Men know after the first conversation how long it’s not
going to last. Understand that it’s easy to box a woman in and classify her in
the same category as prior exes or flings. This isn’t a case of males being assholes,
it’s a survival instinct—Woman X is reminding you of Woman Z who turned out to
be a waste of time, so Woman X gets placed in that “Never Take Her Serious” box.
There are always personality traits that tells a man that your value is
limited. Good time girl, a fling, something to do, a friend… doesn’t
matter how you sugar coat his label, you’re pussy. Your job is to scratch a
physical itch maybe once, maybe twice, maybe for a summer, or every time he
visits the city, but in our male mind we’ve boxed you in as something to DO not
someone we would seriously be with.

Most of you know this. You either proclaim that your personality is so bomb that you’re not pussy or point that there are always exceptions to the rule. Yup, it’s come down to that—chasing after these user men because you desperately want to be the exception that proves that pussy can one day get a wedding band. I’m not here to rain on your Basica dreams, I’m here to give you some insight into the male mind. No matter how much I write about “are you the wifey type or just pussy,” there are women who still don’t get the underlying message. When you get Ghosted, it’s proof that the person was NEVER into you the way they pretended. This “One That Got Away” anxiety has too many of you making a fool of yourself in the name of loving someone that never wanted you. Instead of dwelling on why they’re acting different or why they suddenly went missing, you need to let go! Stop having relationship problems with someone you’re not in a relationship with. Stop seeking closure with someone who gave you their ass to kiss. Most importantly, learn to read the signs so it won't happen again. Today I'm going to run down some early tell signs that will help you walk away or hit reset on how a guy looks at ...

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