Spartans Don’t Compete, They Win


I want a world full of Game Changers, not Placeholders. My goal with Far From Basyc is to create an army of Spartan women that will be so empowered, so confident, and so fucking wise that no Dick Tactics used against them shall prosper! There are so many women that make me proud, who send me emails telling me that they’ve become Spartans and are winning now, but for every twenty of those warrior Queens, I have fifty more that can’t put it together or relapse after months of doing it right. Year after year I keep seeing the same basic mistakes being made, because once a girl logs off of this site and goes back to her normal life, it doesn’t stick. A man pops up, dicknotizes, and it’s back to the basic bitch life of falling in love with a man who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. I rallied against the Netflix & Chill epidemic years before it spread like wildfire, I warned about Situationships before they were even called Situationships, I tried to tell you that it was essential to date more than one man at a time, and even broke down how to Handle Dick. What happened? Most of you read, comprehended, but you didn’t actually put the things I wrote into practice. Weekday Spartans turn into Weekend Basicas when women only pretend to be powerful!

Placeholder_or_GamechangerImagine what the year 2025 is going to look like in terms of men not valuing women? Things aren’t getting better for women, they are getting worse. All this talk and flexing on the timeline about what you would do if you were in a relationship or what a man needs to do to get a woman like you is utter bullshit. “Not me,” yes bitch, even you! Let’s be honest. You don’t want to go out and snatch souls, you want to stay with your face in your phone and hope a man drops in your lap. You don’t want to test a man’s intent and risk pushing him away, you want to be low maintenance and pray that brings him closer. You don’t want to Spartan Up in a bad relationship, you merely want to learn a few tricks to keep him from leaving. The moment you put the right man in front of a Typical woman, no matter what she’s read, she will revert to her old habits. Why should I ever write about “what men should do to get a good woman?” Today’s men don’t have to do shit because the vast majority of these “good women” are for sale at a discounted price. It’s the Hos that cost.

Men will never change their ways because there will always be fake-strong women there to stroke his ego, ride his dick, and swallow his lies. Women settle everyday, B! A man can’t have Netflix & Chill without you approving it, he can’t be in a situationship without you approving it, and he can’t keep running in and out of your life when he feels like it, without you approving it! You don’t exercise power over men, you exercise passive aggressiveness. All you are willing to do is complain, ask for advice you won’t take, ignore his calls for a few days, and have “talks” that lead to you being back in check. That’s not Spartan!

Basic bitches be like, “All I need is a boyfriend in and I’ll be good,” as if a man will make life better. As if that man won’t eventually grow just as bored hanging around her lonely ass, as she is with living her own boring life. I see women get into these 6-14 month relationships that fall apart because their only goal was to compromise her value in order to be some guy’s girlfriend because she was sick of being lonely. A Spartan doesn’t lower the bar nor make exceptions. But that’s the problem, you’re not a Spartan, you’re Tina Typical.  The real you comes out at night when you think about texting a certain someone. The real you comes out after a date, when you want to just cuddle up with a man you barely know because you’re empty inside. The real you comes out when you do find a good dude, but you sabotage the relationship because you’re so afraid he will hurt you like some guy from the past. The real you comes out every time you do what you claim you wouldn’t do anymore. You know better, but you still fuck up, because in the end you’re tired and afraid. Tired of trying to constantly figure out who wants you for real and Afraid to test a man you like because you won’t be able to take it if he is revealed to be using you. That fear drives you to go against everything that a Spartan stands for and embrace every weak emotion that has ever handicapped womankind. It’s time for a change in 2016…

Is It Dick Whip or Denial

You-Can't-Handle-DickBullshit smells like Chanel N°5 when it’s coming out of the mouth of a man you want. When that Chris Brown type says he only talks to you—you don’t believe it, but you go with it and cut off your roster of men. When Michael B. Jordan, but taller, is telling you how different you are, while his hand unfastens your belt—you don’t believe him, but you go with it and let him hit. When your Man Crush is telling you he loves you after only three weeks, you know he’s after something, but you give in because you think you have it under control. I see this shit every week from women across the globe, of all ages, and of multiple races. They all make the mistake of thinking they are the exception that can’t get hooked by a man, then end up played for a fool like every typical woman before them. Where does this hubris come from? Your inability to assess your own flaws and your prideful need to profess, “Nothing’s wrong with me, the right man will come at the right time,” has fucked you! This blind faith in your own ego, keeps you from establishing your value. It will not work out because it has to work out. There is no soulmate coming to rescue you. And no matter how selfless you are, no man is going to overpay for a woman that gives him everything for free! You may not end up alone, but you will end up settling, and that’s even worse.

Life is made of two things: Truth & Lies. You fear the truth and you live the lies. If you put your phone down, sit in a dark room, and drop all that defensive armor, you will see the truth of your life. You don’t want to look inside; you want to keep pushing forward as if nothing is wrong. These weak ass affirmations that preach nothing is your fault, will never make you better. This Slave Mentality that all you have to do is keep wishing and things will improve, will never make you better. Defensive attitudes about how hard it is to meet men in your city or guys today don’t settle down, will never make you better! You lie to yourself to hide the secret that you don’t believe in yourself. Being a Spartan isn’t isn’t about protecting your ego so you can continue to feel special, it’s about telling yourself the truth so you can get over these mental blocks. When a great fighter gets knocked out, they change their strategy, they study their mistakes, and they evolve. When you get knocked down in life, you don’t change your strategy, you double down on ego and place blame. You don’t study your past relationships, you don’t change the way you date, or try new ways to attract quality relationships, you suck your teeth and point fingers. You will never evolve thinking that you’re the victim whose time is going to come because you’re “nice”. It’s not. You are destined to fail, unless you reconstruct yourself.

