On this episode we hear from a listener who thought being sassy was the same as being sexy and found out the hard way that men don't react to little girl games. Seduction isn't about saying lines or coming off as unbothered, this isn't an episode of Insecure. In the real world there are certain things that get a man's attention and keeps it, and no it's not sex, it's energy.

Why can some girls keep a man glued while other women who fuck, suck, and submit can't? The mind of a man isn't complex but it's different from yours and too many of you are busting it open when you should be BAITING a man, challenging him to chase, and tattooing his mind before he even gets a chance to taste it!

No matter if you're introverted or struggle with confidence I'm going to break down how to transmute sexual energy into flirting without having to say a word.

Also, in this episode, we dive into how to date with mental health issues, why celibacy can leave you trapped, and so much more! Don't miss out! Click below to listen in.

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