Why do you let guys play games with your heart? Oh, that’s right, you don’t let them, they trick you. Men are so smart these days that you can’t tell “He Wants Me” from “He’s A Waste.”  I call BULLSHIT. What are these men doing that makes a woman like you with all this common sense, not be able to tell that he’s using you or that he’s not the one for you in the long run?

I’ll wait…

Let’s go with the idea that we as men are sooooo crafty and that you just don’t know how to tell the good from the bad because no one ever schooled you. Your dad didn’t tell you, your friends didn’t tell you, your mom may have been a Basica… whatever the cause, you don’t know how to read men, figure out red flags, and find the good ones out of the batch of idiots that approach you. If this is the case, then allow me to help you out. The best free advice I could have give womankind is this: 8 out of the next 10 men you meet will not actually want you or deserve you.

I don’t care if it’s a guy that’s been crushing on you for years and finally gets a shot—he’ll ghost you once he’s lived out his fantasy. I don’t care if it’s that nice guy who just started working at your job and says all the proper things—he’ll ghost you after he explores your pussy. I don’t even care if it’s your on again off again man who has been through the struggles with you—he won’t end up with you in the end OR you will stick with him and realize that he wasn’t it and you could have done MUCH better. The optimistic law that there’s someone for everyone is a lie. Women die alone or settle with a man they never wanted, every day! Now that you know this, you can’t pretend to be ignorant to the game. You can’t blame your next love failure on not knowing. So, now what? Should you give up and complain that dating is hard? Should you just settle? No. There are men in your city now or ones who are about to move to your city that are GREAT FUCKING GUYS. These are men who are now matured, who maybe learned their lessons, or who simply find themselves single again and are in the same boat as you. How do you get to those men? Keep reading!

If I challenge you to find those 2 out of 10 men that are decent and sidestep those 8 that are pieces of shit, too immature to settle, emotionally unavailable, or plain old not interested in your personality, would you be able to now figure out who to date versus who to let go? If I sat you on a date and told you to break a man down through questions, could you do it? If I told you to take out your phone and delete every number of men who you know mean you know good, would you even want to?

Most of you will continue to get your time wasted because you read or listen to dating advice but don’t actually do the steps. You learn about psychology but don’t apply it to your life. A) You’re too lazy or afraid to try something different from how you normally date or meet people. B) Your big ass ego has you out here thinking you’re exempt from advice. You aren’t winning, that means you’re losing. Stop pointing fingers and look at the common denominator in your current life. Let’s count down some Basica traits: Sis, you’re stressed over a man that seven other women can lay claim to. Sis, you’re stuck on the memory of a man who was never that special. Sis, you’re so hard up for love that you’re willing to struggle with a mediocre broke man so long as he’s cute. Sis, you’re a magnet for friendly ass men who will always be on the hunt for your replacement and never see you as good enough. Sis, your self-esteem is so low from being hurt or passed over that you now walk around bitter or defeated. Your attitude, your lack of confidence, and your inability to actually make a change has you stuck in this basic bitch cycle where all you will manifest are users, losers, or settle dick. There is nothing wrong with you or wrong with the world that you can’t shift mentally and create better results.

I dare you to do something about your current love life besides deflect the issue or place blame. I’ve given away game for years that people from celebrities to high school teens to grandmothers have used to step their game up and find inner strength and eventually love. Why can they take what I write and win while you still get played by some the grinning loser with a curved dick and low credit score? Why can they take risks, keep at it, and get results, while you sit your ass on your phone every day more worried about who Future’s dating? How can a 22-year-old woman from Canada end up married to a millionaire after reading my work, while a 29-year-old woman from NYC gives up and lets a guy who already has multiple kids make her just another baby mama? Why do you allow your low self-esteem to convince you that it just isn’t in the cards for you, when I consistently show you examples of women who, no matter their body weight, complexion, city of residence, or financial status, hook quality guys? It’s not about luck, it’s about mind-frame. You refuse to question the results of your life because you don’t like to think about all the L’s you take. Well, the time for hiding is over. Here’s how to crawl out of that hole…

My phone’s dry, I have to get dick to be whipped,” false! A user can spot you a mile away and know you’re easy to mind fuck based off your energy. Before he even has sex, he knows that you have the Typical Bitch Trait. The key word is “energy“. How much growing have you done if your results remain the same? Many of you reading this are single but you don’t actually work on self. You’re more concerned with gossip and shopping than filling the holes in yourself created by your childhood or last relationship. You’re more concerned with if a guy is going to follow you back or watch your IG story than being woman enough to go after someone you want. You are a fear based person that falls for the same tricks the moment you get male attention because you refuse to do the work it takes to be confident, wise, and proactive. Look at your pussy’s trends. You are prone to attracting guys who want to taste you, fuck you, and then go cold on you after they’ve had enough because they saw that your weak bitch energy was perfect for their fuck boy ambitions.

Let’s look at those women who don’t get sprung off good sex, a cute face, or potential. Those women who can fuck a man and not call him the next day are secure. Those women who can date for weeks, still not give it up, and have him tricking money and gifts, are secure. Those women who can date multiple men, pick the best one, and make him cut his hoes off for her, are secure. Typical ass women see this and think those ladies are lucky. No they are confident because unlike you, they don’t want or need a man. They are willing to risk the dick like I wrote in the last half of Men Don’t Love Women Like You. You on the other hand get sad when a dude doesn’t text back, and overthink what every word he says means because you are afraid to risk him by being yourself or demanding more.This is why I stay to myself, I don’t need the stress.” Here you go with the weak shit! In order to Spartan up, you have to learn to love yourself, not shy away from dating. The solution isn’t to avoid men, to be celibate, or any bullshit that doesn’t address the issue. You must get to know the ins and outs of your actions, secure your holes, then eat these little boys for lunch!

