Love is a losing game, and I just can’t take no more… so I just might be a ho,” are the lyrics from my favorite Summer Walker song. So many women have come to me over the years looking to get out of their feelings and into their power. The average woman is selfless to a fault. She loves and nurtures in a way that puts the male first, and doesn’t even understand why that’s a problem until it’s too late. Think about the struggle, you make yourself too available, only for a man to disrespect you. You bend over backwards to be his peace, only for a man to stress you out. You drop your guard and expose your vulnerable side, only for a man to hurt you in the same ways you told him you were hurt before. Every sleepless night and every tear you shed over someone who wouldn’t act right will have you wishing you could switch up your personality and unleash your Ho side or Savage nature.

Hos can fuck who they want. Hos can wear what they want. Hos can flirt, party, drink, and let loose with any and everybody without fear. Hos are unbothered because they put themselves FIRST and never get overly attached to a man’s potential in the ways that typical women do. The irony is that you don’t have to be a ho to do what the fuck you feel and compartmentalize your feelings. Being wild, free, and protective of your heart doesn’t necessitate a derogatory label. Insecure men put these type of women in a box because they dare to date around, have fun, and beat to their own drums. Pick me women co-sign with those insecure men, partly because they want those males to focus on them and partly because they secretly wish they could be those women.

They call it “Ho Shit” because this culture has brainwashed women into thinking that being a confident, aggressive, self-centered, sexually liberated female is “hoing.” Having self-respect to the point where you put yourself first and don’t apologize if it rubs a person the wrong way is stamped as “savage.” All these labels point to the same problem—women have been kept in check for so long that they have created these idols who aren’t doing anything extraordinary but are seen as inspirational. You have just as much power as the next woman, so why aren’t you using it? Life isn’t about seeing Lori or whoever else wielding their power and yelling, “that’s goals,” life is about getting off your ass and being aggressive enough to create your own roster of high-value men. All these women dating up, getting spoiled and having multiple men thirsting for a chance to be on the team, and all you can muster is “where you find him at”?

You can do what Lori Harvey does, meaning casually date multiple top-shelf men, but why don’t you? You don’t date around; you hold on to these men as if you can’t get another one next week. Instead of meeting new men from new dating pools, you continue to entertain and recycle the same types. The excuse is that you can’t find those kinds of men, the reality is you refuse to hold yourself accountable for being too afraid to take risks that lead to romantic opportunities. Mentally you are chained to certain beliefs that dictate certain behavior that keeps you from crossing certain lines. For example, dating one man at a time isn’t about a lack of options or energy. It’s the fear of being labeled as disloyal or getting a reputation that you’re having sex with every man you date. Yet, when Lori Harvey does it, it reminds you that the ceiling is glass and that you could have always shattered it by simply choosing to not give into the “be a good girl” programming.

Spartan Up

A lady doesn’t date around. A lady doesn’t have casual sex. A lady doesn’t ask for money. A lady must always be the pillar of virtue, and any female that strays from this concept is a ho.

Ho: noun/derogatory/informal: A prostitute.  A woman, in particular, one who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

Fuck the Oxford dictionary, fuck the labels, and fuck external judgment. If being a “Ho” means that you’re free to do what you really want while being a “lady” means that you’re trapped doing what other people want you to do, then being a Ho is the way to go! Think about the power that comes from not being tied down during the dating stage, free to come and go as you want. Think about the power of picking a man up, having him eat your pussy, and then never calling him again. Think about the power that comes from being so confident in your skin that you can walk in a room and flirt with the most attractive person there without worrying about the whispers of “oh, she’s fast.”

The lie that womankind has been told is that if you’re sexual on your own terms, you don’t have respect for your body. However, if you’re sexual under the rules of the male patriarchy, you’re revered. It’s a hustle. The scariest thing for an insecure man to come up against is a truly liberated woman. To defy the box, a man wants to put you in, not need him to validate you, and to set standards that he can’t reach destroys his control. A woman who can’t be controlled is dangerous because, for once, she gets to call the shots, set the tone, and make the demands.

Lady: He’s so handsome. I’m going to date him exclusively and hope that he becomes my boyfriend.

Ho: He’s so handsome. I’m going to fuck him and hope that he doesn’t get clingy.

Lady: I’m so bored and lonely. Let me entertain this guy who I don’t want because he’s being consistent.

Ho: I’m bored and lonely. Let me go add someone’s boyfriend to my roster to have fun with.

Lady: No one is checking for me, may as well go back to my ex.

Ho: No one’s popping up on my radar. Let me go thirst trap someone into my mentions.

Lady: I hope he takes me out somewhere nice. It would be good to be surprised with a gift. Should I drop a hint?

Ho: Hey, I’m free this weekend, take me here. Babe, I really want this, can you buy it for me before our date?

