Imagine a world where women were so no nonsense and up on game that men had to up their respect level and change their behavior because those old tricks no longer worked. Imagine a reality where a woman didn’t waste her time with a man that had her in a Placeholder position because she was confident enough to let go of him and find better. Imagine if every woman truly had zero fucks to give, heart strings that couldn’t be pulled, and minds that couldn’t be manipulated by guilt… unless you’re a misogynist you would have to admit that it’d be a better planet. The empowerment of women is the only way this world improves. I’m not talking about freeing the nipple or becoming president, I’m talking about the simple mental progression of no longer being played for fools and treated like second rate citizens all in the name of one day getting married. I imagine that kind of world every day, then I look online or have a conversation and it’s the same old shit. There are girls who talk about “stay woke” when it comes to politics, but have men in their phones right now playing them. There are girls that shit on men all day long via their online persona but in real life are submitting to the same type of bums they clown on the timeline. How can you wield any power when you go dumb for dick and forget your standards or submit just because you have a crush on someone? All those book smarts and analytical skills and you’re still stuck on, “How can I make him like me?” Men don’t change their ways because they know the female empowerment goes out the window the moment they make a joke and you start giggling like a 16-year-old school girl. I’ve often asked myself why women revert to little girls, give their power to men, then turn around and scream about how men don’t play fair. Is it in the DNA, is it the brainwashing of certain family members or religions, or is it the men that skillfully break chicks down with slick talk? I looked back through some of my old emails and I came up with a clear answer—it’s the parents.

Months back, I was having breakfast when my wife came in and said, “Did you see it?” I shrugged, “See what?” She looked at me like I was crazy and hissed, “In the bathroom!” I shot a confused look back at her. She exited the room and came back with the surprise she left in the bathroom for me—a Pregnancy Test… I didn’t even have to read it to know that fatherhood had finally arrived for me. Having children wasn’t something I gave much thought to. Several of my friends fell into the baby daddy or baby mama life super early in life, and as much as I love raw sex, I was always careful to avoid that. I mean, if you grew up around friends that were quick to say, “Fuck that bitch, if it wasn’t for the baby I’d been had her beat up,” or “That broke dude is lucky I don’t spit in his face and his ugly ass mother’s face too,” you’d be very careful about who you chose to reproduce with too. No way I was going to have a baby with someone I barely liked because no kid deserves to be raised in that environment. Even after I got married, we both were of the mindset of let’s travel and have fun, not just settle into being parents who regret not having “me” time first. Even though this baby has perfect timing, we still had to think about what this meant… besides canceling our Bahamas trip and making sure Beyoncé wasn’t going to be delivering at the same hospital as us. I began to play the “what if” game in terms of if it’s a boy, and all the things that comes with being a man as opposed to one of these soft ass cry baby pay the victim fuck boys that seem to be in style these days. Next I thought about if it was a girl—but before I got too far with that idea, I remembered all the women that had written me over the years, those I met in person, even the ones I’d dealt with romantically…or just sexually, and they all swirled together in my mind for a few hours. The most important thing I’ve ever learned from dating girls, being friends with girls, and writing this website was that a girl’s father is the most consistent factor in terms of shaping what kind of person she will become for better or worse. Mothers are more crucial of course, but in terms of future relationships with the opposite sex, the kind of father a girl grows up with or without, directly effects the men she chooses later in life.

I have a phone book full of stories about fathers that weren’t there, fathers that were there but didn’t show affection, alcoholic fathers, fathers that made false promises, fathers that picked one child over the other, or even another family over the one he had at home. “What daddy did,” had caused various levels of trauma that they didn’t even know was there until I asked them to talk about it. So, when the doctor told my wife and I that we were going to have a baby girl, I knew I only had one job going forward—love this little piece of me like I’ve never loved anything else and teach her how to love herself even more. I texted my homegirl the news and she hit me with, “Your daughter’s going to be a Spartan soon as she pops out,” but that’s not necessarily the case. Anyone that’s studied the Nature Vs. Nurture debate knows that DNA alone can’t keep a person from falling into the basica mindset. Teachers, classmates, their first best friend, their first boyfriend, the way looks develop during that awkward stage, not to mention this new world of filters, fake assess, and the pressure to look like an Anime character. There are so many lessons a parent can teach that can be undone if a girl doesn’t develop confidence in herself from a very young age and sense enough to avoid the trappings of the monkey see, monkey do, society around her. I get thank you letters from women that tell me how much they appreciate what I’m trying to do for female empowerment because many didn’t grow up with male role models, and now that I’m having one of my own, that mission becomes even more important. My goal is to create Spartan Queens not Hannah Bakers, those women that embrace their greatness without a need for outside validation, withstand the trails of life, and turn even the most negative thoughts into positive reactions. Today I want to take this back to the basics with lessons I would want my unborn daughter to learn if I wasn’t around to teach her these things in person.

