Work dick is better than Tinder dick.

Ancient Ratchet Proverb

I get it. You're in the middle of a drought. There's no one on the apps, your DMs are dry as fuck, and the only person banging down your door is maybe a dusty ex... Without any viable options you start to look for connections in familiar places and with people that have been off limits up until now.

That guy at work who was just "okay" is looking kinda fine all of a sudden and he just broke up with his girl... That new guy at the gym who always uses the machine next to you has been making little comments and suddenly looking like a snack... Maybe it's someone at school who you never looked at "that way" until now, or even someone in your friend group whose personality has grown on you over these past few months. Don't lie. Every time you see that person now, you start to tingle. At night your mind starts to obsess with "should I" and while that logical side of you is unsure, that sexual and hormonal side is ready to RISK IT ALL... Mama is ovulating and ANY of these fools can get their souls snatched!

No matter who is suddenly on your radar, the main question becomes: Should you cross those boundaries... and how do you cross those boundaries in a way that won't make things awkward?

There's a saying, "Don't shit where you eat," in the world of dating, it's often seen as off-limits to date someone you have to see often. What happens if everyone at work finds out? What happens if you were friends before or in a some kind of social group and you have a falling out? What happens if this was your personal trainer, and you just fucked up months of fitness gains for a dick you no longer want? At the same time there are examples of people who got married to that work husband or gym guy. But think about your life, not others... Is it ever worth upsetting the balance of your life by blending two worlds-- the romantic with the professional or personal?

Let's be real, 90% of you reading this do not care about the "what if" because when it comes to lust and a lack of options it's worth the risk. So, I'm going to give you some insight on how to navigate this world to get what you want and how to hit reset if it doesn't work out... the last part will be the most important.

First off, let's start with a little break down of how easy it is to get these types of men who you already know or see all the time to approach you (respectfully) and fall deep in lust to the point where he wants to devour your pussy face first (disrespectfully). My mission is to make sure YOU have the upper hand going in to this kind of situation, and aren't doing this in a shy or weak way that will get you played or used. Understand that men who you see often have ALREADY been paying attention to you on the low and his brain has been playing the "what if" game that we do with any woman that's not blood related-- would I fuck her... would I be with her... and most importantly should I go after that. The object is to do little things that dog whistle towards these thoughts until a man lands on Yes. Yes. Fuck Yes!

Who To Target & How

I don’t think he likes me like that,” whines the Basica, who has no idea of how to pussy whip a man without giving up the pussy. I’m going to show you how easy it is to stand out and...

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