Which example wins out? A man will run all over the Lady and bow down to a Ho. Why? Because males like a challenge. They want to tame what can’t be tamed, and they hate the feeling of not being needed or wanted to the point where they will overcompensate to win that woman over. The genius thing about knowing how men think and predicting their moves is that you’ll never fall for their hollow words, you’ll set a high bar, and you you will automatically make yourself more valuable than his girlfriend or the other women he’s dating. A lady is wondering why her “friend” is acting distant, a Ho is ignoring his calls because he didn’t Cash App the money he said he would. Who do you think that man wants more? The girl that’s blowing his phone up or the one who doesn’t even care to respond to him? It’s not about sex, it’s about leverage!

One woman’s love is another woman’s mark!

Let’s kill the words Ho and Savage, and just call it what it is– freedom. This mentality is all about a woman exercising her free will to get whatever she wants despite that little voice in her head that says, “That’s not right.” Winning is not a sin, getting tricked on is not a sin, bringing your natural sexual urges to the forefront is not a sin; these things are your birthright. Trying on a Ho Phase because you got your little heart broke is a basic bitch move, women like that end up getting hurt all over again because they’re not built for that life. The real change doesn’t come from a quick fix. It comes from a reinvention and reconnection with your True Spartan Self. It’s not a Ho Phase. It’s a Goddess Stage. You’re exercising your freedom without mental restraints, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Open Season On Any Man You Want

Cuffing season has always been about settling. For years I’ve seen women “give chances” to men who they didn’t really want at first glance. There’s nothing wrong with interviewing candidates from all walks of life, but why limit yourself? You’re not the player; you’re the team owner. These dudes should be trying to get drafted over the top dick prospects in your city, not walk on with no effort. Yet, they convince you not to try out any other men. Dating one man at a time is a rigged competition where they text you, take you out, and charm you right out of pussy and common sense. Not this season. Cuffing season is yearlong during the pandemic. You can find you a man to keep you warm during the winter, a trick to pay for your summer vacation, or just play the field and have experiences that bring joy. Regardless of your aim, it all starts with pulling multiple men into the rotation, and having options. Let’s go through the best way to achieve your goals.

Step 1 – Aim high: I don’t care how you look. Your odds of getting the type of man you want are around 95%, which’s higher than the COVID vaccine. I know this and the so-called “Hos” know this, but do you? Attraction depends on two things, confidence and the ability to imprint your personality on a person. That business owner with hood swagger, you could break his ass down and have him glued to you. That guy online who you check for but don’t say anything to because you don’t know if he’ll like you, it’s easy to bait him in and conquer. No matter who the guy is, you have to know, not believe but KNOW that he is attainable, and it will shift the universe in your favor.  

Basica Problem:I can say that I can get any man in my own head, but I know that I can’t because I never get that kind of attention in real life.” Exactly, you don’t believe in your own beauty, so why should anyone else? How do you dress? How do you take pictures? How do you showcase yourself to the opposite sex? Males are thirsty. Every single man is erupting with lust, which makes every single man ripe for the picking. I’ve seen the screengrabs from your favorite musicians thirsting hard, offering flights, and crying when they couldn’t get their way. The women who generate this response aren’t any different from you. They just believe in their power to attract more than you ever have. No matter if he’s just a local guy you think is cute or an international guy that’s been nominated for a Grammy, if he has a dick, he can and will be moved to chase after you.

Goddess Solution: Weaponize your sexuality. Think about what happens when a woman gets some kind of surgery? Is the new attention coming because her stomach is flatter and boobs are bigger, or is it coming because she is now confident enough to wear stuff that exposes her stomach and flaunt her cleavage? Right now, there’s a woman built like Taylor Swift that draws more attention than a woman crafted herself to look like Cardi B. It’s not about your cup size or ass size. It’s about the way you showcase yourself. Size 0 or size 18, if you know how to work it, you can induce thirst. Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about being nasty or raunchy. I’m talking about that glow that comes from feeling good because you look good. Something as simple as a new hairstyle can make a man hop in your DMs for the first time.  

Step 2 – Lure Men Into Your Web: Fuck your anti-phone philosophy, and Spartan up. Do you think Lori Harvey isn’t getting bombarded with Facetime notifications from every man she dates? Dudes don’t want to text pretty; they want to see your pretty ass! Remember that lust rules everything. Flip his want to fuck you into your demand to talk to him. No phone call, no communication. No date set within a week, no communication. An interested man will bend his knee. A fuckboy will never call you. The key is to stop being concerned with who won’t use your number and get in the habit of building a roster of men who DO use that number and show that they understand your value. Verbal communication opens the lane to now win over his mind. Through talking, you vet a man, you charm a man, and quickly lower his guard and bond him to you. Texting will never replace that.