Men Over Boys

Although we’re not having a boy, I feel that I need to start with the guys in general because it takes two, and too many men either shrug off their responsibility or half-ass it. I had an associate vent to me one night after being threatened with child support over his lack of visits and financial contributions. In his mind the girl was in the wrong for keeping a baby by a man that didn’t want her. His points were that she knew he didn’t want anything serious as all they did for a year was smoke weed and fuck. She was a typical come over and chill type not wifey. I asked him if he ever told her that. His response was, “She’s not retarded, if I’m only hitting you up when I want to smash, then what does that say about how I see you?” Many men feel this way, they don’t see a need to spell it out to women because the actions are obvious. If a man isn’t your boyfriend, isn’t consistent, and isn’t trying to work towards more than kicking it when he’s bored, then he sees you as just pussy. Here’s where my friend was full of shit. I know for a fact that when his situationship girl tried to cut him off and date other guys, he took her out on a real date finally. I know when she had some other girl try to go at her on Facebook over him, he stood up and said that he loved her, not this other chick. Despite his anger at the fact that he got a girl pregnant that he didn’t want, his actions to her were clear: They spent most of their free time together. He didn’t want her to date other men. He used the “L” word first. I know that he was just trying to keep his puppet on the string so he could keep hitting it while he searched for something better, but how was she to know that it was all a big lie when every time she tried to leave he begged her to stay? Men need to understand the mindset of women as much as women need to understand the mindset of men.

Most women buy into bullshit treatment and hollow words, but as men we need to ask ourselves “why” instead of taking advantage. If a girl keeps running back after bad treatment, if she’s acting crazy, busting windows, stalking you, and all you do is curse her out then fuck her, you’re not helping her, you’re adding to her mental issues. Common sense tells you that a person that can’t let go or doesn’t act stable in the name of love, has an unhealthy idea of what love is. Dick doesn’t make girls crazy, not knowing how to handle rejection makes them crazy because most of them have been rejected by their fathers, friends, or exes to the point where they will sell their souls just for someone to stay. Pussy is everywhere, but you don’t want sex or a partnership, you want a head case that will be so in love that she turns into your slave. Being in control gets your dick harder than a vagina does, and maybe that’s because the other parts of your life are out of your control and you need someone to rule over. Smart women see through narcissists but broken women are so blind they think these users actually want them for them. Here you are scrolling IG looking for something better and there she is at home waiting for you to text her because she thinks you’re her future but really you’re just her for now. Accidents happen, and when you’re deep inside what you consider throwaway pussy, it only takes one sperm to turn a joke relationship into parenthood. Now you have to fake a relationship for the kid or be real with her about not wanting anything to do with her romantically and deal with child support. Forced marriages always fall apart and women scorned will always make you pay. Next thing you know your money problems grow because of her, future romantic relationships turn rocky because of her, but it’s your fault for fucking a woman you didn’t want in the first place and thinking she was just going to fade to black with your baby. Be smarter, bro! Children brought into those situations don’t know the backstory. They don’t know their daddy wanted something more than their mommy or that their mommy had her own issues that led her to fuck that kind of man in the first place. All those kids know is that they don’t have the family life like they see on TV, and the cycle continues. Fellas, you need to do better because you don’t want your legacy being a girl or boy that hates their family structure and grows to hate you and themselves for not being made with love.

Be a Realist not a Romantic

Let’s turn to the women and one of the first mistakes they make, the Cinderella Effect. You want to meet one man. Love that one man. Make love to that one man. Marry that one man. Have children of your own and live happily ever after—with that one man. That’s not going to happen. Fuck all the examples of people that met in middle school and ended up married because no one should live life banking on an exception to a rule. At every life stage women return to this concept of “one man” because they fear their time being wasted. When you’re a teenager, the butterflies, the hormones, the euphoria every time you hear his voice will hijack your brain and say, “He’s it, I want him forever,” in reality, you don’t know this boy, he doesn’t even know himself during this time. It’s puppy love. You’ll date for a few months maybe until college, but you will eventually break up either dramatically or amicably and you will have to move the fuck on and learn your first love lesson. 99% of relationships are false alarms. They feel real while you’re in it, even for awhile after you break up, but experience shows that each man that comes in your life is merely preparing you for the last man that will come into your life.

