Toxic As Fuck – Is Your Energy Holding You Back

If they wanted you then why aren’t they with you? If they’re trying to build with you, then why is communication inconsistent? If they cared about you, then why is your gut screaming, “they don’t really give a fuck”? You’re a stereotype. A sucker for love. An educated fool that gets ghosted and plays dumb about what happened. A loyal soul that gets cheated on or undervalued. You give everything and get the bare minimum in return, then have a nerve to complain about it but never do anything about it. If you want more, why don’t you go get more? If that person doesn’t treat you like you feel you deserve, why don’t you find someone new? If you’re so smart and know that a person is lying or full of shit, then why do you continue to entertain their nonsense?

You’re too fucking nice, beloved. Instead of changing, you hope, you pray, and wish upon a star that the person you’re into treats you fair. Maybe he’ll start treating you like he cares. Maybe he’ll make it official. Maybe he’ll give you that ring one day. Maybe maybe maybe… Why does everyone you deal with need to be given the benefit of the doubt? Why are you always fighting for love instead of feeling loved? Love shouldn’t be about waiting for someone to finally take action, love is a person taking the initiative to prove how they feel from the jump! No matter who you are or what situation you find yourself in ask yourself this: AM I GETTING TREATED THE WAY I DESERVE?

If the answer is yes, then stop reading. If the answer is “I deserve more” then keep reading because it’s time to get rid of the excuses as to why you can’t get your life on track, and dig into your soul. “Toxic”. People accuse others of being toxic whenever they feel like they’re the victim. What’s really toxic is your lack of self-esteem that has you trapped in this cycle of mediocrity.

Why do you think you’re unworthy of a healthy relationship? Why do you think that love has to be a struggle? Why do you keep living in this world of delusion where you keep being nice to people that constantly show you they don’t give a fuck about your feelings? You can’t stop this unhealthy way of living because you’ve been brainwashed to settle for less. Toxic thoughts tell you that you can’t get what you want. Toxic actions keep you dating the same old types, sticking with the same bad relationship, or giving people that already disrespected you another chance. Toxic emotions have you sitting up at night depressed over your lack of results. Face it, you live everyday with toxic feelings, attract toxic people, play out toxic situations with those people, then wonder why you’re unhappy.

I want to talk to both the men and women, today as both genders need to learn to self-dissect where they go wrong. Ladies, If you have a “male friend” who keeps losing at love, send him here. Fellas, if you have a “female friend” that keeps making the same mistakes shoot her this link…

Toxic Tests For Men & Women

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Fellas:  That so-called “Hoe” who is out to use you or play you, is she that good at acting or are you so hard up that you miss the red flags? Manipulators become transparent to a man with self-confidence and who isn’t high off new pussy lust but you’re a sucker flying blind because you’re chasing validation. That girl who is being loyal and down for you? Why don’t you want her? What makes you go chase someone who you are calling a slut in your head? Again, it’s the validation. You don’t want the nice woman you want the trophy. You hate the City Girl type but you want to fuck the shit out of them, and that internal struggle is why you either can’t find someone decent or end up curving those women who come off as too easy or sweet. You want the women that you couldn’t get back in the day, and you will break a thousand hearts until you are able to prove to yourself that you can get those type of women.

Where does this mindset come from in a man? Go back to the past. What girl called you ugly? What girl curved you? How did men treat your mother? Really understand how you feel about women. You don’t “love” them because they make your dick hard, that’s lust. Do you cherish them? Do you respect them? Or do you see them as stupid, hypocritical, judgmental, and shallow?

There will always be women who possess horrible traits along side those that are upstanding. But if you’re judging them all like they’re gold diggers because some girl hustled you once or treating them all like whores because you’ve seen someone in your family get cheated on, then that’s not about womankind, that’s about YOU!

