Good looks won’t make a man cheat less or settle faster, and it takes much more than a pretty face to handcuff a heart. However, if you look on the internet you will see lames who look at a static picture and thirstingly claim, “I’d marry that!” without even hearing her voice, seeing her in person, or knowing her HIV status. Alternatively there are these She Ain’t All That type of men who live to tear women down. Beyoncé ain’t all that, it’s the makeup. LaLa ain’t all that, her nose is huge. Katy Perry ain’t all that, her face is long and eyes are too big. Son, Instagram these flawless mythical women that you dip your dick in, because if those are mediocre women, my standards are too damn low.

Everyone is funny looking if you stare at them long enough. This internet critiquing is all just pompous bullshit, but it’s far from harmless. It has created this competition where dudes are starting to lie on their dicks more than they lie on their bank accounts. Meanwhile it sends a message to females that if they don’t look better than an airbrushed girl in a magazine then they’re ugly. Some women don’t interact with that many males, so the overblown opinions of guys on her timeline makes her think, “all guys think like that”, and if she’s not confident she will start to doubt her looks and develop a complex, even though she’s gorgeous. Ladies, stop taking what guys say to heart when it comes to beauty and understand that it’s all a front. If you were to check their exes and match them up against their online standards you would see that most of them have sex with and/or chase girls who don’t measure up to their own fantasy image.

haterOn Valentine’s Day I was going into this candy store, I turn around, and this woman was behind me, so I held the door for her… not because I’m a gentlemen, but because I’m still a lusty ass man, and not above sneaking a look from the back. She already knew it and told me happy V-day and chit chatted as we walked in. The Esse over by the shelf must have realized that we weren’t together, and as he was scanning the boxes near me, he whispered, “too tall for me dawg, like being with a man”. I didn’t know that woman, but I felt offended. That girl looked like Chanta Patton, was rocking Dior shades, had the type of weave that has you unsure if it is weave, and was confident enough to rock heels even though she was close to six feet without them. Regardless if tall skinny lite bright girls weren’t his type, only a hater would feel a need to verbalize to a complete stranger why they wouldn’t hit. Are you saying you can do better, are doing better, have done better? Or maybe you realize that the girl you go home to doesn’t look fresh off the runway, so tearing down a woman that threatens you makes you feel better about who you’re actually with.

It’s like the dummy who says, “I don’t like the new Range Rover” yet he drives a Rav-4 from the year Big Pun died. Your vote of approval is irrelevant homie, so keep that shit to yourself. I appreciate a good “you look like” joke, but these dudes are seriously lying about who they would pussy worship if given the chance. That’s the mentality of a lot of these dudes online, they woman bash because of their own insecurity and intimidation. The irony is that offline those same men are handcuffing the ones they make darkness, bad built, or baby teeth jokes about. In real life no one can see who you get @, and Mr. “she fat not thick” stays buying drinks for girls who look more like Amber Riley than Amber Rose. It’s time to stop fronting!

Chasing Draya

Don't Hit It If You Can't Claim ItI received an email from a girl who had her “friend” insult her looks then break it off, all in front of another girl who she caught in his dorm room. As I’ve said numerous times, men rarely say things that will hurt a girl’s feelings because they want to keep the door open for later. The words “Stop calling me because you’re not girlfriend pretty” is sexual suicide, so guys find alternative ways to break it off amicably. This girl’s boo didn’t need to be stealth because he was trying to get brownie points from his new chick, so he aired her out. The email ended with, “Why was he even with me if he didn’t think I was pretty?” And that’s the fucked up thing about guys like that, they do find these girls attractive, but they are deathly afraid that Dante, Poochie, Lil’ Kev, his ex-girl Brandi, his cousin Denise, and other men won’t think his girl is pretty.

When women see what they judge to be an ugly chick with a handsome man, they are quick to say, “She must suck a good dick and have A1 credit”. That’s not hate, they’re repeating what they’ve heard guys in those situations say. It’s no secret that men use the excuse of money or sex to save face. But her ass phat, but her titties big, but her head’s bomb, but she’s bi-sexual, but she broke five mil on Temple Run without using a save. Weak men feel a need to give a hundred reasons as to why the girl they’re fucking isn’t built like Draya, and that’s pathetic. Dude, you beat off to Pinky and Carmen Hayes not Misty Stone and Skin Diamond, so stop fronting about what you actually like. We all know what default pretty looks like in America. European features, heroin skinny, and a certain texture of hair. That doesn’t mean you have to tie your heart to that. Stop chasing society’s perception of what your dream girl should be, and start embracing the girl’s you actually dream about. Beauty comes in so many forms, and men need to start admitting that they like a diverse flavor rather than trying to keep up with the brainwashing.

This is perfection tooEveryone has their own definition of beauty, it’s like Jay-Z Vs. Nas. You can argue pros while someone else argues cons, but if you are secure in what you like, then nothing an outside party can say will reshape your thinking. However, there are some little boys pretending to be grown men who aren’t confident enough to stand behind their choice in women like a Nas stan would stand behind that Nastradamus CD, flaws and all. Insecure men are more concerned with what everyone else thinks, so they make romantic decisions not to make themselves happy, but to impress people who could care less. Let’s say you like dark chocolate and deadly curves. You find a woman that fits that bill, puts a smile on your face, and an erection in your pants—you should be happy. But the self-appointed beauty critics on twitter have gassed you up to think that unless your chick looks like Video Girl #8 from the French Montana video, then you’re not winning. Simple minds are easily influenced, and these new cats are so worried about getting approval that they hide their real girl in the house then come to the barbershop talking about, “All I fuck is Megan Goods”. Right now there are countless men sleeping with women they don’t think are sexy enough to show off to friends or living with girls who they don’t think are pretty enough to walk down the aisle with. No matter if she’s your unofficial official girl who you sequester or a side hoe you smuggle, you pursued her because something about her turned you on. Do you not want her because she doesn’t emotionally satisfy you or do you not want her because of how you will be perceived if you show up at a party with her?