If you don’t learn that lesson the pattern will most likely repeat. Age 24 I just want a little baby that’s going to act right, I’m not trying to date all these guys and get a reputation. Age 29 I’m too old to be dating around, I just want to date one solid guy that’s thinking about marriage. Age 32 I don’t have time to date just to date, I need one mature man that wants marriage. Age 35 The next man I date I have to marry. THINK ABOUT THAT BULLSHIT! You’re chasing one man instead of making them compete because your naive ass thinks you’re Ariel the little thot mermaid and these men will save you from the sea. Here’s why you need to think like a Spartan not a weak ass little brat. Every person you date won’t be marriage material or even boyfriend material, they’re simply practice. This idea scares lesser women because they’re all in a race to get some man’s last name as if that’s all they have to look forward to in life. You must never be that desperate for a title that you ignorantly hunt for a husband and lower your standards for a ring. Love isn’t a race, but these chickens stay with their running shoes on because they’ve been brainwashed by society that they aren’t shit until someone says, “I Do”. Piss on that!

Your first love won’t be your last love, and that’s a great thing because you need to discover through trial and error what makes you happy not how to compromise enough to make a man happy. Experience different personalities, get out of your city, don’t settle on a certain type too fast, and graduate to the level where you’re not compromising who you are to keep that “one man” chained to you. By challenging every man that comes sniffing around to show you something you haven’t been shown before, you raise the bar, set a value that lesser men never reach, and protect your heart from being exploited by short term hustlers. Men thrive on women that want them more. The term “thirsty” will probably be outdated by the time my daughter reads this, but there will undoubtedly still be thirsty ass women willing to put up with being undervalued. Women fuck and suck the first week, ignore red flags, and try to fit themselves into what a man says he wants because they don’t believe they can find love effortlessly. Male love isn’t something you ever chase, it’s something they will offer early and often if you carry yourself like the Queen you are. If they don’t recognize real, then they aren’t real. You can’t force compatibility no matter how much chemistry there is between the two of you. If you’re projecting self-respect and dignity and he’s still trying to play games, Block+Delete his bitch ass, and allow him to go mature until he’s the right man or wrong man for some other woman. It’s not your job to fix a man, to wait for him to act right, or to convince him that you’re special. He either comes to you with his shit together or he gets cut from the team.

Lead Never Follow

True friendship is priceless, but it’s also rare. Understand that most women you meet will be fear based. Products of dysfunctional families, weak beliefs, superstitions, or undiagnosed mental issues. Most won’t understand their own thoughts or admit to the pain they’re holding in, but they’ll try to bring you into their web because misery loves company. Attention breeds jealousy, and when dealing with other girls you have to look out for the ones that covet attention because they are the most fraudulent of them all. Everything is a competition and life itself is a rivalry in the mind of an insecure female. These little primates want to wear designer things they can’t afford and take bargain basement vacations in an attempt to flex because they want people to see them as better than what they are. They will dress in a way meant to evoke male attention because they need a gimmick that makes them stand out in a room of more desirable women. They’ll spend more time talking about other people than doing shit with their own life because gossip acts like a flame to these moths. Insecure women love to hear about other people’s problems and spill tea because it makes them feel better about their own stagnant lives. Observe any girl before you give her the label of friend. Most of these birds aren’t worthy to know your goals let alone your secrets. Make moves in silent, and only let those that earned your trust and loyalty into your circle. These pissy little girls that are looking for attention by any means necessary will stab you in the back the moment you turn around, so utilize patience and distance. Develop thick skin and don’t put anything past anyone! A girl will talk behind your back wearing the same outfit you lent her. Those women that are truly down for you will show it daily, not just when they need a favor. Be nice to those that are nice to you, but never feel guilty about labeling these worker bees for what they are the moment they expose themselves. You don’t owe kindness to anyone, that sexist “sugar and spice” shit doesn’t exist in Sparta. The same way you don’t chase after boys, you must never allow yourself to need any female’s friendship to the point where you allow her to use or manipulate you in the name of “sisterhood”.