Let’s Talk About Insecurity

What are your holes? Why don’t you believe in your power? Maybe it was your father’s treatment of your mother or your father not being there that has you out in these streets chasing affection from some disingenuous man who reminds you of Dear Dad. “He’s so annoying!” is what you say…then you pick up the phone to call him. “He’s a clown, I’m done with his immaturity!” is what you say…then you race to text him back. That man is the second coming of the father who didn’t want you. If you can make this asshole fall in love, it will prove that you’re special, that you do have the magic to make a man stay and act right, unlike your sweet, but basic, mother.

Maybe it’s not the damage from Dear Old Dad that has you out here doing dumb shit like paying for your own Uber, letting guys borrow money, and agreeing to situationships. It may have nothing to do with your family at all. The way you look. Your facial features. Your body size. These things may be “flaws” to you. You don’t think you’re special so you become negative. It’s your low self-esteem, your lack of confidence, the anxiety and overthinking that takes a positive thought and turns it negative until you suck your teeth and give up. Negative Nancy, you have a solution for everyone’s problems, but you can’t solve your own. That self-loathing that you feel makes you just as weak as those women with Daddy Issues. At least with those ladies, they can come to grips therapeutically and reset that childhood. You don’t even know where to start because you never address your insecurity. Tell yourself what exactly the problem is and stop hiding.

Is it your face? Is it your waist size? Is it the other women you compare yourself to or those who teased you when you were younger? Is it a combination of the physical things you see as “ugly” that make you stay in the house and pretend that you give up on love, only to be lured out by the first guy that shows you affection? I see it all the time, the women that don’t think they will win, meet someone “nice” and fall for the same shit again. This entire site is dedicated to helping you help yourself, but in real life you don’t follow through. One big reason is–say it with me–S.E.X…

Let’s Talk About Sex

To become dick whipped you need to have cracks in your armor. Male manipulation doesn’t work on fully secure women. You need to be mentally weak in certain areas. That’s what men love more than anime, the control over a weak bitch like you. Go ahead and brag about how you’re mean, you’re hard, you’re no-nonsense, and guys know not to come at you sideways. Now that you’re done lying. Think back to when you let a man into your life, and he treated you just as typical as any other woman with an open heart and anxious vagina. 99% of you have been gamed. It’s not because his dick was an Infinity Stone, it was because you got lost in your need to feel love. A man pounding your pussy. Eating your ass. Sucking your neck. Looking into your eyes while you ride it… that makes you feel like you’ve won. It’s lust, it’s passion, it’s a drug high. But you don’t care. It felt perfect, and you want to have that all the time, so you allow that man to give you what he feels you deserve as opposed to what you’re worthy of.

Know why we throw the best dick in the women we barely like? Because hate fucking allows us to have, the energy of DMX spitting a verse after smoking two rocks! I remember when I was around 15 and an older cat flirted with a girl around my age who had this big donkey booty. After she walked by, he leaned on his car and told me and my homie, “I’m going to fuck the puppy shit out of her ugly ass.”

Why would a man be sexually aroused by a girl whose face was a 5 at best? Because that older man knew what we younger boys didn’t at the time, girls with low self-esteem based on a perceived physical flaw, be it a busted face or being overweight, are easy to manipulate. They won’t let go after getting dicked down because sex with them is nasty and energized. Do you understand the words that you’re reading? Men like that were raised on Iceberg Slim books, they know how to dick whip soft women who are either physically ashamed or mentally damaged from their childhood. If you think you’re ugly, it shows. If you think you don’t deserve happiness, it shows. If you don’t believe in the body you’re in or still hate the childhood you grew from, then you will always project “I’m a weak little girl” to these female and male predators who will exploit that. The less deserving you feel, the more users you will attract. They will fuck you hard, sell you dreams, then pull the rug under you because they only wanted to infiltrate low hanging fruit. That’s what you are. It isn’t “bomb dick” it’s someone pretending to love you because you confuse sex with love.


Let’s take it back to the beginning. Now that you know that users can only operate on someone who doesn’t love themselves fully are you going change? Are you going to keep picking up the phone for that ex who you swore off because he makes your pussy moist or are you going to be better than that? Are you going to keep going to see the guy that wastes your time every weekend just to get some quick action or are you going to be better than that? Are you going to pretend you know everything about dating, then end up busting it open on the first date or are you going to be better than that? Knowledge alone isn’t power, you must actually apply it to benefit from it! You aren’t stupid, you’re just too tired to put in the effort it takes to expose the real from the fake. Stop fronting like you don’t need help dating, and actually apply the things on this website. Stop fronting that you’re happy alone, and get off the bench. Stop running into the arms of men that only want you for the night, and take your time. Stop fronting like you’re using men for sex, because not too deep inside you know damn well you were put on this earth to get something lasting, not be a fling. I can hear your thoughts: “It’s too complicated, it’s too hard, just tell men to stop dogging us out, boo-hoo-hoo” That’s the Basica in you trying to fight the truth that your salvation is in your own hands. User ass men will NEVER stop exploiting weak women. That’s like saying stop the wars and the crime across the world. Stop worrying about trash men, and believe in your ability to manifest quality ones through being a Spartan! You alone, control who you spread your legs for. You alone must make better decisions or forever be that woman that’s dumb over dick.

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