Basica Problem: “I meet men, but they don’t apply pressure. The text messages die out, or they never ask for a date. How am I going to bait a man in and build a roster men refuse to chase.” Silly, Basica, you have a lot to learn about psychology. Men aren’t bad at texting by accident. It’s on purpose. When you’re getting to know a man, what’s his agenda? To seem cool, unbothered, and in control. He’ll message a compliment; you’ll thank him, and then the conversation fizzles. If he wanted you so bad, then where’s the pressure? The same way you’re not trying to seem thirsty and playing it lowkey, he’s doing the same.

Men are paranoid and it has nothing to do with if he has a girlfriend. It’s about overextending himself and having you throw it back in his face. Keeping it light with “where do you stay” or “how are you doing today” is safe. If he’s not asking you out, you can’t reject him. If he’s not technically trying to see you, then you can’t run and tell people he’s on your clit. Understand that we live in an era of being exposed online or in group chats, so everything a man is saying before he’s gotten a handle on you is going to be safe and dry. It’s not a lack of interest. It’s a lack of trust. He knows he’s one of many, so you have to make him feel special and safe by taking the convo to the phone.

Rotational Dating is Key

Goddess Solution: Give your number and make him use it. My one friend got engaged off a bumble match. The method was to exchange a few messages in the app, take it to the phone, and set the date. This is so simple, so why don’t people use it? Because they assume men will do 100% of the work if they’re interested. I repeat. These men don’t trust you, they aren’t trying to come off like simps in your inbox, but in person or talking one on one verbally, they’ll be all over you. The solution isn’t to chase a man; it’s to merely give him a way to communicate with you PRIVATELY.

In terms of mindfucking him, how can you ever get a man to invest if he doesn’t know you beyond texts on a screen and the pictures you send? One reader told me how she got flown out by a guy who she DM’d with for a month. They never spoke on the phone. He arranged the ticket, got her a hotel room, and she thought this was going to be some big love affair. She landed. They fucked. He didn’t even come back to the Hotel after that one session. What she thought was love was just a man paying for some DoorDash Pussy. “Call me” is so easy to type, and it pays off quicker than weeks or months of mindless “good morning… wyd… I miss you…” bullshit.

Are you a savage, or are you just another shy bitch who fumbles the bag? Stop using your thumbs and start making that mouth work! If you’re looking for love, talking helps weed out the red flags before a date. If you’re looking to get in his pockets, verbal banter and wit is the best way to make a man fall in lust. Even if you’re only looking for a fuck buddy, talking is paramount in terms of testing sexual compatibility.

Step 3 – Hypnotize Men Into Doing What You Want: Do you want someone’s last name, or do you want someone who won’t bother you that much but pay your mortgage every month? No matter if you’re looking for true love or trying to finesse, the key to both doors starts with one thing PERSONALITY. Are you dynamic enough to make a man who goes on a date with you drop his guard and quickly bond to you? Fuck this “be more feminine, don’t curse, be soft, that attracts his masculine energy” nonsense. A man’s dick isn’t getting hard because you took a few YouTube etiquette classes. These millionaires don’t chase Suzy homemaker. They chase Hos and Spartans, who have magnetic personalities. What’s the difference between a groupie that gets fucked during a one night stand, and a woman that a man keeps around, buys things for, and falls in love with? It’s not her pussy or ass size. It’s her charisma! Imprint yourself on his brain by acting like a lady but thinking like a Ho!

Basica Problem:What does that even mean? I think I’m fun to hang with, and I’m into a lot of diverse topics, but guys today don’t seem to be interested in talking about the things that I talk about, so how do I showcase my magnetic personality”. Oh, Basica, there you go lying to yourself. Once again, you’re filled with Unicorn Delusion. Be honest. You’re not making any man laugh, you’re not making any man break plans to see you, and you can’t keep any man’s attention unless you’re offering pussy. How can you be so extroverted around your friends and family, yet so introverted around quality men? Because you’re afraid of dick! Instead of taming these men, hypnotizing them, and having them eating out of your palm within a week, you get ghosted or toyed with. That’s not because you lack the personality. It’s because you don’t go into these dates confident enough to show that personality.

Goddess Solution: Date Like A Spartan. Confidence. Strategy. Execution. That’s how you mesmerize any man you go on a date with. Most of you read this in Men Don’t Love Women Like You. The second half of that book was all about these things. I showcased how to take the Ho Tactics formula and apply it to normal every day dating to hypnotize these men. Many women used these techniques and thanked me. Others didn’t follow any of the steps. Instead, they ran back, “G.L., but what happens if he does XYZ? You didn’t cover that part in the book.” Well, guess what, now I have updated that portion of the book, so you have no excuse to not win! Every question you have, every scenario you’ll come up with, online dating to love during the pandemic, all covered in this new edition: Date Like A Spartan: Reloaded

20 Chapters that go step by step into this topic. How to meet men. How to text with men. How to get dates. How to unleash your personality. How to prevent being ghosted. How to get a second chance with someone who ghosts you. How to use dating apps or sites in the right way. And of course, how to go beyond all this external nonsense and manifest on a spiritual level! Click on a link below to read:

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