Too many women live life as if they’re afraid to be put in the burn book, but you have to be strong enough to wipe your ass with the opinions of others. Wear what you want, like the music you truly enjoy, and don’t feel a need to be trendy or hip. These sheep are so stupid that they don’t even realize that their taste in things have been shaped by corporations and ad execs in the first place that want to sell them everything from overpriced flip flops to flat tummy teas. If you like weird shit, embrace it. If you don’t talk like these peasants, embrace it. If you like hobbies or sports they consider corny, embrace it! Your different is a positive. The worst thing you can be in this world is ordinary. The world is filled with zombies trying to keep up with what some other idiot defines as cool. Be an individual and move to the beat of your own drum. One unique woman that isn’t afraid to be different is worth a million basic bitches looking for attention and acceptance. In terms of love, don’t take advice from any man or woman that doesn’t have their own success story to tell you. You can’t learn shit about becoming rich from a guy that works at Footlocker and you can’t learn anything about love from someone that’s single with a history of bad choices.

There will be women you associate with that will try to preach to you their own brand of tainted advice because they’re bitter and broken. Know where this mindset comes from. No one is born a hater, they develop that disposition through negative life experiences. Mistakes are part of life, you fuck up to move forward smarter and wiser. You get played, so you can learn to be three steps ahead in the future. Trauma happens, you learn to heal, not hold it in. These are simple lessons, but some people are so sensitive that they can’t let go of that hurt and see the silver lining. Become better, not bitter! It’s unattractive and self-defeating to carry around this sour-patch disposition because something didn’t work out the way you planned. Behind every woman I’ve meet that chastises men with blanket statements is a hurt little girl that didn’t receive the love she was looking for, so she points the finger at the obvious answer—all men are trash. Some men will deserve that label, but be cautious of any so-called friend that wants to put all males into one box. You can always tell how damaged a person is by the way they talk about the opposite sex.

A strong woman is one that lifts other women up, not puts them down. However, when it comes to the subject of men there will be females that look to divide and conquer. If you’re not in the same boat as them in terms of the typical struggle they will look to drag you on board. There will be co-workers, classmates, maybe even a bff that tries to make her love life the rule, not the exception. She can’t get proper dates so she will preach that men these days don’t date, of course that’s a lie, go out to any restaurant on a given night and you’ll see couples. They will try to tell you that men only want sex, another lie because wedding venues are still making record profits. Just because someone is a friend doesn’t mean they aren’t above toxic behavior or bias philosophy. Sometimes you can help them evolve, other times they’ll be lost causes that will tell you sob stories for the rest of their lives. Not all birds flock together, so despite what any girl preaches to you in the name of friendship, always judge for yourself and remain an independent thinker.

Self Respect Is Everything

Men will routinely treat one group of women with respect and another group as if they’re expendable. Why? Because as men we’ve known enough women by the time we’re grown to spot insecurity. It only takes a few minutes to hear the defensive way some women talk and spot that she has daddy issues. It only takes one date to know that a girl is thirsty for love, and is willing to give up whatever to get a next date. Respect isn’t given, it’s earned, so when you allow yourself to be talked down to, to be called out your name, to be mindfucked with reverse psychology, or to be devalued, the game is over. Too many of today’s women act like men are the prize, and that’s why they constantly get played. A girl who isn’t afraid to turn down a house date will always get more than the chick who settles for fear of scaring a boy off with demands. A woman that’s happy being single, not just saying it, has a different energy than the ones that have no options and jump at lame “when can I see you” texts.  The difference between Wifey and being Pussy is self-love. A girl once complained that females who respond to dick pics, smash on the first date, get fingered in Applebee’s booths, or send nudes the first week, fuck it up for the classy women because men will expect that behavior from them too. No they won’t. A mature man knows the difference between a low-class, love-sick girl that is trying to use sex as bait for a relationship and a woman that should be treated with as much respect as their mothers. Guys may test you to see if you are like the rest, but if you don’t take the bait and stay your path, you prove that you’re cut from a different cloth.

I don’t care what other women are doing, or how popular they are, never feel a need to compete with hoes! Those girls that constantly post pictures using the same “oh look it’s my ass poked out to the side” pose are looking for a certain type of attention. Girls that tweet how they just got out of the shower and wish their phone wasn’t dry, are looking for a certain type of attention. The love they’re chasing isn’t positive, they’re simply trying to trap a dick the only way they understand how– by cheapening their brand. They don’t understand the concept of being loved for personality only for what they can provide. There are women that spoil with sex, time, even dig into their purse to buy guys things, as if going above and beyond for a man will make that man see her as valuable. Of course, it doesn’t work out and they’re left confused and looking for the next ultimatum or trick to make a guy want them. In a world full of low-rent women, dare to be luxury! Set your standards in cement, be demanding, and challenge men to meet you on your level. That won’t save you from a few bad eggs, but it will save you from going through a revolving door of fuck boys the way these hurt and damaged women do on the regular.

