak. Understand what you are, you’re a biological machine made out of energy that can be manipulated depending on how you feel when exposed to various things. Not to get all scientific, but a lot of you go around calling every dumb as thing “chemistry” or “proof of my soul mate” without having a clue how your mind even works. Lust causes temporary insanity because it lights your ass up like a Christmas Tree. It’s not love, it’s lust, because the same “crazy” you feel over a crush or a guy you just started dating a month earlier isn’t due to any deep bond, it’s just what lust does—it makes you higher than coke, you mislabel it as love, and because you don’t want that high to leave, you lose yourself in trying to make that person stay.  To understand that kind of internal insanity will help you to recognize why you act a certain way and show you ways to control it. Yet, when you blindly just go with the raw feeling without thinking of these things, of course you get caught up in that Arkham Asylum shit.

-If it’s real love, it’ll come back to you after breaking up: Spoiler alert, sometimes men just come back. That’s it. Go ahead and show me the screen grabs, the voicemails of him crying, the public recognition to get you back, that doesn’t mean a thing. Most of the relationships I hear about where it’s on and off, forgiveness is often given based on superstition not effort. Many of you are very superstitious, you see signs in everything, date based off horoscopes, change your schedule when Mercury is in whateverthefuckarade, and when a man you don’t want to let go of comes crawling back  you take him back because you feel it’s cosmic confirmation that it’s meant to be. If this were the Bronze Age you would be the woman who gets on her knees when it thunderstorms because you think the gods must be angry at you. Wake the hell up, and stop buying into false signs because you want to make something fit into your love logic. Real love has nothing to do with how many times a man tells you he’s sorry for hurting you, it’s based on him trying his hardest not to hurt you in the first place.

Marriage Isn’t Love:

love versus marriageThe best worst advice I’ve ever heard was an older woman telling a young girl that the ring means everything. Let’s say you lived this life where you were a hopeless romantic, you were hurt a few times, but now you’re with a guy you love, you want the ultimate proof that you aren’t wasting your time. Marry Me or Leave Me. The biggest problem in a long-running relationship or one that’s gotten as serious as it can get, is when will the man propose. If he doesn’t propose he doesn’t love you and you’re wasting your time, so women routinely look for indirect ways to get a man to pop the question because the wait is killing her. Should you give him an ultimatum? You have until Valentine’s day then I’m moving on, I can’t keep doing this. Should you ask his mother? Do you think your son will marry me, can you talk to him? If you know a person loves you and feel that love, then why would you force it with games and threats? The truth is that you don’t know if he loves you, you’re hoping that he does, and like so many other women you believe that the ring is the answer to your question. I always respond to these problems by asking, “Did you two discuss marriage in depth and what was said?” Most can’t answer that question. He said he sees me as the one, but… he said eventually, but… He said we both need to work on ourselves, but… Earth to fucking Basica, come down from planet dumb ass! You should know when a man is lying, stalling, or unsure if you’re the one because if you’ve been with him long enough to consider marrying him that should mean you fucking know how to read him at this point! Who the hell goes around wanting to marry a person they barely understand… that’s right thirsty ass chicks.

Is it the marriage you want or the proof of love that it represents? Is this a man you truly love or a man who you just want to love you back and crown you with a ring and his last name so you can post pictures on Facebook? No woman should sit and wait for a man to pop the question, it should be something that’s discussed beforehand even if it comes months later as a surprised. The problem is, being direct is scary for women who are in a relationship because if he says, “I’m not ready for that,” then why the fuck did you just waste all that time? I agree, why the fuck did you waste all that time, you should Risk the Dick* like I wrote about in the book and got the answers early in the relationship. We all know women that have been engaged before, guys buy cracker jack cluster rings like they buy Xbox games, just to shut bitches up. A ring doesn’t mean shit if your entire relationship is a confusing mess of “let’s see where it goes”. Once again, you’re living like every other Typical, waiting for a man to tell you what he wants, when it should be an equal partnership that comes with a real discussion. Marrying you doesn’t mean he loves you, loving you means he loves you, but the two are so entangled that people rush to marriage before they even learn how to love one another.

When-will-he-proposeFor every woman stuck in a relationship and waiting for a ring, there are women who are so burnt out that claim not to want marriage at all. “I don’t even want to get married, it seems like no one stays together, so what’s the point?” This is the new age pessimistic take on marriage. It’s not that the institute of marriage doesn’t agree with them, it’s that they’re afraid they will end up marrying the wrong person and have to spend the rest of their lives telling people, “I got divorced because…We brainwash little girls to crave marriage, then pull the rug out years later by showing them the realities of divorce. When a woman tells me that she doesn’t want to get married anymore it’s not because she’s no longer into wedding colors and lavish celebrations, it’s because she is traumatized by something she saw or lived through. Daddy fucked around on Mom, Ex-Fiancé got cold feet, favorite celebrity couple broke up, and the list goes on. Remember when Lemonade dropped, all the bitter Basicas were like, “If Beyonce can get cheated on, then I may as well stay single,” it’s hyperbole used to reinforce the idea that everyone should quit at love because you want to quit. Misery loves company and bitter bitches love jumping on Love Sucks bandwagons. The irony is that all the girls that co-sign that “fuck marriage” stuff, eventually get married despite their fake-pessimism, because let’s be honest, few women mean it. Let’s go back to my friend who couldn’t wait to call me and talk shit about Angelina Jolie, she has these typical bitch flaws. Every time someone gets divorced it justifies her own failure or lack of results. Every time someone gets married she sinks into depression because it reminds her that love isn’t as dead as she wants to believe. Secretly, it isn’t the institution of marriage that women like her are mad at, it’s the fact that they can’t find someone to love them the way Disney movies promised.

Love Actually

drake-rihThe love you have to give could make any man feel blessed and thankful to have someone like you by his side, and if he doesn’t recognize that, then the next man will… but the next man and the one after that haven’t recognized either, have they? No one cares about what you have to give because 9 out of 10 women give love to get love back and guys see through that hustle. Men try to nice their way into pussy, women try to love their way into a long term relationship. Women who over-commit, over-submit, and thirst for love to be returned, grow on trees. Dudes would rather chase a scammer broad with loose morals and a high body count than reciprocate your “good girl” affection because the world does not work the way you were led to believe. The love story you were taught was that if you treat him right, he will reward you with his heart. The love story you should have been taught, is that love starts inside and projects outward. You don’t need a ring on your finger to prove that you’re special. You don’t need a guy to say the L Word to make you secure in your relationship. You shouldn’t need to overcompensate to make someone stay or fight over a man to keep him from straying. I would rather you be an Angelina Jolie type that has enough self love to let go of the best man she’s ever experienced, than to be that old woman sleeping next to an ain’t shit man who she wants to secretly murder. No matter if you’re single, in a new relationship, or one that’s stalling out, the clarity that comes from loving yourself provides the compass that so many of you lack in determining who to invest your energy into. Does he like you or love you? Does he love you or is he in love? When you love yourself you don’t have to ask people how it feels to be loved, the answer is self-fucking-evident! You want a man to look at you like Drake looks at Rihanna because you haven’t mastered the art of looking at yourself like Rihanna looks at Rihanna. Love yourself so much that no man, no woman, no struggle, nor setback will stop you from realizing one thing—fairy tales only exist for women who are progressive enough to put on their own glass slippers.

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