Not taking women on proper dates because you think they’re trying to finesse you? Dragging your feet when it comes to commitment because you don’t think women are loyal. What do these things accomplish? They scar away quality women and keep you in a dating pool where they see you as an asshole. Yes, you’ll get a few Basicas to fuck you, because that’s what desperate women do, fuck any man who gives attention regardless of treatment. But you and I both know that those basic bitches aren’t ever going to make you content. The prize you’re searching for is a woman who embodies class and dignity. The irony thing is why would a woman like that take a chance on you, if you’re unable to drop that hurt, open up, and earn her attention and affection?

Ladies: That “Mr. Perfect” you met  off some dating app or that “baller” who slid into your DMs wouldn’t even make it to a second date with a woman who was secure in her power, but he gets to fuck you in short order only to toss you to the side because you continue to date with unaddressed insecurities that cause you to overthink, second guess, and cloud your mind long enough for a player to wreck you.

This site is filled with basic bitch examples and how to reset your past actions, yet here you are… stuck. Who made you so weak? Was it your mother? Was she just some basic bitch who had a basic daughter and despite you wanting to be nothing like her, you find yourself falling for the same “love me!” attention whoring she did when she was your age? Maybe your heart was broken and you think the only way to keep a man is to fuck a man, to be easy, stress free, and give into whatever he wants. Think about how you talk to yourself in your head? Do you call yourself beautiful or powerful or do bash yourself? You bash yourself! You think: How is a pathetic loser like you going to hold on to a handsome man? How is someone that looks like you going to keep a successful man from straying? Your poisonous thoughts lead to weak bitch actions!

You rarely seduce and conquer men, instead you over do it, because you don’t believe you’re enough to make him want you based on personality alone. Those other women, the pretty and secure ones, the ones without all that child hood trauma, they can get quality men to fall in love, but you think all you can do is get men to fall in your vagina. Sex is how you think you’ll win. Maybe if you fuck her man, he’ll dump her and wife you. Ha! Maybe if you go mess with your friend’s ex, he will say that you were better in bed than her. Ha! Maybe if you do all the Pick Me things you can think of, you’ll finally get a guy to put you on a pedestal… spoiler. You won’t. Those thoughts are basic, those actions are basic, and if you don’t reset your self-loathing and low vibrational ways you will continue to spiral until you’re old, bitter, unwanted, and raising kids of your own that resent you for being so damn weak.

Laws of Attraction Vs. Self Doubt…

I don’t deserve this… Why is this happening… Why can’t I just be happy? You’re so full of shit! You know why life, relationships, career, and the like aren’t working out. No matter if you’re a man or a woman, if your life is a mess, it’s because your mind is a barrel of negative counter-productive and basic thoughts. You attract into your world what you feel you should get. You don’t want abundance, you say you do, but your thoughts center on “It never works out for me”. You don’t want true love, you say you do, but your thoughts center on, “They don’t want me for real”. Your positivity is surface level, what you’re really manifesting on the subconscious level  is a circle of chaos that keeps fueling your doubts. You don’t see results, so you don’t believe results can happen. No one else truly believes in you, so you find it hard to believe in yourself when someone reminds you about your past setbacks. I’m not trying to drag you, I’m trying to lift you back to your feet because you deserve more out of life than being wasted potential. You are not a failure, you are not broken, you just need to re-tune!

Fellas, Sometimes You’re Just Dick:

There are women who just want to fuck you. No dates. No texting. None of that mushy shit you’re used to from chicks who are openly or secretly looking for a boyfriend. There are also women who just want attention. Text her when she’s bored. Take her out on the weekends. Give her the feeling of being wanted so she can go brag about it. Normally these are perfect situations, all the fun none of the stress. The difference is that when a woman is in control, making the rules, and free to deal with you and a handful of other men as she chooses, jealousy sets in. Narcissistic men are nothing more than dorks who are afraid to be hurt, so they try and build up this powerful persona. When these types of men run up against a female who gives them her ass to kiss, he cracks like a fucking egg. The little Basica that’s waiting by the phone for you to call or the thirsty relationship girl that’s offering to pay for an Uber to come see you, they don’t have any power. The woman that only calls you for a dick appointment or leaves you on “read” until she’s in the mood to pick you up and play with you—she’s God. You hate that she doesn’t need you, doesn’t really want you, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

