Relationships change you. Save your “Nah-un” because this isn’t something to get defensive over. Relationships should change you. From Boyfriend and Girlfriend all the way to Husband and Wife, what these titles represent are two becoming one. Your hobbies, your taste in music, even your friends and family begin to overlap once that partnership takes hold. “Marry your best friend” isn’t about walking down the aisle with someone you’ve known since middle school; it’s about marrying someone who has proven to be compatible with you across the board as you've both grown and evolved. However, there is a very dark side of merging with another person. Let's go through the list of how weak-minded people switch up:

-They cut friends off to be up under their partner

-They allow their partner to dictate who they can be friends

-They only talk about their relationship even when out
having fun

- They slowly become a Mini-Me of their partner’s opinions
and personality

-They refuse to break up even when they get played because
their BF or GF is the only world they know

We all know people who lose themselves the moment they fall in love. Shit, some people only know a person a few weeks and lose themselves. We make jokes about being dick whipped or pussy whipped, but it’s not about sex. The reason so many people lose themselves is a direct result of the insecurity that’s been brewing for years. I was once friends with this girl who was the Alpha of her group. She organized trips, always had the plug when it came to functions, and would even bully the other girls to come hang out when they tried to flake. The moment she got into a relationship that all stopped. She didn’t return texts, all her social media posts were love quotes or music lyrics about love, and when one of the girls confronted her about ghosting the group, she responded, “My boyfriend doesn’t like me hanging out with single people.”

This chick had only been boo’d up for three weeks! Why...

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