Don’t Fear Men, Expose Them

“Never trust a man cus they all hungry…” – Kat Dahlia

A man can give you the most mind-blowing, nasty, toe curling sex and not even like you. A man can spend thousands of dollars courting you and just be in it for the chase, not your heart. Inside every decent man is still a man that thinks with his dick, and that’s what frustrates so many women that love men and hate them at the same time. They don’t understand how they always end up with a man that doesn’t act right for her but as soon as they break up, he acts right for the next woman. Potentially falling in love with someone who doesn’t feel the way they pretend to feel is scary as fuck and the thought of having to go through possible pain and wasted time is depressing. There isn’t a high school class on what to do after someone plays you for sex or how to start back over dating after you wasted four years with someone you thought was the one. Life must be experienced, not taught, but what will separate your mind from those girls that refuse to date, that burry themselves in school or work to avoid those feelings, or hold on to their virginity for way too long thinking that a white knight will trot in with all the answers, is that you will embrace the challenge of seeing through the male agenda. I constantly hear, “I don’t have time to deal with dating, I just want someone real,” and I think, “how the fuck are you going to know he’s real if you don’t investigate via dating?” Weak women make excuses because they don’t have the heart or confidence to test these men and separate the trash ones they know from the quality ones they need to know. You can’t shy away from vetting, learning to read men is the best trade a woman can ever learn, but it does take practice! Show me a girl that complains about dating and I’ll show you one that doesn’t understand boys in the first place. Mothers and Fathers, more often than not, don’t teach their daughters how to navigate the mind of guys and what to look out for because they don’t want them to grow up too fast. But by not putting girls on game at a very young age they allow them to stay naïve and ignorant. You can’t tell a girl to not have sex and then send her on her way as if that’s the answer to never being hurt, abstaining from sex won’t protect her from the battle to come! It’s not about dicks in vaginas, it’s about the words in her ears that mindfuck even the most protected females.

Men will tell you they love you, compliment you over the next girl, do favors for you, buy you gifts, romance you, then jump to another girl just because they got restless or distance themselves from you without explanation. Parents should prep children on this, teach them to scrutinize, but they don’t, so the same girl that got played in high school becomes the same girl that gets played in college, who turns into that same girl currently on some dating app still broken, but none the wiser, because she thinks it’s her, when it’s really about her refusal to learn about real life! Why do so many women relate to being hurt in the same way? Because they all fall for the same tricks due to their ignorance about men. Every male has an agenda. He either wants to be with you, fuck you, or exploit you. A man sees a woman, he’s not thinking, “Golly, she’s really cool I want to be her friend,” he’s looking at her face, then body, then observing the way she talks while a miniature Wheel of Fortune spins in his mind—waiting to land on one of those three. Never be naïve to the wants of men, understand them, and use their own minds to your advantage. Sex does not equate to love. A title can be just bait to keep you around. A good man will still reject you. A former fuck boy can reform and treat you better than any woman he’s ever known. All relationships require a leap of faith and require trail and era; there is no master key man, you will have to go through the process, like it or not! A basica will cry about needing a Russell Wilson, as if Russell Wilson doesn’t have a gang of exes just like Future, it’s not about the man, it’s about where he is in life and his ability to recognize the difference between the women that didn’t work before and the Game Changer that is now standing before him. You can’t reach that level by being shy and afraid, you have to open up to open him up, and that’s where the vast majority of women duck and cover because they lack the confidence to expose real from fake.

A man that only wants to fuck you will only do so much before he loses interest—test that. A man that wants to exploit you will be too good to be true at first but not under scrutiny—test that. Fuck boys don’t have the energy to keep up proper treatment for longer than a few weeks or months, especially if you aren’t rewarding them with sex and asking all the right questions when you’re on dates. Male bullshit crumbles under pressure, but that’s the thing, most women don’t apply any pressure, they’re just trying to get along, get chose, and live happily ever after. Again, your goal isn’t to be one and done, you must embrace the journey of dating to protect your heart from settling. The average girl doesn’t want to date multiple men, they want to skip to the part where they cuddle, eat takeout, and plan baecations. Your ego can never be inflated to the point where you think a man won’t just want to use you as a hole and then toss you back. No woman is above being played, because not every man is looking for forever. Expose men via dating, and have the mindset that most will fail. Ignorant women think every man they like that likes them back on the surface is bae, that’s why they settle so quickly for men that do little to earn their exclusivity. You’re the Olympics not a game of Pickup Basketball where any dude off the street can walk on the court. Your standards must be so high that you know 90% of the men you talk to won’t make it to a second date because they won’t be able to impress someone with your pedigree. That may sound stuck up, but remember you’re a luxury brand, you don’t go on sale! Talking to any man just because he’s cute, or bending over backwards just because he has money is what basic women do, not Spartans. If a man truly wants more, he doesn’t tell you, he shows you with consistency! The problem is that most women are so impatient and in a hurry to get past the dating stage that they ignore red flags, drop their guards, lower their standards, and get swept up in the potential of the words he’s saying, forgetting to push back to see if these men actually practice what they preach. Never want anyone so bad that you give them a fast pass to your heart without first inspecting what’s under their hood.