We as men aren’t used to being controlled by women, it goes against every macho bone in our body and every tough talk we’ve had in the barbershop. Internally it cuts deeper than most of you probably know. She’s rejecting the idea of you as a serious option. You’re unworthy of her exclusivity. Why? Her actions spell it out, “You’re good enough to fuck or talk to, but she’s still searching for something better.” Even the defense of “I still beat,” crumbles because if you deal with a woman like this long enough, sex-lust gives way to genuine love. The fact that she’s not acting typical makes her superior to other women, and thus a Must-Have. The world is filled with over-talkative, boring ass women who are easy to get, but you want that which doesn’t want you—A Unicorn.

Tell a man he can’t have something, and he wants it 10x more. What happens when you keep chasing this woman who sees you as just another dick? Frustration sets in followed by anger. You’re pissed off at the world because she’s denying you. You’re ready to cut her off because she’s making you feel inadequate. This is where you brain waves stray from your normal behavior. In order to prove your worth to her you start acting weird. Stalking, arguing, going after other men she may be dealing with, buying her gifts, giving her money, and the list of emotional shit goes on…  I’ve gotten several emails that read, “I had to cut him off because he started getting too clingy.” Confident women with options don’t kneel like desperate birds. The moment you blow up on her, start acting jealous, or try reverse psychology—she’s ghost. Go ahead and blast off a dozen “bitches ain’t shit” tweets or write a novel under her IG pictures, it won’t change the fact that this isn’t about her—it’s about you.

Let’s list some possible causes of internal negativity: You don’t have that much money. You don’t do anything spectacular for a living. You have the same dreams or side hustles as every other generic guy. You pretend to be living large and making moves, but you’re living off borrowed money or scams. Doesn’t matter what the exact reason is, the result is that chip on your shoulder keeps growing because you have some flaw that makes upper echelon women look down on you.

Social media beats men down just as much as women, that is if you’re not mentally strong enough to deal with the internet bragging and flexing. That guy is 22 and just bought a mansion. That guy went to school with you and has his own business. That clown is saying corny things and getting all that attention from women. You hate them and call them clowns, make up excuses for their place in life, and shit on the women that are attracted to them. It’s not about what others have, it’s about you not feeling successful or on the right path.

Men don’t go to therapy as much as women, it’s emasculating to say you’re falling apart, so you go in alone. You smoke, pop pills, drink yourself pissy, and try to ignore your problems. The irony is that Broken & Damaged Men can still get women—ones who are just as mentally weak and insecure. In comes a woman with low self-esteem to the rescue. The overweight chick, the girl that you don’t think of as traditionally pretty, the women with kids, or the women that have been broken by past relationships. Keep in mind, you don’t want any of these ladies, you want that Unicorn who denounced you as “average”.

Instead of loving or appreciating these women that see the greatness in you, those toxic emotions lead to resentment. You don’t want her fat ass, her ugly ass, her passed around ass, her bi-polar ass—Listen to those negative thoughts. You’re projecting hate towards them because you hate yourself for not feeling good enough. As a result, you mistreat these women, you unfairly judge these women, and you use these women in the same way you got used because they’re Placeholders. Your toxic mind attracted that and will keep attracting it until you right the wrongs of your own negative thoughts.

Ladies, Sometimes You’re Just Pussy:

It’s easy for a woman to fake confidence on the internet, at work, or during that first week or so of dating. Your attitude pushes you forward and protects you from scrutiny. You talk slick, you dress nice, you can be funny, and you can be deep. But what happens when someone sees through your weak ass self-esteem and little girl toughness? Experienced men test ALL WOMEN. I’ve written books about this process, but in the end so many women still fall victim because they think with common sense, but don’t date with it.

How will you react when he pushes for a house date? How will you react when he pushes you for sex and he barely knows you? How will you react when he makes a comment about your weight, your hair, how another girl looks compared to you? How will you react after he showers you with attention and pipe dream promises only to fallback? Don’t lie and say you will react in the right way 10 out of 10 times. All it takes is that ONE GUY who is everything you’re looking for to do one of those things, and you’ll respond in the same basic way as those women you make fun of do. I can give you all the game in the world, and you will still allow “your type” to slip through your defenses.

