Fuck the old chapter, it’s time to become present, powerful, and focused on the now. There is no forward when you’re chained to the past. Every new year, you’ve made false promises to yourself, but what’s really improved? Not as much as you want because, mentally, you’re still chained to a bunch of old bullshit that you can’t shake off.

Your trauma has determined your life choices and kept you in this anxious state where you trust the wrong people, push away hidden blessings, and make mistake after mistake. You’re not broken, but you’re damaged, and it’s time to be honest. There is nothing that has hurt you that can’t be overcome, but pain gets passed from year to year because you’re not self-aware… or you’re just too scared to look inside and do something about it.

Being hurt has become such a huge part of your identity that you would rather keep shifting the blame than heal. You wouldn’t know what to talk about if you took away venting, complaining, and victim’splaining all the reasons why you aren’t where you want to be in life.

To try something new: Career, relationship, relocation, and then fail while dealing with trauma gives you a scapegoat, a reason to avoid accountability. It didn’t work out because of what other people did to you. However, to heal that trauma and then try a new venture means that if you now fail, the blame is on you alone. You don’t want to hear that. You’ve built up this hard shell of delusion that you hate but need. Stuck at the same job, when you know you could do better if you left that comfortable safety net. Stuck dealing with the same time wasters, when you know you could have real love if you actually tried.  This is the life of so many people, and each time the calendar changes over to a new year, they find the courage to say, “It’s time I got over my bullshit,” but never truly take action to turn those words into a reality.

Ask yourself right now, in the honesty of your own mind, are you a weak-minded victim, or are you ready to actually stand up and change?

“But G.L., it’s not that simple. Every time I try, something bad happens because I have bad luck,” There you go again, using superstition as a reason to be weak as fuck.

 “But XYZ happened to me last year. That’s why I--” Kill that noise! Who cares about yesterday we’re talking about today and tomorrow!

“Whatever, G.L. I’m already healed. My problem is that my ex just texted me again. What do you think this means? Does he want me back for real?” Earth to Basica, are you slow? Why are you going backward into the arms of the person who keeps you in a loop of trauma? Stop acting like you’re healed when your thoughts betray that you’re STILL typical as fuck! It's the ones who say they don't need help that need the most!

Typical Tina Example: Your mother put you down as not doing enough or being enough, so fast forward to your adult life where you always need to overcompensate to prove that you aren’t worthless and that you bring something to the table. A woman like this meets a user man and tries to show him she’s a Superwoman by paying her way, getting him gifts, and bragging about all the things she’s doing… in the end, that man takes advantage of that. Either he milks her or simply falls back and lets her keep leading as the masculine one in the relationship. As a result, that woman gets saddled with low value men or males who don't see her as a princess to be spoiled, not because “men ain’t shit,” but because she’s dating with Mommy Issues that led to an inferiority complex with then created an impostor syndrome that will always fuck her over in terms of establishing a healthy and balanced relationship.

Look at your life. Listen to your thoughts. Show me receipts that you're healed and thriving... You are what you think and everything you’re currently bringing to the table is mental baggage that’s weighing you down. You don't need advice on men, you need advice on correcting your brainwaves. Today, we’re going to get into some words of affirmation that you need to take with you every morning and repeat every night. This isn’t some shallow bullshit or fake positivity; this is a crash course in how to rewire your brain, kill that old you, and take steps to become a master manifester from this day forward.

Chapter 1: Brainwashing Yourself To Be Better

Chapter 2: Heal Yourself So You Can Receive

Chapter 3: Love Yourself… No, I Mean Really Love Yourself

Chapter 4: The Abundant Self

Let’s go through all 4 right now, but first, you need to focus and be in a space to read this: No distractions, no negativity, and no rushing, be present!

Brainwashing Yourself To Be Better

If you want to change your life in as little as 60 Days then you have to...

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