“It’s hard doing this life thing, because I unfortunately have the kind of open heart that leaves room for people to take advantage of…There’s a hollowness that’s eating away at me and I believe it is due to all the toxic spaces and people I’ve had around me.” – Spartan Lee

Win the War Inside Your Head

A critical flaw that’s instilled early on is being a secondary character in what’s supposed to be YOUR life. Make mommy proud, make daddy proud, make those that have passed away proud by doing everything perfect. Fuck that! Perfection is a concept. It doesn’t truly exist anywhere but in theory, yet it’s pushed on people as if it’s attainable. Get perfect grades to go to a perfect college so you can get the perfect job. Have the perfect body with the perfect face that attracts the perfect man that wants to give you the perfect life. What’s meant to be inspiring ricochets back and becomes an obsession… but only if you let it. Depression is a very real thing, and often it’s the pressure to make others proud that starts from birth that leads to problems over a life time. Overachievers hit walls. Life events happen that take you off course. No matter how you look, you’re going to be funny looking to someone. The highly educated can end up working paycheck to paycheck. Life will humble everyone at one point or another, but you can’t let it break you. True confidence doesn’t come from never being challenged in life, it comes from overcoming those obstacles. There is no instruction manual on how to adult properly, all you will have is that little voice in your head, and that’s where the biggest lesson has to be learned. Intuition, having a voice and spirit inside of you that is decisive, wise, and fearless will instill a level of belief in self that will carry you to the top.

Many people won’t admit this, but the voice inside of them is filled with confusion. You ask opinions on everything because your own internal compass was never set properly. You overthink everything because you were never taught to trust your gut. You can’t focus on goals, you are easily manipulated, and you always end up choosing wrong only to say, “Something told me not to.” This is all a result of weak minds that weren’t properly trained to cut through the noise of negative thoughts and external voices that look to take them off track. Your mind should be telling you, “I got this,” never “I’m not sure.” When you say you’re going to do something you need to go out and do it, not sit on the fence like, “What if it doesn’t work out…” The intuition of a Spartan is inside every woman that chooses to listen and believe, but when the goal is pleasing others and trying to live up to this idea of being perfect, that voice gets drowned out, and the mistakes snowball until you have a mental breakdown. Some of you have been hurt in unspeakable ways, you don’t think anyone can help you and that your existence is what it is, but recognize the power of thought– you can always hit reset and choose to vibrate above negativity. Remember to remember who you truly are—a Goddess in the flesh! Trust your intuition, believe in your choices, and don’t shy away from calculated risks. If you’re not trying, you’re not living, and if you don’t fail every now and then you don’t progress.

What will I teach my daughter about life? All the secrets of the universe, with the first part being that she can do whatever she puts her mind to. This world is filled with excuse making people that would rather play the victim than break molds, and it’s because they were told to play it safe, not to aim for the stars. I think about the women that have taught me things over the years and wonder what they could have accomplished if someone told them to be more than a sex object, a wife in the making, or a worker bee. Women are taught to be submissive and selfless, to take care of people, to make sure everyone is good first, then worry about self. They put the opinions of others front and center, constantly look to fix people, and get along even in the face of disrespect so they can be rewarded with likes. It’s a mentality that strips the soul from those that wanted more than to be a machine meant to take care of people. It’s a mentality that men and Alpha females exploit to this day, and maybe in terms of survival of the fittest, that’s how things should stay. But under my roof, we create Queens not peasants, and one rule will be preached 24-7: Selfishness is your savior. Call it being mean, call it being savage, call it non-traditional, but that’s the evolution of thought that will turn the tables in the inequality between the sexes, and something I plan on teaching this little girl every day.

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