Who is the real you? Are you this amazing woman who just had a weak moment or are you a weak woman who only has spurts of being amazing that she can never live up to? You consistently come off like just another chick who a man thinks is only good for sex because that’s how you see yourself. Look inside your brain. Are you as pretty as you want to be? Are you as smart as you wish you were? Are you as interesting as those girls in the YouTube videos you watch? Are you as strong emotionally as you hope? No. One of these things or several of these things bother the fuck out of you because your entire personality, image, and way of life is based on a false projection. It’s only when a man disrespects you, another girl insults you, or your bank account balance humbles you that you’re forced to accept the fact that you’re not happy with who you are. Each day you look for someone to point a finger at, someone doing worst than you to gossip about, or numb yourself by scrolling social media or shopping for shit you think will make you feel better about yourself. None of it works.

Everyone will find their soulmate in the end,” they lied to you sis, you aren’t going to find shit but settle dick and heartbreak out in these streets. Life isn’t a fairy tale, you don’t get a happy ending just because you think you deserve it. Your thoughts are the foundation of your universe. Keep bottling up all that negativity, self-loathing, resentment, or jealousy and watch how successful you’ll become. Your relationships keep failing and your business ideas never get off the ground because you keep doing things the same way that fits your comfort level. It’s time to live up to your full potential and redefine how the rest of your life will play out by taking real chances. Stop waiting for help, and start helping yourself.

Refocus Your Energy

That’s the kind of energy I need in my life,” is said whenever someone sees a positive image or reads a positive affirmation. It’s another one of these New Age gimmicks that don’t really invoke real change. The internet hijacks the lingo of positive people to make toxic folks feel like they can also achieve a higher vibration of thought. You can’t, and you won’t because you’re being phony. It doesn’t matter what TV shows you stop watching, who you follow on social media, or how many books on spirituality you read. The problem isn’t out there with them, it’s in there with you. What are you running from? Daddy issues, mommy issues, being teased when you were younger, the death of someone close, sexual abuse, verbal abuse? Maybe it’s just the frustration of growing up in 21st century world where everyone seems to be balling while you’re still struggling to pay all your bills on time.

Everyone has baggage. I don’t want to hear that you didn’t ask for this life you’re living; NONE OF US DID. You take what you’re given and turn it into a win, don’t keep crying about fairness because that line of thinking is what’s keeping you enslaved! Hollow quotes on the power of positive thinking aren’t going to change your life. You aren’t going to magically get rich overnight, find love by the end of the year, or come to grips with that person standing in the mirror by praying, holding a crystal, or squeezing your eyes and chanting. You must dig into your pain, confront your past, pause your ego long enough to admit that you don’t know as much as you wish you did, and let go of this negativity that surrounds you.

Where do you start? Take it day by day. Instead of complaining, shut the fuck up, and solve the problem. Instead of falling into group think with the rest of sheep who do nothing but criticize, go read a book or meditate. Instead of talking about how a person is treating you badly, remove them from your life. Instead of being a cog in the machine where you wake up, work, eat, shit, waste time on your phone, and repeat, how about you set some weekly goals that can actually bring you joy? Instead of looking at other people as the enemy, start looking at them like mirrors that reflect back that same energy you give off. All the ignorant shit you think about people at work, school, or even strangers on the street, that’s bringing your vibration down. All the self-doubt you have when deciding if you should shoot your shot, go on a date, or text someone first, is counterproductive. You’re nothing but a ball of doubt, fear, and anger—unravel that!

It takes 21 Days to form a new habit. I dare you to spend the next three weeks thinking differently, acting differently, and looking at the world differently. The old way has gotten you how far? You’re bitter, sad, and secretly depressed. Switch it up! Take control over your thoughts, redefine your past, re-imagine your present, and watch how much better your near future plays out.

For help with meditating here’s a Free PDF from The Unicorn Delusion that will help you with this process step by step… If you already have that book then read it or listen to the audio version nightly!


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