Basic Woman Logic: The man should break up with me first if he doesn't want me. He's still spending time and sleeping with me so he must still want me, right? ...wrong Basica.

Basic Woman Result: These Basicas end up holding on to a toxic relationship, allowing a man to waste months, even years, because she doesn't know how to walk away without a solid reason.

I’m personally guilty of holding girls hostage and brainwashing them because I wasn’t ready to break up with their vagina. No, I didn't want them, but it was better for me to keep them around by acting like I did-- that's a fucked up way to date, but when I was younger it made sense because all of my friends did the same thing! I see today's men playing this game on many of you.

Ladies, there is a good chance that you are a PLACEHOLDER that a man is just too stubborn to let go of. Your ego says "I'm amazing, who wouldn't want to wife me?" but that same ego will have you giving up sex, tears, and years to prove that to the wrong person. Even smart people get played, because it's not about intelligence, it's about pride. Thinking you are too good and exempt from being humbled is a sure way to get your ass humbled. Cocky women miss just as many red flags as naïve chicks.

What Is Your Pussy's Expiration Date?

Sex doesn't keep a man glued to you. Men chase pussy, they obsess over it, they spend money, time, energy, and say things they don't mean to attain sex. The woman attached to that vagina is often times secondary. What happens a year later when the sex lust isn't driving his emotions. What happens three years in when his erections aren't even as hard as they were when you first met? He replaces you, beloved!

Your pussy has expired, not because something is wrong with you, it's expired because that man never fully fell in love with your personality.

How do you keep his attention and stop him from growing bored? Not by buying Fenty lingerie! Pay close attention as I show you how to turn the tables on men: First you must...

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