What does it mean to be an "It" girl? To be so magnetic and confident that both women want to be like you and men want to be inside you. It takes more than a pretty face and a slim waist line to inspire lust. It takes more than ass and designer clothing to inspire other women to want to emulate you.

When you walk in a room do people turn and say "eww, she looks cheap," or do they think "how can I copy that?" Are you the kind of woman that gets noticed even in sweat pants and messy hair or are you just a pedestrian, a background extra, no one will remember two minutes later? Be honest! Your energy is forgettable, your aesthetic is mid, and you aren't living in power as the main character of this story! You have to do extra shit to get men to pay attention to you when dating and when you do manage to get into a relationship you put up with a bunch of bullshit to make some fuck boy happy.

The moment a man lays eyes on you and sees how you react to him he can tell if you're a Pick Me or Chase Me. Based on your last few situations you know what category you're in. Be real with yourself, you don't know the first thing about having power over males. You don't feel strong, you don't think you're enough, and you don't know how to make men work to earn you. That changes right now!

There's a saying: You're not unattractive, you're just broke. People will point to old pictures of celebrities, Instagram models, or some rapper's baby mamma and say "See, money took them from 5's to 10's overnight." That's bullshit. If you're walking around thinking that hitting the Powerball or getting child support from DJ Lean In My Cup, is a prerequisite for being a sexy, confident, and vibrant bad bitch then you don't understand the assignment. I've talked about Spartan Confidence for years, but today I'm going to touch on a subject I've only shared with a handful of women. Feminine energy is real. It attracts, it hypnotizes, and it elevates. To tap into that feminine alchemy you have to see life through the eyes of the enemy-- Men.

Today I'm going to break down how to upgrade your aesthetic, instantly so that you enter 2023 the baddest bitch that's walking the face of the earth.

Step 1: The Visual Trick All Men Fall For

Go to your phone and look at the last picture that someone took of you. Now ask yourself...

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