If being a whore is the oldest profession, then being a slut has to be the oldest Epic Fail in history. Imagine you are the woman that invented prostitution. You’re making a ton of money. The wives don’t know anything. The men are happy. Then all of a sudden a chick pops up giving it away for free and throwing it in everyone’s face. No one makes money. The wives divorce their husbands and life is miserable for all. That’s what sluts do, they fuck up the system by being easy, dumb, and un-ambitious. I have no problem with Hookers, working girls who have to suck a dick to pay rent; I’ll never judge a woman like that because I don’t know her situation. But I will judge the fuck out of a slut. We all like to have fun, most of us have had one night stands, did things with people because we were caught in the moment. But I’m disgusted by women whose sole purpose is to fuck someone just because of who they are or what they have.


Who the fuck is Kat Stacks?

Is what I had to ask yesterday? I woke up to my homeboy sending me an email about her. And I thought I’ll have to google this hoe when I have time. A few hours later Kat Stacks is in my twitter timeline. So I took the bait and looked her up. I was ready to be blown away by this incredibly pretty chick… instead I get some tranny looking broad with bad grammar. Kat Wacks claim to fame was twitter stalking Young Money rappers and then fucking them. Cool. I’m happy for her. I guess fucking Weezy is better than getting an autograph in your bizzarro world. But why run your mouth about dudes having little dicks and that Young Money is broke, they share an apartment, yada yada… um didn’t you know this when they were defiling you in that cramped apartment? Did you expect to be put on payroll and made the YM mascot?The kicker is that this idiot brags that Wayne has money, and gave her 1200. Yes that’s right don’t add an extra zero or two, a guy that’s worth millions gave her 1200 dollars. 1200 dollars for Wayne is comparable to me giving you cab fare to get back home after I busted in your yaki number 7.


But I don’t much care about Crab Stacks, i just find it interesting, she represents the Future of groupies aka the iGroupie. Groupies have been around since Rock & Roll was invented, hell before. I’m sure Mozart was getting head after concerts by some strumpet in a corset. The big problem I have is that this generation of “band-aids” are snitching. A high class prostitute won’t tell. Eddie Murphy was banging he/she’s for years not a word came out. No one knew Shaq was getting down until Kobe told those cops. It’s rare that a working girl will blow the whistle.


On the flip side, Groupies and Sluts can’t wait to run off at the mouth, Tiger Woods knows this now. With the internet making celebrities out of any and everyone, these loose women think this is a shot at fame… um no one’s going to give you a TV show because you fucked some off brand rapper or some bench riding baller. But for some reason they think being a twitter or Youtube celebrity is the end all. If you’re a star fucker, fuck your star, maybe tell your equally dirty girlfriends, but keep it in your group, don’t go blasting it all over mediatakeout. To paraphrase Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “With a loose vagina comes Great Responsibility”. A lot of young impressionable girls are on the internet looking for an escape, they probably come from the same dysfunctional background that Kat does and will see that lifestyle as a way to become something in life. Even Superhead had the sense to write a book and make money. This new breed is telling for free and that’s the tragedy…

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