Modern women aren’t chasing marriage, we don’t need that to be happy, G.L.” The same woman that told me that two years ago emailed me last week now with, “I’m tired of seeing everyone around me find someone. What am I doing wrong? Please read me and be brutal…

Isn’t it amazing how people lie to themselves? No woman needs marriage, but you’re fooling yourself if you say that you don’t want it. Your happy ending doesn’t involve traveling the world with only your vibrator to keep you comfort, It involves exploring the world with your soulmate next to you, and being able to call them YOUR HUSBAND. Not your baby daddy, not your friend, and damn sure not someone else’s husband. Let’s be honest, if you are a woman who knows that her life story includes marriage—what’s stopping you from getting it?

Answer: You’ve devolved into a Placeholder who isn't living up to her potential.

Every Placeholder thinks she’s a Game Changer. In reality, the traits that most women think make them a “must have” are just basic as fuck, boring, or typical.

I make six figures a year—good for you, now go buy yourself some hood dick because any male with his own money isn’t chasing a woman’s bank account. Your money isn’t a deciding factor when it comes to love.

I’m loyal and submissive—So is every other Pick Me. You’re not a challenge and you smell desperate. The reason why you’re so loyal is because no one else wants you either! A man real man craves a woman with backbone, not a doormat whose only skill is saying “yes”. Feminine energy isn’t about making a plate and being told what to do, Basica!

This pussy will drive him crazy—Chill, Stunna Girl, this isn’t a rap song, so no one cares about how wet you get or any of your box bragging. What happened to the last three dudes that fucked you? Did they back the range rover up to the driveway and buy you a vacation home? No. Those men are off fucking other women as we speak because sex is honey, not glue. We’ll rush to sample you, but it’s not going to make us stay.

Ladies, really think about what you bring to the table that isn’t typical? Right now list at least two things that make you different from other high value women. This isn’t about comparing yourself to your ratchet ass cousin or your dusty ass co-worker—how do you rank when they place you against the top 1% of pretty, smart, and funny women?

High value men, meaning those males who have wealth, power, and influence are exposed to every class of woman. So what will make him take notice of you and actually want to talk you beyond just the sexual?

I’m friends with a woman who’s extremely successful out here in LA, yet she got ghosted by this wealthy man in favor of a woman who did bottle service. Instead of looking at herself, and asking what went wrong, she belittled the other woman's looks and her job. A year later that man is married to that former bottle girl and she still won’t let it go. “Men don’t want equal women, they want dummies,” No, that’s unfair shade aimed at a woman who you don’t know that makes you feel better about being rejected. The real reason why men sidestep one woman in favor of the other is because many of you are leading with traits that you want in a man, not once thinking like a man and from a man’s POV. Girls think guys want all of these educational, financial, social justice qualities-- but we don't give a fuck about that stuff. Men don’t choose partners like Women do, and it's time you all learned how we as males really think.

Today I’m going to spell it out in a way that anyone can understand with the top three traits that high value men look for. I want you to study this list before you go out on your next date because this is going to help you actually bring something to the table that other women aren’t bringing. Let’s start with the first trait...

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