You can have who you want, get what you want, and live in an endless abundance... so why don't you? These men should bow down to you, your career should be on fire, that bank account should be overflowing but you're being held back by something that you're refusing to see: You STILL Aren't living up to your potential because your mind is in a fear based loop of DOUBT.

Does Mark Zuckerberg wake up and say, “I’m wealthy and I'm becoming abundant.” No, because it’s self-evident! Affirmations aren’t needed when the Truth is cemented in your mind. You chant or repeat words you don't fully believe to affirm things that you secretly think are lies, and then wonder why your confidence is bipolar and your manifestations are sporadic at best.

Look at your thought process and mood. Your confidence changes depending on the situation. If you're dating someone who is feeding your ego with actions and words that line up with your love language, you're high as a kite. The moment that person gets busy or hasn't called, you crash emotionally. "How do I fix this and get them to like me again, so I can go back to being happy." That anxiety is proof that you happiness is dependent on other people. How can you ever win when others have that much power over you?

On this episode I'm going to lead you to the truth of your power and how to flip the switch from dependent to Main Character!

I'm going to bully you and push you to become more today than what you were yesterday, I guarantee! Don't miss this special episode! Click below to listen!

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