Men are dogs, yet you want to have their puppies… how smart does that make you? You don’t actually believe that there are only a few decent guys, that’s a lie you hold on to the explain your lack of success. The attitude that most of you carry around screams insecurity and that insecurity is a bullseye that men exploit. The moment a man hears you vent about your exes, make generalizations about all males, and jump to conclusions during a conversation, he knows that you’re damaged in the same way most women are damaged: No man has ever loved you enough to stay. That truth hurts like a motherfucker, and you can’t do anything about it but be overly guarded and perpetually frustrated. This entire struggle is about one thing: You want to be loved so you overcompensate by treating a man that isn’t even your boyfriend like you are his girlfriend and then follow that up by treating a man that is just a boyfriend like you are his wife. At each stage you are being so fucking extra, because you are desperate to get back what you put in. “If I’m there for bae, bae will be there for me,” life doesn’t work like that, little girl! The reason most of you date with low standards, try to make it work with someone that keeps fucking up, or enter into relationships with guys you barely trust is due to your thirst for love mixed with delusion that you can fix a man.

Is It Love or Comfort

love me harderA man will love you for years but never be in love with you. A man will cry to get you back, knowing he doesn’t want to keep you forever. A man will promise you the stars in order to make you smile, knowing that he’s still looking for another woman to give the entire universe to. No matter what lie passes through his lips or what hollow attempt he makes at consistency, you know the truth. He doesn’t want you. Still you live the lie that he cares enough, that he will eventually love you like you love him, that all you need to do is show him that you he is special to you and you will become special to him. You are a Placeholder! Men sense that desperation in you, see that pride swelling, and know it’s feasting time on yet another typical bitch. The signs are always clear, it’s your thoughts that are clouded due to that incessant want to be wanted! You can’t wait to tell you friends about your new boo, you can’t wait to listen to love songs that express what you’re feeling, you can’t wait to be out of “Club Single Bitch” and able to brag that someone out there loves you back. Too many women live as if they are in love before they actually attain true love because insecurity craves a quick result. You want so desperately to be some dude’s “one and only” that you give him everything he asks for and more. You want the right to say “My BF…” in a sentence so bad, that you sell your soul. In the end, that won’t be good enough for him to stay and you will be left confused as to why men don’t love women like you.

got-the-wrong-oneA man having love for you, and being in love with you are like night and day. A relationship where you have to make ultimatums, keep having talks, do petty things to get attention, is that what you think love is? Do you really believe that you two are only going through a “rough patch” and it will end with you growing closer and stronger? Ha! You shouldn’t have to “keep a man,” Making him happy shouldn’t be a struggle where you have to guess what’s in his head and how to fix him. Love is natural. Love is even. Love is self-sustaining! Men aren’t customers whose asses need to be kissed in order to keep them coming back. Even after a woman like you gets the title, you will keep working double time for his love because these men don’t see you as permanent. You’re Paula Placeholder, only there to keep him warm until the real woman he wants shows up. He acts up with you, but will straighten up for her. He makes excuses with you, but will make sacrifices for her. He puts you second, put will start her in first. He is scared to give you his all, but will rush to give her the world. Men want Game Changers, not Typicals. That is the truth that guys hold onto as they act out this lie with you. There’s a Wife mentality and then there’s a Girlfriend mentality. I know what’s inside of you, but what do you show? He may have love for you, but he’s not in love because he doesn’t see his wife in your actions. He sees yet another girl trying to play house, another girl holding on to her past, another girl afraid of heartbreak, and the world has enough of those. Are you happy being practice? Are you going to perfect the art of keeping men warm & preparing them for other women or are you going to dig inside and become the Spartan Queen that I know you can be?

Are You A Placeholder or A Game Changer

Women are the most powerful beings on this planet, and that’s not hyperbole. Pussy runs everything! Men beg, lie, spend, and make promises they know they can’t keep just to get what’s between your legs, and you mean to tell me that you buy into this idea that you’re the weaker gender? A man’s world revolves around attaining you, yet look how you allow yourselves to be treated by these peasants? And for what? A bullshit “I love you,” a semi-hard dick, and someone to keep you company? Your standards are trash and while you talk a good game, you lack the conviction to walk in power! How can something more abundant flow to you when you’re too afraid to aim higher than what you’ve become accustomed to? I am in the business of creating Spartans because I only care about Game Changers. I know that even the most damaged woman with childhood trauma, a history of bad choices, and low self-esteem can rewrite her life by learning the Truth. Goddess Consciousness is can only be attained by relearning every lie you were taught and that’s what we’re about to do…

The entire Spartan Blueprint: How To Flirt. How To Meet A Man. How To Date. How To Get Into A Relationship. How to Maintain Power In That New Relationship or Regain It In An Old One. How to Rewrite Your Past. How to find yourself spiritually.  This book covers it ALL step by step.

Men Don’t Love Women Like You! Isn’t a book you should read if you’re sensitive, because the gloves are all the way off. But if you want the honest truth then I’m going to give you the real solutions to Spartan Up. I’ve written nearly 400 pages breaking down how to become a Game Changer, and like Ho Tactics, it’s all new information that I never put on this website because I couldn’t. This is the Spartan Secret that I’ve only shared with a handful of women, and now it is time to unleash it on the world.

No matter your age, if you’re single and haven’t dated in years, currently dating, or in a relationship on the rocks, you will WIN! This is it, all I have left to teach you about Spartanhood. How to get what you want, but more importantly, how to maintain it. This book will transform any woman into a Game Changer and it’s about fucking time, because no woman should be struggling to find happiness internally or externally.


Men Don’t Love Women Like You!:

The Brutal Truth About Dating, Relationships, and How To Go From Placeholder To Game Changer

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