A man will tell you everything you want to hear, talk about a future with you, and fuck you like it's a permanent soul tie... only to distance himself.

What are you doing that's making these men see you as a placeholder instead of a trophy? Sex! Women should be the ones pussy whipping and setting the rules, but instead they are the ones who get clingy and attached off of dick and promises.

These men love bomb you in the name of lust, and you never stop to ask, “Is this real, do I really like him?” Because you believe in the hype he’s whispering in your ear. Your ego is as big as it is fragile, and you buy into people who don’t actually want you because you’re chasing after proof that you’re good enough to get a commitment. It's time to evolve! On today's episode, we go through four events that will help you get your mind right and learn some discipline.

Also on this episode, we break down the starting over process. How do you move on from heartbreak or career failures that has led to depression or even suicidal thoughts? We also hear from a man who talks about the one thing his girlfriend does that is making it hard for him to continue to love her.

And in the second half of the episode we answer the biggest emails of the week including one about a woman who feels sex is making her choose the wrong men, preview her question below:

Press play below to listen!

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