If you’re more embarrassed than in love, then why are you wasting your time in the first place? Are you telling me that you’re that horny that you can’t resist someone you consider busted? Be better than that, and don’t end up breaking the heart of a woman who is beautiful on the inside because you are afraid that the rest of the world won’t be impressed by what’s on the outside.

When I get my body done, they won’t be able to tell me nothing” – Girl with low self-esteem trying to build herself up for male validation…

I’d hit it… but I wouldn’t wife it

Joke It Online Fuck It In LifeSome guys don’t care about the opinions of others, but still hold a girl’s looks against her. The term “wifey material” has nothing to do with her ability to cook and clean, spoiled men have mothers who can hook a steak up and do laundry. Wifey Material is a term that means that a girl is a trophy. A lot of guys aren’t smooth enough, attractive enough, or rich enough to get the attention of those women they label as flawless. So the conundrum becomes, what do you do when presented with a girl that’s cute but not girlfriend cute. Hit it but don’t wife it, is the unsaid law of man. Someone wrote that McDonalds has served over a billion, yet Ruth Chris has barely served a million, and that mindset is why you saw eligible NBA ballers in the club during All-Star cuffing busted Brendas. Quality over quantity has become a lost art, and fast food pussy does exist. Most guys choose girls based strictly off sexual availability and convenience. The problem with that is you will get lazy, stop looking for the meal you were really after, and end up stuck with her.

I’m sure the men reading this are like, “If I got to tell a Jada Kiss looking hoe that she looks like Jada Pinkett-Smith, so be it, her ass is dumb phat and I’m going through a drought” Son, the nut is not worth the risk. As a man there will be times when you talk to girls who don’t wow you and the moral dilemma will be, should I still try to fuck or should I just keep it moving. When you’re young and full of cum, it’s not a choice, you take the pussy and pretend it never happened. As you grow older you have to be more thoughtful of a woman’s feelings, as well as the potential to trap yourself with someone that will never make you happy. If she’s not good enough to show off in the daylight, then don’t pipe it at night. That’s a rule I started when I was 22 and while you may have to pass up easy sex with girls with low esteem, it protects you in case you do get caught up, because while there is always a chance for relationship drama, it will now center on being dissatisfied with her personality, not her looks.

Let’s say you started fucking a girl you weren’t impressed with because you were bored or maybe it was to regain your self-esteem, but not only were her titties fantastic, her conversation was even better. Now you actually like her! She ruined your hit and run game plan by actually being an awesome woman, and now you’re stressed because physically she’s still a fast food type girl. You have to start thinking with your other head first. One night turns into six months, just friends turns into go together, and the next thing you know a girl you are ashamed of has you whipped. You’re untagging yourself from Facebook posts and pretending that you don’t know how to update your relationship status.  You take her out to eat but it’s 5 miles out of the way because you don’t want your friends or exes seeing you with the fat girl, the girl with the big nose, the girl with acne, the girl with the flat butt, etc… and that’s a shame because she didn’t ask for any of this secret shame.

Whose fault is it that you fell for a woman you don’t find attractive? She didn’t force you to call her, she didn’t pay you to have sex with her… maybe she did buy them J’s, but she didn’t make you come through and chill, laugh, and have fun. It’s only a matter of time before you hurt that woman by leaving her for someone you think is prettier or worse, get her pregnant. Be responsible and show some discipline. This isn’t high school or college where running up in everything with a clit is encouraged, you’re in the big leagues now. The moment a man lays eyes on a woman he knows whether or not she looks good enough to be with or just good enough to bust in. If you see her as just a box, then don’t take her number in the first place. Stop being lazy, step your game up, and hold out for the type of girl you can be proud to show off.

Now That You Know…

For the ladies, stop placating these frauds. If he’s willing to pull his dick out for you, but won’t pull a pic out of you, you’re being played. If he wants to be committed in the house but not online, you’re being played. Stop giving your all to someone who wouldn’t even qualify you to enter into his bad bitch beauty contest. It’s not enough for him to just say you’re beautiful, he has to treat you like it morning, noon, and night. Sneaking you around, erasing all traces of you from his phone, only allowing a few people to even know you exist, that’s not love, that’s the plot of Zero Dark Thirty. It doesn’t matter how the internet thinks you rank against the flavor of the week or how anyone thinks you look for that matter. You have to be able to see your own beauty first. Once you accept that you are just as pretty as the next woman, then your standards will rise, and you will never allow a man to treat your pussy like a drive thru again. Vagina isn’t a precious metal, it’s abundant, which means that while a man may have approached you for what’s between your legs, there had to be something outside your panties that pulled him towards you, and not the other girl in the room. Embrace that rarity and let it boost your confidence. You are more than his self-esteem nut and more than his placeholder, you are beautiful and deserve to be treated like the ultimate trophy.

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